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Adam Duritz Tricked Me

Adam_Duritz Apparently Adam Duritz, the man whose face is barely visible beneath his mass of caterpillar-like dreads and Dungeons-and-Dragons beard, was not allowed to sing karaoke at a bar in Savannah, Georgia the other night.  True story!  But it reminded me of the fact that I couldn't remember who the hell Adam Duritz was, and why he keeps showing up in gossip columns, and why a guy who looks like him dates the Emmy Rossums of this world. And thus began my epic and terrible journey of finding out the truth about Adam Duritz.

My journey began with Google and ended with Wikipedia, that source for embarrassingly fanboyish information about celebrities.  Duritz, of course, is the soulful lead singer of sensitive late-indie group Counting Crows, that upmarket version of Hootie and The Blowfish.

Here's the thing: I cut a deal with the Lord years ago.  I can't really go into the full extent of the terms of the deal, but suffice it to say that:

a) I used to be 6'3".

b) I'd been praying desperately for a solid week to forget that Counting Crows ever existed.

Up until yesterday, before I clicked that fateful Wikipedia link that told me all about how Mr. Duritz has had an unusually open relationship with his fans "since coming to fame with Counting Crows," and how "this has taken various forms including a diary on AOL," I had completely forgotten Duritz and the malign influence that Counting Crows wields over the sublunar realms.  Now that Mr. Jones song is hopping through my brain again, reminding me of a time when the world was done with college music - but a single plucky band was willing to sink some hooks into that dead beast and parade its carcass around the town square just one more time.

This round to you, Duritz.  But the game is far from over.

Oh, and he wasn't allowed to sing karaoke because the bar was closing.  See?  The guy will do anything to get my attention.


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Someday I will marry Adam Duritz. Just so he will write songs about me. I'm moving to Savannah and opening an all night Karaoke bar just so I can trick him into my web of fangirl lust. After all, this obsession of mine started when I was 15. Fifteen. I am 31. Thirty-one. That means that I have been insanely jealous of some fictional woman named Maria for over half my life. If that's not Misery-level dedication, I don't know what is.


is anyone REALLY over college music? cause, i mean, my 3 year old knows the words to Mr. Jones.


I love Counting Crows with my whole heart, but I have had to distance myself from Mr. Duritz. Every time I see him live he pisses me off with his incoherent babbling and his fake dreads. But, oh, I love his music.


I can't help but like their older stuff. Their debut album was the first album I played on college radio.
And dammit, I felt so symbolic yesterday!


And he was here in my city why?? I never did like Counting Crows,not my taste but he sure does attract the ladies for some strange reason...

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