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Britney Spears & Other Lip-syncers Forced To Disclose To Ticket Buyers

Britney_spears_lip_sync Apparently Australians don't take kindly to not getting what they think they're paying for.

Good news? Bad news? Ehh?

PS: That's not how you pronounce "Controversy." Heh.

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I absolutely think it matters, and would love it if the US adopted a law where "performers" are required to disclose whether they are really singing, or lipsynching. Yes - it's undoubtedly hard to sing well while running around the stage, but it is possible. Anyone see Pink's Grammy performance? She was on a freakin' trapeze/suspended and somersaulting in mid-air, and REALLY singing. It's possible. And if I'm going to pay a fortune to see someone, they damn well better be authentic.


I'm not opposed to some kind of regulation that would require disclosure, but is anyone actually shocked that Britney lip-syncs during her concerts? Do you not know know what you're getting into when you buy tickets to see her show?

My sisters are hard core in love with BritBrit & plunked down their cash to see her show last spring. They knew darn well that they were paying to see the (literal) circus that she put on, and for them it was worth the price of admission.

I'm more shocked to learn that there are people that think she can sing without the assistance of auto tune and heavy production. I think John Mayer said it best with his tweet on the subject:

"If you're shocked that Britney was lip-syncing at her concert and want your money back, life may continue to be hard for you."


"The most educated British speakers prefer the pronunciation with the stress on the first syllable. The pronunciation with the stress on the second syllable is widely used, but disapproved of by some people. The US pronunciation has the stress on the first syllable" - http://www.tiscali.co.uk/reference/dictionaries/english/data/d0081827.html


Nitpicker: Was it not ENTIRELY CLEAR I was kidding? See: "Heh."? Really?


To clarify - *I* do know that Britney lip-synchs. Does anyone not? I could give a rat's ass about HER lip-synching. It's about lip-synching, in general. I simply won't pay to see someone mouth the words to their own (albeit massively computer-edited) song.*

*And even if Britney ever does learn how to sing, for reals, still ain't no way my money is going to her.

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