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The fate of Jon & Kate Plus Eight

Jon-and-kate-gosselin No matter how you slice it, Jon & Kate Gosselin have become nothing more than a reality-TV cautionary tale and the pop-culture version of a really bad and seemingly never-ending joke. Just when you think it can't get any more uncomfortable or you can't possibly enjoy it any less, something happens to make you need a shower and a little time with the Duggars. And without the Gosselins, you'd NEVER need time with the Duggars.

What started as a family playing out the highs and lows of parenting a large family on TV has turned into a media circus and a tabloid story that just won't end. They are on countless magazine covers and talk shows and reputable news sources, even. They are the Angelina and Brad of reality TV. Except with far shittier haircuts. And they're not on anyone's freebie list.

Now, finally, there's an end in sight. Jon & Kate Plus Eight is over next month. For good.

The entire world just exhaled.

It seems Jon got his way. Last month, when news broke that he'd be removed from the show's format since he can't stop acting like the world's largest fucktard all over the country, he threw himself one helluva tantrum, claiming he didn't want cameras in his home any longer. You know, the home those cameras basically funded. He said he had an "epiphany" that showed him what harm the show was causing his kids, and that epiphany just happened to coincide with the news he'd no longer be getting a fat paycheck. Good thing he's proven himself to be such a stand-up guy, no one doubted his motives. OH WAIT. He has made no mention whether his 22-year-old girlfriend or saying on national TV that he despises Kate has harmed his kids. Let's all hold our breath for that.

Although, yes, Jon's douchebaggery was probably the exact wrench thrown into the fate of the show, it's also possible that the powers-that-be at TLC realized what the rest of the world realized the week after the "we're separating" announcement was made: this show has most definitely and really horribly jumped the shark. Train wrecks are only entertaining for so long before they take on an air of sadness that no one wants to set their DVRs to record.

I watched the show from the beginning. (Most of) those kids were cute, and watching their birthday parties and zoo trips and family vacations was worthwhile, at first, in the beginning, but this show should have ended years ago.

This show is/was the family's income, though, and no matter how many Vegas poolside parties Jon throws or how many episodes of The View Kate co-hosts, a nice chunk of change will no longer be showing up in the couple's (drama-ridden in its own right) bank account. Hopefully this family can find its way post-paparazzi craze, and hopefully the kids can stay in their home and in a life they are comfortable with. Hopefully the show ending will end some of the rest of it, and they'll all be able to pick themselves up, dust themselves off and move on. And let's really, really hope that the end of this show keeps Jon's hair-plugs off our radars for the rest of time.

America made them famous, whether it was because they had cute kids or because we reveled in not being them. Yeah, babe, I may have screamed at you to take the trash out yesterday but I didn't tell Larry King how much I hate you. That's got to count for something! They may have given us reason to judge them (and those reasons may have been many), but they rocketed to super-stardom because people cared enough to watch/listen/read. Now, it's time for them to go away.

It'll be someone else soon enough, for sure. Our TVs will tune off TLC and onto some other person/couple/family entirely. I just hope whoever it is doesn't have so many kids who need them to be better than they so obviously are.

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I can't believe how this show has descended since it's very beginning. I started watching in the first season and cannot believe how fame has changed things. I guess I can believe it but I don't want to.


2 words: THANK GOD.


I know I'm not the only person out there thinking this...it's about time. For the kids' sake if for nothing else. Even though Jon's motives were no doubt very selfish, some good will come of this (I hope.)


Thank God!! I have taken to ranting on my blog (twice!) about how the show needs to stop because of THOSE POOR CHILDREN.


rest assured, Kate will find a way to get her gob infront of the cameras on a regular basis somehow. Hopefully sans kids, for their own little sakes.


I fear all this means is that Jon & Kate Plus 8 will go off the air. It is my understanding that a new show, Kate Plus 8, is supposed to begin airing in early November.


Laura, my understanding was that Jon put his foot down about cameras being inside their home when the format was supposed to change to "Kate Plus Eight." (He threw a tantrum for being ousted, basically.)

I guess an understanding could still be reached, but it seems like, for now, it's indefinitely canceled. (Thank god.)


Oh, if that's the case, then YAY!!


Thank the baby Jesus. I watched the show early on, just out of sheer curiosity--man, how do you diaper six kids, feed them, and still have time to take a pee break?--but as the kids get older and more autonomous, it was clear it was just a sideshow/Kate Ego Vehicle.


They're ending "Jon and Kate plus 8" to make room for the new show "Kate plus 8". They're not fooling anyone. TLC already said they were changing the name. They're just trying to drum up ratings for the end.


Angeline, they can't film the newly-formatted show (Kate Plus Eight) without Jon granting permission to have his kids and home on film. Since he was not included in the new format, he says he's no longer OK with it. Hardly coincidental, but cause to end the show regardless.


I'm with everyone else: praise jeebus and about time. If the two of them want to go on being media whores, fine, but at least do it without the kids smack dab in the crossfire.

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