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MamaPop Video Roundtable: What We Owe

Debt-relief Good afternoon.  The MamaPop video roundtable is an opportunity for the writers of this site to answer en masse your sundry pop culture questions.  This week we tackle the thorny question of debt.  What do we owe? It turns out that MamaPop owes scrotal damage to some - love, lasers and pastrami to others.  Except for Black Hockey Jesus, who owes nothing to nobody.  Also? Creepy footage of clouds.

mamapop video roundtable - what we owe from palinode on Vimeo

Next week, tune in for our Hallowe'en themed video roundtable, where we talk about our greatest/most embarrassing costumes ever.

« Friday Combo Platter: Scrotal Humor Edition | Pop Culture Main | Balloon Boy's Mom Confesses to Hoax »


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Dawn (elfini)

ooh that WAS good for me. I left the money I owe you on the nightstand.


Palinode, you could not be awesomer. You are full to the rim with awesome. You have achieved Maximum Awesome. THE END.

Secret Agent Mama

This is my favorite thing ever!




I owe my super-ego a huge debt for preventing me from making any Irish cop jokes about the police officer who took down the report about my car getting keyed yesterday.


@Ed, thanks for joining in the fun! (Not that all the complimentary stuff isn't nice.)


That image of pastrami made me lose my mind laughing.


BHJ - Really?
For comic effect I was hoping for a Rueben. A little sauerkraut might have made me pee a little.


@Somedayphd - You question the pastrami? I said very clearly in the video that I owed you that stuff. Don't be rejecting my pastrami.


@Palinode -
Oh, I'll take your pastrami. The things I could do with your pastrami.


Of course, I just meant make a sandwich.


I owe you some rye and mustard to go with that awesome pastrami. Can't thank you enough for that laugh.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

I was too busy vacationing to participate, but if it makes anyone feel any better, I owe The French Laundry about $795.00.

Snarky Amber

@Sarah *gulp* okay, well that one's gonna have to stay on my bucket list for a few more years. Them's some pretty rich eats for my wallet.

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