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Grey's Anatomy Is So Gripping That I Lose Mine

Greys Defibrillator! 20. CLEAR! [Tha-WUMP!] Nothing. Try again. CLEAR! [Tha-WUMP!] Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. There's nothing more to be done. But it was so good last week. I know. But it's gone. I can't believe this. Nooooo. Grey's Anatomy sucked so bad this week.

I've been trying, friends. Have I not been trying? Have I not been watching faithfully, probing valiantly, and trying to find something beautiful about this floundering show? The commenters scoff at me. They say "That show sucked 3 years ago!" but I press on. My wife says "Honey. Maybe we should try Mercy or House. People seem to like House."

Yeah, well, maybe my wife would like a nice apartment while I keep the HOUSE! There are black crows cawing outside. The kids are crying. It's hard to let go. I'm just going to bitch about the 3 major story clusters. If you want positive reviews, go listen to Snarky Amber sing about Glee


Izzie is so lame. She's got cancer. She got fired. She thought Alex said something to The Chief and that that's the reason she got fired. Did she ever stop to ASK Alex (or The Chief) what Alex said to The Chief? No. She just assumed it was bad and then she disappeared. So she's got cancer, she's married, and she's gone.

And what brings her back? Her high school teacher is sick, so she brings him to the hospital. Um. Wait a second. Why did she come back? Not to get her cancer treatments. Not because all her friends are sick to death with worry. Not because her husband is freaking out. BUT BECAUSE HER HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER IS SICK. And then he gets better and who cares? I hope all my high school teachers rot in hell.

You tried to crush my spirit, Mr. Sundell. Fuck you and your quadratic equation.

So Izzie and Alex finally face off and she's all (paraphrased): "You said stuff to The Chief and got me fired. You took away everything I've worked for and I can never forgive you." You know what they should've done here? Make Alex's head explode. Make it go off like a bomb - POW - and blood and brains everywhere. I'm pretty sure my head would've exploded. But he says (paraphrased): "You left without ever asking me what I said. You never gave me THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT and, for that, I CAN'T FORGIVE YOU!". It was a total forgiveness-off. But good for you, Alex. To hell with Iz. Just bang a couple of those cute Mercy Westers and call me in the morning.


Owen calls his cardiac specialist pal, Teddy Altman, from Iraq to come work at Seattle Grace and be Yang's mentor. Of course Yang hates her guts. She totally judges her before getting to know her. But then they have this moment in the ER where Terry inspires Yang to be all she can be and more, so then it's all good, right?

Oops. Owen forgot to tell Yang that he and Teddy may have almost had a little something something in the lonely desert. In fact, he told Yang they were just "friends". OK, I get it. There's huge drama potential around the corner. Fine! But what pisses me off is the way the show completely dropped the ball on Owen's mental illness. THAT was going to be interesting. But it's just - poof - gone. And now it's just going to be "You bastard!" and "She means nothing to me!" and who cares? I wanted Yang's love to overcome Owen's crazy ass PTSD. THAT'S compelling drama.


I'm supposed to have a photo after the jump. I think I'm breaking up with Yang. Lately, for me, it's been all about sweet home Arizona.



Derek and Meredith are still cute and stupid.


So everyone knows The Chief's been a robotic, bureaucratic dick. Now he's messing up surgeries. He did a surgery on this episode and the guy turned completely yellow. Yeah. I'm not even kidding you. He did the surgery. Guy was a lemon drop.

Also, he's been sleeping at the hospital, so his wife freaks out and thinks he's having an affair. Is it Bailey? Izzie? Nope. It's vodka. He relapsed. I'm sorry. The addiction relapse theme bores me to tears and the only way to make it compelling is to pull a Nick Cage in Leaving Las Vegas. Take it all the way home, Chief. I want to see a drama depict addiction in an honest, grisly way: show how it rips the guts out of someone and leaves them dead. Because if The Chief starts whimpering in 3 episodes and gets saved by a 12 Step meeting, I'm gonna puke.

"Meredith, I need to make amends for fucking your mother and destroying your life." Shut the hell up, Chief, and go drink yourself to death.


So usually, there's a thread that runs through the whole show and I tie it up in a little bow but this whole episode was a disparate collection of stupidness. I think it might be washed up. Over. I'm even thinking about calling it quits as it becomes more and more impossible to see this show in a positive light. Maybe I'll go to the beach, put my chin on my fist, and consider it in a thick, heavy atmosphere of pensive reflection.

I was ranting to my wife about all this when she said "The Chief's wife jumped to the conclusion that he was having an affair when he was really drinking. Yang jumped to the conclusion that Teddy sucked, and it turns out she really likes her. Izzie jumped to the conclusion that Alex got her fired. The whole show was about jumping to conclusions. The same way you're jumping to the conclusion that the show is dead. You got sucked into the power of the theme in such a rich way that you became a part of it, in it, submerged, unconscious."


Thursdays at 9, baby.

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why oh why oh whyyyyyuh do i continue to watch this boring stupid fucking melodramatic show?!?!?! I frown on soap operas, but that's totally all this is. a big fat fucking soap opera. I actually pried myself away from E.R. when it started sucking (after Anthony Edwards died of cancer, ), so why can't I stop watching this drek? Oh Grey's, I wish I knew how to quitchoo.
p.s. totally agree with you on Alabama, or Arizona, or whatever her name is. Cute as a button.


I started asking myself why I keep watching this show when I realized that Seattle Grace is the only hospital in America bigger than the Wasilla Free Clinic that has NO Chinese or Indian doctors (and don't say Yang--she's Korean). OK,maybe they've had a couple interns, but they're as expendable as security red-shirts on Star Trek.


Hm. I thought you loved this show. And I was like: Man, he really loves that show.

Now I'm starting to have my doubts and suspicions this is nothing more than ironic loving.

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