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MamaPop Video Roundtable: Halloween Edition

Parking_meter,1940.jpg_ Every week the MamaPop WPoFI (Wild Posse of Free Individuals) video roundtable brings their collective wisdom to bear en masse on matters of pop culture and being a parent in this depraved world of Gosselins and international terrorism.

This week: Halloweens of our childhood and our children's childhood.  Can your Halloween memories could possibly live up to the tales of woe and agony that we've cooked up for you this week?

Also? sexy parking meter.

Tell us in the comments about your Halloween memories, your Halloween costumes, your Halloween hopes and fears. Tell us what keeps you awake and terrified at night. If it's Halloween related, that is.

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Amie Simmons

most memorable costume: parents put together this foil covered cardboard robot that had a light in the stomach that actually lit up. they purposefully left out any bend in any of the limbs, so i fell over at every house. i'm sure it was super funny to them.


Motherbumper, the most reluctant video participant, might be the most awesome of us all.


I was never allowed to wear my best costumes out on Halloween. I loved to raid my mothers nightgown drawers and pull out all of these elaborate nightgowns and peignoir sets. I would use tiaras and flowers from around the house, and drapery sashes and wear my tube tops underneath stuffed with socks and kleenex. For some reason my mom and dad did not want me to wear these out for Halloween in the neighborhood. However, they took lots of pictures so I would be embarrased every time they took out the photo album in the years to come. What my mom was doing with all those sexy nightgown sets, I could never figure out. I never saw her wearing them. Hmmmm.


Nothing will ever top the Halloween when I was 5 and I got a kitten in my trick or treat pillow case.

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