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You Can Has Beatles!

Beatles-litho So, last month the entire original Beatles catalogue was released in fully digitally re-mastered form. I don't actually know what that means, but I think that I can say that it's a good thing and that everyone will just nod their heads, except for maybe a small handful of vinyl enthusiasts who will swear to their dying days that Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band can never be fully understood unless it is listened to on LP in a wood-panelled basement.


We don't have the entire digitally re-mastered Beatles catalogue to give away, BUT, we do have two limited edition lithographs! Of the Beatles! Back when they were cute! YOU CAN HAS.

All you have to do is leave a comment, sometime between now and midnight next Wednesday, naming your favorite Beatle and/or your favorite Beatles tune.

Extra street creed to anyone who can justify Ringo as their fave.

WINNERS! Bitchilla and Suzy Q! You'll be hearing from us! CONGRATS!

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Favorite Beatles song: Penny Lane. Don't know why, I just like it.

Why I want to win: my MIL is from Liverpool and a big Beatles fan. This would be an excellent Christmas present and earn me much needed brownie points.

Thank you!


My favorite Beatles song is "Michelle" (of course!)

My 4-year-old son is the biggest Beatles fan ever. His favorite Beatle is Ringo because he loves drums, but he thinks he looks more like Paul "because he has an oval shaped head, like me." He walks around all day singing "Can't buy me love" which usually sounds like "Can't boppy low"


This is hard - I really love Let It Be, but I think Here Comes The Sun is my favorite - my husband (then-boyfriend) put it on the first mix CD he made for me, and while I liked it before that, now it makes me swoon. :) And said husband would LOVE one of those lithographs!

Raging Dad

Favorite Beatle: John. The edgy, witty, irreverent one. The foil to Paul's straight man.

Favorite Beatle song: That's nearly impossible to say, but today I'll go with George's "Something" from Abbey Road.

And by the way, the remasters are brilliant. I especially recommend going for the mono versions, which are more expensive and only available in a box set, but are the way the Beatles intended most of their catalog to sound.


What a great giveaway! But I am torn. I can't pick a favorite Beatles song or member. My mood dictates what song I love. Currently, I love Paperback Writer. As for the members... I have a soft spot for Ringo because my kids LOVE Yellow Submarine and sing it all the time. John was brilliant and way before his time. George's contributions to the band were priceless. And Paul's voice...'nuff said.


Favorite Beatle is, by far, George. Which relates to my favorite song, While My Guitar Gently Weeps.

It is so sweet, so lovely, so perfect...

Though Penny Lane now ranks up there, since I play it constantly to my daughter Penny (Rose).


Here's why Ringo is my fave: While living in Salt Lake City about 10 yrs ago my husband and I met a guy from England. He went to our church and seemed like a very nice, yet eccentric man. We were talking to him one day and he told us he was the "real" Ringo Starr. Now we thought he was crazy. He told us how he started out as with the band but after a couple years he realized his beliefs were not the same as theirs and his morals would be compromised if he stayed with the band. He had a very believable but wacky story. The next day he came over and showed us his birth certificate and other documents showing his given name was Ringo Starr. He said they brought in a new guy that looked similar to him. He had to sign over all rights to his name. To this day, I think I believe him.


Favorite Beatle? John Lennon. Something about that voice still gets me everytime...and I am 57 years old and have loved the Beatles since I was an early teenager!

Favorite Beatle Song? In My Life, don't ask why...it just always moves me & brings tears to my eyes.

I would like to win a lithograph for my husband and daughter. Both big Beatles fans and they are 30 plus years apart in age! We are celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary in late Oct and what better gift of love?


Like Lays potato chips, I can not have just one favorite beatles song...

1. Let It Be - because my grandmother's name is Mary and it just fits nicely.

2. In My Life - because my husband and I danced to it at our wedding.

3. A Day In The Life - because it's great.

I don't really have a favorite Beatle - I think they worked because they were collectively awesome.
there are more, but I'll shush now.


In My Life and Norwegian Wood were played at my husband's funeral so they are incredibly bittersweet for me.

