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Five Reasons You Should Watch "V" Tonight

V-2009_TV_series_logo Tonight, ABC will air the first episode of the long-awaited reimagining of the 1984-1985 series, V. And if you for some ludicrous reason haven't already pencilled it into your Day Runner, set a reminder in your iCal or programmed your Tivo to record it, I'm here to demonstrate why you bitches crazy if you're not planning to watch this show.

5. Morena Baccarin


I know that our demographic here at MamaPop is primarily composed of female parents and, based on what I know of female parents and females in general, I can ascertain that most of you ladies are of the heterosexual persuasion. Notwithstanding. please look me in the eye and truthfully tell me you don't want to tap that. Yeah, that's what I thought. Morena Baccarin, as some of you may remember, played Inara on Firefly, a Companion so hot that the entire crew of Serenity quivered in her presence, and she appears to be just as hot in V, only evil. That alone is a compelling—albeit superficial—reason to watch V.

4. Tuesday Night Television Sucks Donkey Balls
Seriously, what else were you planning on doing? You're not really watching 90210 are you? Okay, Jodifur, I know you are, but you acknowledge that you're really 14 years old on the inside. Perhaps you were planning on watching NCIS? I'm looking at you, Miss Banshee—yeah, that's right, I know you watch that crap, and you should be ashamed. But the rest of us, those with taste, have been yearning for something of substance with, perhaps, a plot, to fill a gaping hole in our Tuesday nights, amirite? V promises just that.


3. The Buzz
Sure, with E! Online rating the pilot an 11 on a scale of 1-10 and virtually all respectable TV critics completely soiling themselves over it, we're probably up for some disappointment by way of build-up. But what if we're not? What if it really is that cool? Even if it doesn't live up to expectations, this show will prove to be the kind of water cooler/Twitter banter you don't want to miss out on Wednesday morning.

2. The Sci-Fi-Shaped Hole In Your Heart
Battlestar Galactica is no more. Firefly is never coming back no matter how many letters you write, Whedonites. Lost is ending this seasons and its intended replacement, Flash Forward, is overwrought and so melodramatic it's painful to watch. (Speaking of Lost, Elizabeth Mitchell of Lost fame is starring in V as well.) 

You need V to fill the science-fiction-slash-thriller-shaped hole in your heart. 



Seriously, have you even seen this trailer? We posted it here months ago. Does this not get your blood pumping? If not, I'm not entirely sure you're really human. Maybe you're one of them? Maybe we need to tear at your flesh a little and see if there's not some creepy lizardy skin under there, hmm?

So what are you waiting for? Ladies and gentlemen, start your Tivos. V is here. Again.

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DVR is set. Woo. I LOVED the show in the 80s and have been looking forward to this.. . Then again, I really don't get out much so maybe my bar is not set overly high.


What time does it come on?

Also, I'm just hoping it is the before 10pm slot, for I cannot miss Sons of Anarchy, and I have no DVR. Yes, I am in the stone age.


AH! Thanks for reminding me!!!! I saw this promo for it and should've DVR'd right then...instead I forgot. You've saved my Tuesday night TV viewing life.


Mmmmm, nighttime tv deliciousness! Can't wait. And Flash Forward, after a promising first episode, went downhill fast. But it COULD have been so good. That's what hurts the most. Sigh.


Okay. You convinced me. TiVo programmed.


i did love her in firefly!

you are right--tuesday night is terrible television! i watch other tivo'd stuff that that i need to catch up on on tuesdays. i remember when tuesday was the best night. now my mondays are so double packed that i had to stop tivo-ing some of them b/c they weren't even taping anyways! and we can do 2 at a time!


Okay, there, Snarky, just so I can have A LITTLE of your respect, I have already programmed a season pass for V. I am very excited. Loved the 80's version.

I am not saying which I am watching first though.

90210 is a truly terrible show.


6. Scott Wolf back on TV! Fellow PartyofFivers, amirite? What?

I have been itching over this for months! And watched Syfy's all weekend marathon of the original. I must agree on the abyss that is Tues. night TV; thank goodness this is filling that slot. Yay!


OK, but if there's no lizard baby birth I'm gonna be pissed!


CHILLS! Cannot WAIT! (But I'm guilty... I TOTALLY TiVo 90210 and Melrose Place... they aren't THAT bad...)


I watched the V miniseries over the weekend and it was incredible, in the way that only a 1980s sci-fi television spectacle can be. Corny and overwrought at times, but really creepy.


I will take Juliet where I can get her.
Thanks for the heads up!


How did I miss the miniseries over the weekend?? Now I'm curious to know if it wore well.

Thanks for pointing out that it overlaps with 90210, which I DO watch, but still. I set up the Tivo to record V a few weeks back but don't know where it is on the 'ranking' and I would have been crying salty tears if I thought I had an hour of lizard people and all I ended up with was the kids from West Bev.


Yeah, but every time I see that guy from party of five, I wish they would have cast Jamie Bamber.

Karen Sugarpants

I loved V last night! And someone please tell Jodifur there's a new 90210 tomorrow night, please? I totally set my pvr for it. *hangs head in shame*

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