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Demi Moore's December 2009 W Magazine Cover

Demi_moore_wI'll have what she's having. Including Ashton Kutcher. OH YOU WERE THINKING IT TOO.



I mean, REALLY.


Oh, lawd.


Somewhere, in the dark, dank, dustiest corner of Demi Moore's attic, a portrait of her is slowly growing older and older and older... At least that's what I tell myself.


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She has to be bathing in the blood of virgins or something.



Kim S.

Yes, young looking and very pretty, but too skinny!! Is it a case of photoshop gone wild or does she need a big bowl of ice cream?


i think they dipped her in bronze for that cover. no person looks like that in real life, not even the great demi. i hate when they over-shop beautiful people.


Plastic surgery and airbrushing? No thanks.


I'd rather eat than look like that. She's going to look like one of those grody old anorexics soon.

Also: Photoshop needs to be stopped.


I wasn't even thinking weight. I was thinking: OH MY GOD SHE DOESN'T AGE.

And people? That ain't all photoshopping. I've candid snap shots of the woman without makeup recently. It's EERIE.


Way too skinny. You could hang my winter coat on her collarbone, for Pete's sake. In that first picture, she looks like she's about to pass out from hunger. Her eyes are vacant, her cheeks are hollow, and she looks unhealthy. Nope, i wouldn't want to be her. And she can keep Ashton, blech.

Demi? Please eat a sandwich.


I don't want what she is having b/c that involves not eating. When is it sexy for your collarbone/clavicle to stick out like that? And to have third world hunger looking arms?


Needs to eat but damn,she loods ageless.Wonder when she sold her soul to the dark one??


She's had massive plastic surgery...I mean, sure, she's gorgeous, but I don't find it all that amazing.

Brian O'Mara-Croft, Author, Lost in the Hive

Oddly enough, I DON'T want Ashton Kutcher. Am I the only one? Let me ask my wife...


Gross. Eat a sandwich.


That right there is scary skinny. And part of why little girls everywhere have eating disorders. This cultural switch-from curvy pin ups to emaciated bodies--makes me so damn sad.

Katie Kat

I agree with the too skinny thing, but I think that part was photoshopped. I do think that she is just freakishly forever young though. If it was plastic surgery, she would look more fake - not naturally beautiful. I haven't seen ONE celeb who had plastic surgery that actually looked just like they did when they were 20 years younger. Demi is just blessed with good genes.

I'd love to see the candid pics you have Sweetney!


She is ageless. Which is scary. Perhaps when she sold her soul, she got one of those pirate deals, you can eat, but it'll taste like ash and it won't be nourishing. But you'll live forever and never age, so it won't kill you.

I watched St. Elmo's Fire the other day and was overwhelmed by how beautiful she is in that movie. So soft comparatively. When did beauty start meaning pointy?


At least her plastic surgeon is somewhat GOOD and didn't make her look alien-cat-eyed with cheek implants to the high heavens Joan Rivers style.

Beautiful...even if it's not real. How old is she anyways? I forget. Considering.


And also along with Death of Auto-Tune we should erect Death of Photoshop. Can you imagine the normal-looking "mayhem"?! I'm giddy thinking about it.


Word. Also, I'm with the Fug Girls on this one... why take a gorgeous lady in her 40's and 'shop her until she looks like a starving teenage waif? Seriously, people. It's insulting, already.

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