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Your Day In Good News: Improv Everywhere

Improve-everywhere-logo OKAY! I have had enough! Today we're talking about good things, dammit. I've had enough of celeb DUIs, the Gosselins, Lindsay Lohan's tragic life and everything else we wake up to every day. So join me in a little celebration of simple pleasures, won't you? I'd like to talk about Improv Everywhere.

For the uninitiated, Improv Everywhere is an amazing conglomeration of people who get together in public places and make a scene. Usually it involves bursting into song. And everyone loves a good musical, right? I mean, Glee is the new hit show,  Broadway is making a comeback, and the Buffy musical is still packing houses at "Singalong Night." And sometimes you're doing something so mundane, so tedious, that you're secretly BEGGING for something, anything to happen. Usually for me, it ends up being a dude trying to steal my bag. But in a perfect world, our grocery outings would end up like this:

And who likes commuting? Absolutely no one, that's who. So what if after a long day, you got to the train *two minutes* too late and had to wait another hour? What if this suddenly happened?

Also! What's more depressing than the food court? A bunch of overstimulated kids, tired parents, and sullen teenagers. What a joy. But what if you sat down to your Sbarro and something like this broke out?

So there you have it. Improv Everywhere is today's good thing. I'd capitalize that, but with my luck, Martha Stewart would sue me for copyright infringement. Although I think small claims court would be a FANTASTIC place for a surprise musical number. Excuse me, I've gotta go call Judge Judy and get her on the bandwagon. 

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Oh, I love the Grand Central Station one! It's definitely my favorite. The food court's a close runner-up, though. Personally, I think life should be a musical.

Tracy H

This is all sorts of awesome!


Oh! I can't believe I missed the Grand Central one! I walk through there every day, 2, sometimes 3-4 times a day for the past 7 years! That would have been very cool to see.


Shut up! I totally want this to happen to me. I want to witness this with mah own two eyes...it would be AWESOME.


This totally made my day much more awesome! Thank you!


I can't wait to watch these when I get home (meeting of besuited big-wigs taking place directly behind me today grr). All through high school I used to tell people "wouldn't it be funny if we were all just in the cafeteria and suddenly a musical broke out?" Unfortunately it never did and people just blinked at me with that "why are you talking" look they get...

atheists eat fish

I love Improve Everywhere!!! I showed the cafeteria one to my kids and nieces about a year ago and I have been addicted to their work ever since. It is so cool how you don't know who is going to join in next. Awesome!!


I have much love for Improve Everywhere! They brighten any day and often send me into fits of giggles. I love the food court one because it is a truly awesome and somewhat probable musical but I very fond of the Best Buys and Abercrombie ones.

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