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November Photoshoots aka We're Prettier Than You...And Richer Too

Eva longoria tony parker Not sure what you had planned in October (other than furiously refreshing here of course), but this is what the pretty people have been up to.  Photoshoots.  I have to say, it must be nice in the middle of a recession to make $30,000 to just show up and be photographed for a day. As a mom of an 8-year-old daughter who just got a camera for her birthday I know how it feels.  Except all I get are fun surprises like very bad angles of my ass.

But, I digress.  Without further ado I present you with The Pretty People In Pictures.  Lights, Camera, Airbrush!

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker in London Fog ad shoot:

Eva longoria

Eva longoria 2
Desperately paging cheekbones!

Eva longoria 3

Eva longoria 4

Adam Lambert in Details

Adam lambert 

Not a big Adam Lambert fan but these pictures are H-O-T.

Adam lambert 2

Adam lambert 3 
Although this one's a little too Tony Curtis for me.

Adam lambert 4
 Ummm, are we SURE dude is gay?

Lo to the J in SHE


Ethan Hawke in hobo...mmmm.  Don't you just want to take him home and give him a bath?

Ethan hawke

Ethan hawke 2

Ethan hawke 3 
"N!  Newsstand!  He used to work at a newsstand!"

(If you can name this movie you have my undying love and affection aaand I challenge you to a dance-off at next year's Sparklecorn party.)

Lady Gaga in French Vogue

Lady gaga

Lady gaga 2

I know there's a lot of L-Ga fans in the audience, but doesn't it seem like in ad campaigns they always do their best to cover her face?

Tim McGraw (aka Southern Fried Tasty Cake) in Men's Journal

Tim mcgraw 

Tim mcgraw1

Tim mcgraw faith hill 

Tim mcgraw 2

Lindsay Lohan in Style (That's what we call irony.)

 Lindsay lohan 
Lindsay lohan

Lindsay lohan 2

I'm pretty sure that teddy bear couldn't pass a drug screen now.

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"N! Newstand!..." Reality Bites, no? I love that movie (even if I am wrong).


Definitely Reality Bites- love that movie!


My head just exploded from the pretty. ouch.


Does Ethan Hawke ever bathe? Or brush his teeth? Ech.


Did anyone see January Jones on the cover of the new GQ? Holy cleavage, Batman. I couldn't believe it was her!


Tim McGraw,ummmm redneck tasty and GaGa fully rules,cant say anything nice about Lohan because she is too far gone,Tony Parker is hot but reminds me of Tyler Perry,and poor Ethan is not aging well AT ALL!!

cindy w

Your question about Ethan Hawke: yes, I desparately want him to take a bath. But I do not want anything to do with it. Dude has looked greasy for 20 years. Ick. I want him nowhere near my bathroom. If he showed up on my doorstep, I'd turn the hose on him.

The Lindsay Lohan pictures make me sad. Is she channeling Courtney Love in the mid-90s?

Also: I now have a little crush on Tony Parker, which is weird since I never even gave him a second glance before.

Snarky Amber

That's cool that they did the LiLo shoot right smack-dab in the middle of the squalor she almost certainly lives in. It's like an episode of MTV Crack Dens.


Lady Gaga is always covering up her face but leaves the rest of herself almost completely naked. My theory? She's really not that good-looking. AT ALL.

It explains all the crazy outfits & makeup. "Don't look at my face! Look at my tampon queen jumpsuit!"


I've come back to this post at least 4 times just to look at the Adam Lambert pics. Yowza!

Accidental Housewife

"What's you glitch, man?" "My glitch?" "Like, is there some sort of secret handshake with you?" "No. There's no secret handshake. There's an IQ pre-requisite, but there's no secret handshake." (I still have this... on VHS.) Also, "Does Domino's take cheques?" Oh, OH! And I heard "Tempted" coming out of Starbucks the other day and it made my day... totally sang along, including quacking... because I am not cool on any planet.


I'm still in love with Ethan Hawke. Ever since high school, I've had a thing for boys who look like they haven't had a shower in two weeks, but smell like strawberry shampoo. I blame Ethan.


i am serious about my theory that lady gaga purposefully never lets anyone really know what she looks like.

maybe it is so she can go the grocery store in peace?


I realize I'm way behind but this was cool. Comments: in the 1st photo, does anyone else think Eva's been airbrushed so poorly that it looks like she's got a 5 o'clock shadow around her lips? About the Lady Gaga stuff, my original thought was to agree with Lady Whitney but if you want an entertaining alternate take, read The Vigilant Citizen's "Lady Gaga, Illuminati Mind Puppet" article. It claims that her frequent coverage of 1 eye is a symbolic ref to the all-seeing-eye. Tim McGraw is just awesome hotness (with a hat on) but it's a little incongruent to see him holding a set of keys with an electric key fob on the hood of an older model car. I know you can install an aftermkt kit but still, there weren't any other props for him to hold? A Lone Star beer bottle maybe?

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