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Céline Dion's In Vitro Second Pregnancy Did Not Take

Celine_dionBeing one of the Canadian minority here on MamaPop, I feel that I am uniquely suited to talk about Céline Dion and how deeply apologetic a good number of us northerners feel that we allowed her and her saccharine brand of wailing celebrity to grow to prominence. Her fertility woes leave me feeling conflicted, though, because now I feel like I have to be nicer about her talent, which is really hard, because we Canadians have had to hear a lot more of her than anyone else, and my ears, they have suffered TWENTY YEARS of violation.

Personal conflict aside, though, it is sad to hear that Céline Dion's in vitro pregnancy has failed after she, 41, and her husband René Angélil, 67, made an excited announcement in August that she was pregnant with their second child.


Following Angélil's battle with cancer, Dion chose to step away from her 20-year career in early 2000 to support her husband and pursue a family through in vitro fertilization, which resulted in their son, René Charles, in January 2001. It has been well-publicized that one of her greatest dreams is to have another child, so this set-back must be a difficult one to face so publicly.

Not ones to let adversity get the better of them, though, they have stated that they will be attempting in vitro fertilization again very soon.

"We're living the reality of the majority of couples who face these procreation techniques, but today, we are full of confidence. Céline is more determined than ever," Angélil told Québec's Journal de Montréal.

Yes, there will be more Céline-René hybrids running around if they have anything to say about it. I am all for it, too, if it means her taking a longer break from her singing career. In fact, I think they should also start looking into adoption and have a whole brood à la Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt if it will keep her busy.

(I couldn't be nice forever, people. As a Canadian, I have suffered.)


PS. Did you know that I ended up having to watch Céline Dion videos while I researched this article? I think that I'm going to have to listen to the Dead Kennedys' "Too Drunk to F**k" just to even myself out.

You're welcome.

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"My ears, they have suffered"



I am sorry she is going though a rough time but GAH,make her stop wailing long enough to eat a damn meal!!

Karen Sugarpants

As your fellow Canadian, I must agree on all counts. You were a lot nicer than I could ever be.


ha, my dad was none too happy when he saw the "Too Drunk to F*ck" 45 sleeve pinned to my bedroom wall.

and please don't make me have to explain what a 45 sleeve is!


I thought there announcement was a little/a lot premature for this very reason. Is there some reason celebrities aren't allowed to wait until after the first trimester to announce their high-risk pregnancies? You'd think it would make her life a lot easier if she didn't have to announce a miscarriage to the entire world.


omg, *their, not there. Putting myself in time-out now.


Alyssa - That was my first thought, too. But, I truly believe that people have to do things their own way in the face of loss. We announced our first pregnancy when I was 13 weeks, and my son died when I was 30 weeks pregnant. After that, I got pregnant again quickly and announced it to everyone when I was 7 weeks. A lot of people thought I was crazy and tried to get me to keep it to myself in case something happened again. For me, I had to celebrate what I could celebrate and right now.

It's different when you are in the public eye so much, but I still think that you've got to do what feels right to you about that stuff. It's a little weird that we even know, but if that's they way they want it, then I think that's the way it should be.

Also, yes, please. 20 kids = 0 new albums. Hopefully.


Also, how can we get them to cut the child's hair? Is he growing a toupee for Renee?


On the other hand, you've had many more years of k.d. lang than we have, so it really evens out.


As a Canadian living in France, it is neverending. I wholeheartedly support a second pregnancy just to stop the singing. Please lord. Make the next one stick.

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