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MamaPop Video Roundtable: Breakfast Confessional Edition

Cereal Welcome to MamaPop's not-inaugural video roundtable!  This week, the ginormous brains of MamaPop talk about their favourite childhood breakfast cereals.  In the process we uncover the bitter truth about the powerlessness and anomie of children.  Also, no one mentioned porridge.

The MamaPop video roundtable is a weekly round-up of opinions and noodling from all the MamaPoppers in which we attempt to answer en masse your questions about pop culture.  Don't forget: we want to hear from you.  Get your speak on in the comments.  And keep the questions coming.

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MaoMao's Mommy

Target is stocking Boo Berry, Franken Berry and Count Chocula until Halloween. Stock up now!
We bought some Count Chocula and the kid asked "is this for breakfast?", I said "Oh God NO! You can't eat this crap for breakfast!".
Shit. I have turned into my mother. I think tomorrow the kid is getting Count Chocula, I'd hate to have her bitching about me on some blog 20 years from now.


I love us.

There, I said it, and I'm not sorry.


@MaoMao's Mommy: HOLY SHIT! I didn't have plans for this Friday night, but I sure do now (stop looking at me like that).

All aboard the SS Crunchberry

Nobody's favorite cereal was Captain Crunch? Come on people. Also, where is the Shmutzie. Want. And her bad mother. Also want.


@all aboard -- I believe my original video noted Crunchberries. But, you know, editing.

MaoMao's Mommy

Just checked (because I'm a total dork like that) the expiration date on the cereal. AUGUST 2010!! Run to Target now! The Boo Berry won't be around forever! Stock your pantry!
(it is now time to cut off my caffeine)!!


I was one of the lucky kids that had lots of sugary cereal goodness in my diet. But mind you this was all eaten with powdered milk (which I know is the part that really makes you all jealous)!

Captain Cruch w/crunchberries and FrakenBerry were my two favorites.

We had a rule in our house that Mom wouldn't make you anything special for dinner if you didn't like what she made so I had many a dinner of Captain Crunch in my day!


You people make me laugh, for real. I love this. I could down an entire box of Fruity Pebbles if you left me alone with it long enough. But I'd need whole milk, because if you're going to eat an entire box of cereal, seriously, fuck that 2% shit.


Apple Jacks forever!

And, tho they're not cereal - Danish-Go-Rounds and Chocolate Vanilla Creme Pop-Tarts.


What about Fruity Pebbles?

Suzy Q

Apple Jacks, Lucky Charms, and Cap'n Crunch (spell it right, people). They were all a part of my '60s upbringing when nobody knew any better. Yum!

I was also allowed to play with matches, run with scissors, and stick my fingers in light sockets. And, I'm totally nmoral.


I got 4 boxes of each today
Count Chocula

MINE!!! No sharing,MINE!!! I saw these at target and SQUEED!!!I WILL NOT SHARE!! I had a big ole Jethro Bodine bowl for dinner of Booberry and yes,the milk still turns a putrid shade of gray but yummy


Given the fact that DuckyBoy eats a very poor sampling of real food, we actually give Lucky Charms high marks for nutritional value vs. sugariness. We'd rather he eat them than some of the other cr*p he cons me into buying.


I feel the need to say that Emerson College and its Food Services Department deny ever putting LSD in the marshmallows of Lucky Charms in their dining hall. Those of us who went there in the late 90s know otherwise.

Marmite Breath

Cocoa Krispies (or as they were called in England, Cocoa Puffs). I also love Weetabix and Corn Flakes, both with warm milk so that they go all soggy and mushy.

What a fucking boring answer that was.

Loved the video though!


I love you guys! I love Fruity Pebbles. I loved Cap'n Crunch as a child, but I love the roof of my mouth a bit more, so I avoid them now. My dad only bought Grape Nuts and cornflakes, though, so I rarely got sugary cereal. I remember begging him relentlessly for months to buy Cookie Crisp and then being bitterly disappointed at how disgusting they were when he finally relented.


And here I thought I was a freak because I, too, wasn't allowed sugary cereals.
You are my people.


frosted mini-wheats in the red box. none of this bite-sized shit. i had to work to get to my damn mini-wheats!


I am with Jodifur. Cereal is not on my list of Foods I Am Willing to Break My Diet For.
I am NOT a breakfast person and would much rather have a vat of coffee than a bowl of cereal anyday. Plus your mouth tastes like mildewed crotch afterwards.


Glad to see I'm not the only one whose mom wouldn't let her have any cereal with sugar as the first ingredients. It did get me reading food labels at an early age though, tyring desperately to find something other than cheerios, corn flakes and rice crispies with sugar safely down the list.

That said, I was pretty happy with any cereal, I just added a good two heapy teaspoons of sugar to the top. :)

And my favorite? Still is Life cereal. "He likes it! Hey Mikey!"


I will be in this coming week's video! I swear!

My mother fed us only sugared cereals, which were mainly Alphabits and Frosted Flakes, but the real sugary goodness happened at my maternal grandmother's house. She kept a box of Count Chocula just for me, and it bought my devotion to her for about five years.


We weren't allowed sugary cereals, except on vacation. We'd drive around the country in an RV and buy those single-serving multi packs where the inner bag turns into your cereal bowl (so nobody had to do dishes). Froot Loops were the first pick, but it was a good exercise in game theory, because the person with first pick alternated each day and nobody wanted to get stuck with the Raisin Bran.

And this one time when I was seven, we lived in a motel for a month, we were also allowed special dispensation. I got Waffle-Os. Remember the little cowboy who lassoed the waffles?


Schmutzie, I love the raisin squares, shredded wheat cereal. I can't find it anymore either. I can find the apple cinnimon squares and the strawberry squares, but not the raisin squares, which are the best. It sucks, I even felt rather rightous eating them, because hey, shredded wheat.


We were never allowed Boo Berry or Count Chocula for being "too sugary". But we ate our weight in Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Fruity Pebbles....go figure?

I waited until college to try Trix & Cookie Crisp. The Trix was worth, the Cookie Crisp, not so much.

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