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A Timely Mention Of A Little Known Show

Images I know people rely on me too be super-current and informed so that's why I'm going to talk about this little-known show I discovered on Showtime called Dexter. I know...I know...where do I get this stuff, right? Well never you mind, a good journalist never reveals his sources and neither do I.  The point is that maybe you've heard of it, maybe you haven't but no matter what, I can bench press like 600 lbs in my dreams.

I know it's been around for a while and it's been written about on this site like a billion times but guess who HASN'T written about it. Me, that's who. And I just discovered it, so now it's hip and trendy according to a recent poll of everyone in my house named Kurt. You might think I'm way behind the times but instead ask yourself "Is he so far behind that maybe he's just looping back around from the future?" I think you be interested to know the answer to that question is "No." or "None of your business." or "When this car hit 88 mph you're gonna see some serious shit." Okay now that we've established that I'm a time-traveling playboy on a mission of love, we can get on with the proper discussion of this TV show. Or you can just keep reading this. Your move.

Dexter stars Anthony Micheal Hall George C. Scott Micheal C. Hall as the titular (*snicker*)  character in what is the least gay, least funeral director, least odd hairstyle role of his career so far. If you watched Six Feet Under than you probably had the same hard time my girlfriend did believing him to be straight. But that's just because she is surrounded by masculinity to such a high degree that every time I stare at her she grows a mustache. That's not true at all. She made me correct that. 

Dexter is a serial killer who lives by a code and makes righteous...wait... you know the premise? What are you a mind reader? That's some freaky talent you've go there. I know because I used to live with a guy who thought he was psychic but he totally had no idea I was cleaning the floor with the bologna I was making his sandwich with so I guess  his highly tuned intuitions didn't extend to lunch meat. I bet yours do though since you already know all about this show. I'm really impressed.

The thing that gets me about Dexter is that every season, this show keeps coming up with good provocative story lines and the characters all show an arc and growth and are even moderately believable. During this, the fourth season, Dexter is up against John Lithgow as a rival serial killer and I know it's hard to believe he could top Harry and the Hendersons, but guess what? Nailed it! 


Not a Serial Killer and a Monkey.

Yeah I am totally capable of believing 4 serial killers can exist in one town in 4 years. So what? I also believe that they keep dinosaurs at most zoos for rich people to ride around on after hours. But back to Dexter, it really is a wonderful show and if anyone from the production staff is reading this and thinking "I wonder who I should send some free Dexter swag to." Then THAT person is not a mind-reader and should probably just contact me directly for a better clue.

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Ed Adams

Love Dexter.

Great review as always, Kurt.

And by that, I mean, fix me another sandwich McFly.


What happen to the New Moon review!!


I'm lovin' me some Dexter too. I discovered it this summer while on vacation. They were doing a marathon of all the seasons. I was so hooked that I had to add Showtime when we got home. Best part, I didn't have to wait so long in between seasons. Have you heard of another "new" show called Weeds :)???? I'm a little behind the times too I guess.


They aren't coming up with new and interesting story lines each season. Each season of Dexter is based on a book by Jeff Lindsay. We'll see how the writers do once they run out of books. It is a great show, though!


The Lindsay books are dark and funny and excellent but really only serve as a framework for the complex character interactions on the show. If Lindsay wrote a book that took you 13 hours to read, than he could match the show's depth.


Have watched for the start of season 1,love Dexter but want to smack his screw,harpy wife big time...Oh yeah,last season had Jimmy Smits....UMMMM YUMMY!!!

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