Marmite Breath

Eleanor Rigby. How can I not choose somebody who keeps her face in a jar by the door?

John, now and forever. Tortured and sweet, just like I like my coffee. Or something.


Ringo. 1 word: Caveman.

In My Life. It's a love song in every possible way. I think about those who've passed when I hear it. I think about my husband when I hear it. I've sung it to both children since they infancy, tears often streaming down my face. Beautiful and full of love.


The Beatles are just such a part of my life, where to begin:
My name is Michelle, one of my dad's favorite songs.
I still sing Blackbird to my girls as lullabies like my dad for me.
My mom is Paul's biggest fan (at least one of them) and to this day has been to every single Paul McCartney concert and took me to most of them. Even the one with Ringo.
We sing "Die, Die-pee, doo" when we have to change my 2-year old's diaper (instead of Love Me Do)
My 4-year old's favorite song is "Falling".
My 14-year old stepdaughter is a huge John Lennon fan, she loves his poetry.
We sing a version of Yellow Submarine when the little one ia in the bath "Annaliese Evangeline, in her yellow submarine".
My husband has Paul's puppydog eyes.
The only song I can play on the guitar is "While My Guitar Gently Weeps".
My mom won't give up her Beatles LPs to me. She said she isnt dead yet.

So, PLEEE---EEEEEEESE, pick me! Thank you!!


And because I was so swept up (and gave way too much info), I forgot to state that my fave is Paul (mom's influence) and song is Blackbird. It is just so beautiful.


Favorite Beatle? Lennon

Favorite song? There's no way I could decide. Top songs? Let It Be, Penny Lane, In My Life, Eleanor Rigby, With a Little Help from My Friends.


Favorite Song: Let it Be. Because of Sesame Street and "Letter B."

Favorite Beatle: Ringo. Because of The Simpsons episode.

Hmm, maybe I only like the Beatles when they are in cartoon form?


Favorite Beatle? Ringo.

Why? Because you know what they say about men with large noses. Heh.

Favorite song is harder, probably With a Little Help from My Friends, or Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds...or probably just the whole Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band album. On vinyl, on my record player, in my room burning incense.


George is totally my favorite. He pulls ahead of John, just because of the Traveling Wilburys.

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da; Here Comes the Sun; Michelle; I'm a Loser; Within You Without You; and my daughter's favorite is Hello, Goodbye.

We are a Beatles Family. :)


I am basically going to repeat Marmite Breath's post, but it's the god's honest truth.

Eleanor Rigby/John.


OMG, I love Letter B!
When I find I can't remember what comes after A and before C... my mother always whispers... Letter B.

Sesame Street brilliance.


I love dung beetles. I mean the name along does it.

The only beetle song I can think of is La Cucarachita . It's kind of catchy, unlike cockroaches which can be hard to catch.


Can I play? I'm a dual citizen of Canada & the States, and do have a US address. If so, I'd love to join in, because a Beatles lithograph would be SO amazing to win!

My favourite Beatle is definitely John. I've always connected with him and his music/art in a very deep way.

As for a favourite Beatles song? That's almost impossible to do. I've been a huge Beatles fan since I was a little kid, and love most of their work. Sgt. Pepper or Abbey Road are probably my favourite albums, though.


Can I play? I'm a dual citizen of Canada & the States, and do have a US address. If so, I'd love to join in, because a Beatles lithograph would be SO amazing to win!

My favourite Beatle is definitely John. I've always connected with him and his music/art in a very deep way.

As for a favourite Beatles song? That's almost impossible to do. I've been a huge Beatles fan since I was a little kid, and love most of their work. Sgt. Pepper or Abbey Road are probably my favourite albums, though.


Today is my birthday, and this would be a totally sweet birthday present! My other birthday present is hopefully going to be Beatles Rock Band...

John is my favorite Beatle, but I don't think I could pick a favorite song. There are too many.


Still a sucker for Blackbird. So beautifully simple!


Favorite song: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
Why I'd really REALLY like to win: My fiance LOVES the Beatles beyond all reason, and a litho would make an awesome Christmas gift, being that we're recession poor and can't spend $ on Christmas unless we decide that we don't particularly enjoy having things like electric, and water, and...you get the picture.

