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Tori Spelling Isn't Sick. She's 12 Pounds Heavier Than Sick.

Tori_spellingTori Spelling graced the cover of a recent Star Magazine issue, looking bony and sickly-thin, with an accompanying headline that read: 95 lbs! Sure, this is Star Magazine, and factual reporting is not what they're known for, but it wasn't as if the claim that Tori Spelling weighs 95 lbs is such a far stretch that people automatically dismissed it.

Um, look at her.

Tori Spelling took to Twitter to set the record straight. She isn't 95 lbs -- horrible, awful, lie-spreading journalists -- she's 107 lbs. Which, yes, is more than 95, but isn't like SO MUCH MORE we're all wagging our fingers at Star. I mean, not over this. 107 pounds. That's ... very, very thin. But, then again, is it very, very thin for a woman who lives and works in Hollywood? Fine lines, gray areas, different environment, all that jazz. What's more, though, Tori is obviously proud enough of each of those extra 12 pounds that she wanted to clarify her weight for, you know, THE INTERNET (or at the least the 75,000+ people on the Internet who subscribe to her Twitter updates). 

Look, I like Tori Spelling. I've watched (fine, DVRed) her Oxygen reality series, and I may have flipped through one (fine, both) of her books in my local bookstore a time or two. I actually admired the fact that instead of releasing the Angelina-type damage-control statement about her relationship with Dean (her now-husband) starting only after their previous marriages had dissolved, she was straight about it. She said they both cheated on their then-spouses. Definitely not cool, don't get me wrong, but waaaaay cooler than pretending it was all very legit and those time-stamped paparazzi pictures were all just staged and Photo-shopped and taken from I-can-explain angles. She's somehow likable despite her part in breaking up a marriage. And, lord, who doesn't want to hug the hell out of her when some ridiculous, fucked-up, totally-void-of-any-maternal-juju statement is released by Candy Spelling? You know, like the one where she claims Tori was responsible for killing her father.

But, you know, Tori isn't just a typical Hollywood actress who will never work again unless she subsists on air and Saltines and vodka tonics. She's a mother. To a daughter. She devoted much air time on her show to losing the baby weight the first time around and even more air time on how horrified she was upon stepping on the doctor's scale 7+ months pregnant with Stella and weighing in at 140 pounds. She then lost all the baby weight the second time around in like 18 minutes, which HAPPENS for some women, I know (I also hate those women), but it's not the norm, no, and neither is weighing 107 pounds at her height. In California or in Topeka, Kansas.

I don't presume to guess whether or not Tori Spelling has an eating disorder. She's vehemently denied she does, and I tend to give her the benefit of the doubt. But this is a very not-black-and-white issue. It's not like you're SICK or you're FINE. You can be in the middle of sick and fine or you can lean toward being sick or lean toward being fine. Hey, and here's a little secret: women with eating disorders? They still eat. So she could very well think she is fine! And not sick! Because she ate toast! Yesterday!

The thing is, Tori has been very out-spoken about breaking the pattern of bad mother-daughter relationships in her family. She doesn't want to repeat the whacked-out dynamic she has with her own mom, and that's fantastic, IT IS, but one of the better ways to do that is to be a strong role model for her daughter. And the best way to do that is to teach her to have a good and healthy body image. I don't know if she can do that at this point.

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she's seriously underweight, and here's why i think that: because even in pictures and on tv, where you tend you look heavier than you actually are, she still looks grotesquely thin. her arms are like twigs and i can see all of her chest bones. there's slim and there's skinny, and then there's hollywood skinny (which is generally unhealthy for the vast majority of real people) and then there's tori.


She lives in a place(Hollywood) that if you suck the flavor out of a goldfish cracker(just one) that is a full days requirement of nourshment.I give her big props for trying to rise above the fray of her fucked up surroundings BUT,for goodness sakes girl,eat a pancake or something.I want better for her and if she gained a little more weight that strange concave between her boobies might fill in.


I'm 5'3 and spent most of my life underweight at 94-97 pounds. When I would get the flu, my weight would drop down into the eighties and I'd dread visiting my doctor because I knew they'd give me "the eye". I'm not sick and I eat like a horse, all day long. I even had a baby and gained 38 pounds in the process, though I lost it all the minute she was born. I've since entered my thirties and quit smoking. Now I weigh 104 pounds. I'm not sick. I don't think Tori is either. Some people are just born this way. And it's so frustrating having to defend ourselves all the time.


omgf Dena, can we be friends? I am exactly like you and no one ever talks about this. Ever. I am 5'2" and have never weighed over 104 except when I was pregnant. I gained 36 pounds and lost it within two months of giving birth. I do not have an eating disorder and am not not sick and my weight has dropped too low many times. Here's the deal though, I NEVER talk about dieting or losing the baby weight or anything else like that. This is MY metabolism (I guess) and that's the deal. I am perfectly healthy but would love to gain about 10 pounds. Do I mention this to those around me? (besides on the internet) NO, because it would piss people off and make them think I'm full of shit. That's why I don't like Tori. Just shut up already, girl.


The thing is, though -- remember when she was on 90210? A healthy teenager/early-20s woman? Plenty slim then, at a time in life when most people are at their most effortless low weight. She does not look like that now, so whatever she weighs, it is on purpose, and took effort to get there. I.e., it's not her body's natural set point. I'm a little sick of criticizing women's bodies, because I think it harms and demeans us all, but I do think it's troublesome that this is what she puts in front of her daughter as a living example of what women are supposed to do with their bodies. Not "I am what I am" (whatever weight or shape), or "I have worked to make myself strong and healthy and fit," but "This is what I have to do to myself to make people love me." That's what I criticize.


Gleemonex, agreed. This is her doing this. Not normal. You are absolutely right.


There are people that eat when they are stressed and people that don't. I'm guessing she's a don't. Because two young kids and her crazy schedule = stressed. And five pounds on her frame is a lot. I'm another 5'4" that hovers around 110. At 107 I look skinny enough for people to tell me to eat. At 112 people just say I'm thin but don't badger me about it. I don't think she's doing it on purpose and I think she's too busy to notice that she's only eating her kids leftovers. My totally speculative two cents.

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