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MamaPop Video Roundtable: Inaugural-tastic Edition

Television This is it, folks. Welcome to the world of video.  Welcome to... the twentieth century.

MamaPop has video-fied the weekly roundtable, in which we answer en masse your sundry questions and provide our unique points of view on our shared pop cultural legacy.  Inevitably these discussions degrade into an open admission of our love for reality television.  Whatever.  At least we're consistent.

We also ask that you, the reader (or should I say the watcher? I think I just blew my own mind), contribute your response to the same question in comments. We invite readers to submit questions for the MamaPop writers to answer, and if we pick your question you will be handsomely rewarded with PDA and linkage. Please send your Roundtable questions to: roundtable@mamapop.com.

This week's question: Which television shows are you most looking forward to this fall?

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Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

I wept at the end.


My cat's tail wants to know if he gets residuals.

Snarky Amber

Wow, I really do have a face for blogging. Does my face always do that when I talk? *hides*


I likey but no likey. Can't watch at work!


That whole Jodifur writes for mamapop thing IS NEVER GOING TO DIE is it?

always home and uncool

That clip at the end: didn't know they had Marge Simpson in a Chia pet.


I think that since a shark told me to, now I have to watch Monday night football. Except not tonight, because.....GO TWINS!


Kdiddy, how'd you get your voice to sound so different from your LJ voice posts of old?


@Ed, I was being all quiet because my internet crapped out at home and I needed to record mine at work! I was worried someone would walk in and see me talking to my laptop about TV.


@Somedayphd -- remember, the shark only wants what's best for you.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

I choose to obey the shark.


For those who may be curious, the sad cactus at video's end sits in the kitchen window of my mother's house.


@jodifur I just wanted everyone to know that you write for MamaPop. Because you TOTALLY do. Right?

Redneck Mommy

Squee! K-diddy!!! She's so purtee I want to stick her in my pocket and feed her biscuits all day long.

And I'm kinda twitching. I had a boyfriend who looked just like Kurt. He dumped me for a cheerleader. He was a total twat.



The awesome? You brought it.


When did I have the stroke? No, really. WHEN?



Marmite Breath

I know I should comment about TV and all, but I'm too busy having the most terrible awesome crush on K Dids.

If anybody cares, I am loving Glee and Modern Family. Has anybody watched Flash Forward? I'm hearing good things but haven't watched it.

Marmite Breath

As an aside, the lady in the Gap ad on the right just has some fucking RIDICULOUS legs. Not to pick her apart or anything, but she has Jessica Biel's face and a baby giraffe's legs. AND WHAT IS WITH THE POSE?????

Okay, sorry. But just, ugh.

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