Burrito Tuxedo

Favorite song- Her Comes the Sun
Reminds me of riding shotgun in my dad's VW squareback when I was 9.

Favorite Beatle- John looks just like my dad.


My favorite Beatle is Paul. I still think he's sexy...

my favorite song (besides the obvious Hey Jude) is I Want You (She's So Heavy). Something about that song is so carnal. I love it.


While I want to win, and am a huge Beatles fan, I can't lie and say Ringo...he's a solid drummer, sure. He put up with so much crap back in the day that he probably should be cannonized for sainthood. But...

It's got to be John. Hands down. The man was such a great songwriter...during and after the Beatles era. But he was a man...a flawed man, who wasn't afraid to air it out for all to see.

When he fell in love, he allowed it to affect (some say INfect) every aspect of his life. John and Yoko became, for better or for worse, JohnandYoko...inseparable. Even when the thing that brought him fame and fortune, the entity of The Beatles that afforded him the soapbox upon which he stood and proclaimed 'give peace a chance' and all else he said for the rest of his life...even when that suffered because of his love, it didn't matter.

He said it. And he lived it.

Favorite song? Tough one, but I have to say "All You Need Is Love"...if for no other reason than what I said above. It was simple, and it was "Capital T" Truth.


Neato. My favorite Beatle is John, although George and Paul come close. "Here Comes the Sun" was what we played for walking down the aisle at my wedding, but "Here, There, and Everywhere" is sort of "our song." And I love "Hey Bulldog." And on and on and on...


Beatle: George. Always and forever. I get all weepy whenever I listen to his music, Beatles and beyond. What a humanitarian. What a cool soul. Anyone who can lose his wife to his best friend, and turn around and play their wedding is pretty okay by me.

Favorite song: While My Guitar Gently Weeps. I love that Clapton guests on it, and then George returned the favor and guested on Badge with Cream.
Runner up: Paperback Writer. At least for today. Tomorrow will have a new runner up.

robyn g

Favorite Beatle? Paul.

Favorite song? Hmm. "Daytripper", or "A Day In the Life", or the Abbey Road medley.

ms martyr

I won't claim it as my favorite, but they played Maxwell's Silver Hammer at the gym a while back and it stuck in my head for DAYS!

Paul was my favorite Beatle. Not so much with Wings.


i was always a sucker for paul's cheekpinchy cuteness, but i love george's music more. i can't pick a favorite song though!


I'm going with Paul because I find his voice the most pleasing. But George is a really close second.


I adore The Beatles, thanks to my folks. My favorite song? Probably... "Because."


Definitely Hey Jude. I have a two month old son named Jude and my other two year old son looooves singing it to him! (especially the rockin' out part!). It's priceless! Would love the lithograph for Jude's room!


My favorite Beatle is definitely George. But Ringo's a close second. Not least because we are two degrees of separation apart (I know the widow of one of his Caveman co-stars! Oh, the Ringo stories!).

Favorite song? That's a toughie. Maybe Golden Slumbers? Frankly, I think I listened to the Beatles enough from the 6th - the 8th grade to last me a lifetime.


I love all the Beatles for different reasons, but Ringo is possibly my favorite because he always remained professional. While all the others got into fights over who got what songs on the next album, Ringo just did his thang and remained friends with everyone. No years of silence a la John and Paul. Plus Ringo always seemed happy and did it for fun, in any video/interview they put out- he always seems to be the one enjoying it and not taking it seriously. Everyone was promoting something (peace, mantra, themselves), but Ringo was just there for the ride.

Fav song- I am the Walrus, because its the first song I learned every word to and had to prompty go downstairs and sing it to my Dad. lol


Eleanor Rigby. I love the more upbeat (and less morbid)songs as well, but I just find this song incredibly powerful, no matter how many times I listen to it.


George has always been my favorite, and Here Comes the Sun is my jam. Paul was my sister's favorite and we used to fight over who was cuter. In the 80's. Totally not realizing they no longer looked like the pictures on the album jackets.

