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Dollhouse Is Dead. Long Live Dollhouse!

DollhouseFox. You bastards. GODDAMMIT.

Yeah, sorry kids. It's over. Officially cancelled today.

This, from The Hollywood Reporter:

The sci-fi series, which is filming episode 11, is expected to finish its 13-episode order. Whedon is said to be on board and plans to give the show a proper ending with a big finale.

After some dismal performance in the fall, despite the ratings bumps "Dollhouse" got from DVR viewing, Fox benched the show for the November sweep after four episodes. Fox plans to air all produced episodes of "Dollhouse," which will return with originals Dec. 4 as planned.

The remaining episodes of "Dollhouse" will air as follows: Two episodes will air each night on Dec. 4, Dec. 11 and Dec. 18, from 8 pm to 10 p.m. The last three episodes will air on Jan. 8, Jan. 15 and Jan. 22 at 9 p.m.

And that's all she wrote.


Our thoughts are with Joss, Eliza, and the rest of the Dollhouse family. Sniff.

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Backpacking Dad

Fucking hell.




Frakking frak. Stupid FOX.

Karen Sugarpants


Average Jane

Sigh. Why do I always get so invested?


Of course, FOX, that makes perfect sense. Cancel a show that has a ready-made following and a lot of buzz. Now go order another cartoon or 30 minute sitcom, or even better, make American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance 7 nights a week, because that won't burn anyone out or make anyone stabby. YOU BAAASTADS!!!

I weep.


Suck it FOX!

SciFi Dad



Another reason to hate Fox. As if you needed any more.


I knew I shouldn't have fallen in love, again. Fuckety fuck fuck, Fox sucks.


Dear Joss,
Please stop trusting Fox, as the people there are all lying asshats. Peddle your fantabulous wares at SyFy or a like network.
Please and thank you.

Just Shireen

Fox: Screwing Joss Whedon & giving Whedon fans blue balls since 2002.


Whats with poor Joss Whedon being cancelled. I blame it on the general public and there lack of imaginations. Curse those Fox bastards too what is there problem.


GAH! We just caught up on all the episodes and are getting invested. OF COURSE they cancel it.


Weeping and gnashing of teeth!


Fuck! I have season 1 disc 2 on it's way to my house right now. GAH! WHY Fox??? WHYYYYYYY????


Dear Joss, I love you, but the first season of Dollhouse was such woman in peril ickiness, I couldn't stand it. I thought you were a feminist. Please give us another heroine who can stand up for herself properly from the get go... and please don't make a Faith spin-off, or another show about people in outerspace. Thanks! xoxo, Katie


So, we shouldn't be denying that dollhouse is a stain. It's a terrible show; it's full of plot holes and was too expansive to have a consistent premise and still have plot development. I still watch it because I'm a sucker for Whedon. I will continue to watch it 'til its glorious end, but thankfully that will be in January and not six years from now.

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