My dad is a crazy Beatlesphile and (**deep, dark, embarrassing secret alert**) as a child I would argue with him over whether the Beatles or the Monkees were a better band. I know. Shameful. I'm almost puking just thinking about it. So I'd love to win a lithograph for him as a reward for putting up with such an obviously stupid child.


My favorite by default has to be John, cuz we haz the same last name. However, Ringo was the funniest one in the cartoon on sunday mornings at my Grandmother's house.
Songs? Maxwell Silver Hammer, because my mom would sing it to us, Ob La Di, because it's just a great song, the entire Sgt. Pepper album because I would sing and dance to it in my living room to entertain my siblings, and Free as a Bird because it has a ghost in it. Oh, and Golden Slumbers, because you could sing, "Paul, you've got to marry that Cait" and annoy your brother.


John. Even though he hung with that bitch, Yoko. Such amazing talent.

"Something" and anything from Abbey Road really...

Now I must go play Beatles Rock Band while listening to the digitally remastered box set.

Suzy Q

"Norwegian Wood"

Ringo = The Oddball. As am I, so I can relate. I am also Norwegian.


George, without a doubt. Why? First, because of his line in Hard Day's Night, "Well he is a clean man hahahaha." Makes no sense, and yet my ten-year-old self and my best friend thought it was the funniest thing we'd ever heard. Second, because I ALMOST DIED when I was randomly watching some kid's show about a magic train (Thomas the Tank Engine, natch), and what to my wondering eyes should appear but a miniature RINGO FREAKING STAR. And then I doubted my own eyes and memory when the tiny conductor clearly appeared to be American and suspiciously like George Carlin (WTF?). My memories were later vindicated by IMDB, from which all good blessings flow.

And I cannot pick a favorite song. That would be like trying to pick my favorite non-existent child. But maybe the White Album. I used to listen to that as I tried to fall asleep. Great for Blackbird and Golden Slumbers, less so when creepy Revolution #9 came on right as I was about to drift off.


George or John are easily my favorite Beatles, their philosophies on life are something to be really admired.

My favorite Beatles song is Hey Jude,so simple and amazing. Some of my best memories are laying in the back seat of the car listening to my dad play the Beatles and I've loved it since day one.


George is definitely my favorite. Love him in the band and as a solo artist.

Favorite song? That's a tough one. Although, "All Together Now" will always be remembered as a fantastic last dance song at my wedding, running in a giant circle, holding hands with friends and family.

mr. big dubya

Wow - pick a favorite Beatle and a favorite song? Why don't you just ask me which of my children I love more? I'll just do it this way:

Ringo for "With A Little Help From My Friends"
Paul for "Let It Be"
George for "Something"
John for "In My Life"

"Across the Universe," "Norwegian Wood," "Nowhere Man" - now Imma just gonna fire up the iPod and start listening - might as well start at the beginning with Please, Please Me.


favorite Beatle ~ Ringo Starr. Love his deadpan humor, love his being a drummer (married one myself), and even loved sitting through endless episodes of Thomas the Tank Engine just to hear him as the narrator.

favorite song ~ changes by the time and mood, but "In My Life" and "Blackbird" both were sung in the wee hours when my son was a baby, and still make me tear up a bit.

fingers crossed!


Favorite Beatles song: When I'm Sixty-Four or Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

My dad used to play the Beatles all the time when I was younger, but I didn't start liking them until my sixth grade crush did. Oh, young love. The Beatles long outlasted Michael though.


My favorite is John, because I am so stereotypical. And my favorite tune is Lucy in the Sky. Or maybe Come Together.

Anyway, my mom's favorite is Ringo. Just because she likes drummers, I think.


I'd have to choose George, because my favorite songs were written by him. My favorite is probably "While My Guitar Gently Weeps." Such a beautiful song.


Favorite Beatle: A toss-up between Paul and George. Love them both for how simple/sweet they always kept things with many of the songs they wrote.

Favorite Song: I also cannot have just one favorite. Top two right now for me are While My Guitar Gently Weeps and I Want You/She's So Heavy. I'm a sucker for moody guitar solos, no?


OMG! I'm squealing like a little girl! Thank you!

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