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I Sort Of Didn't Mind Taylor Swift on Saturday Night Live. Hold Me.

Taylor-swift So, I watched Taylor Swift host Saturday Night Live last weekend and I thought she did a pretty good job.

Of course, this is the kind of confession that's going to get me shunned by my peers, banned from certain websites and dropped by all my Twitter followers that aren't porn. (Thanks for sticking with me, '@Watch_me_ride_me_Misty.")

In my defense, I was roped into watching the thing in the first place because of my daughters; the 11-year-old, who is a Swift fan and my 13-year-old, who seems to have developed a borderline-inappropriate crush on both Andy Samberg and Seth Meyers.  I'm not sure where I went wrong but I wish my kids would just get their music and boy-fixes from the internet like most normal kids do. Besides, I was getting resentful since I was missing a Dr. Phil repeat I wanted to see, the really good one about how women who wore thongs were better mothers than ones who wore bikini panties. I'm a big fan of psychology and surveys and stuff.

But I have to say Swift's little monologue song, the one where she takes swipes at Joe Jonas (who famously dumped her over the phone) and Kanye West kept me from changing the channel. Sure I know she didn't write it, but she delivered it with just the right amount of innocence and self-deprecation that had me charmed.

Here, take a look:

I'm actually slightly mortified at this turn of events, since I'd been enjoying dismissing Swift as just another teenage, no-talent, manufactured robot but I've found that since Saturday I haven't been able to get her song, 'You Belong With Me,' out of my head. At this rate, you'll probably find me in a few weeks pushing my way to the front of the line at one of her CD signings, spending my free time assembling my 'I Luv Taylor' scrapbooks and then curling up in bed in my autographed Snuggle.

Have I lost my way, or am I just a mom trying to appreciate a performer from her kid's perspective? On a related note, stay tuned for my next post, "Chace Crawford: The Greatest Actor of All Time."


Update: It appears Swift swept all the major categories at last night's Country Music Awards! I hope she likes the muffin basket I sent.

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I made the grave error of Tweeting that she was horrifically flat on her second song performance and got such an influx of "UR JEST JELUS TAYLOR WOOOOOOOOO" responses I moved into an underground bunker for my own safety. Send canned goods.


I don't have kids but I do enjoy SNL (yes even when it sucks) and I thought she was really funny. Now, I've never actually heard a Taylor Swift song (and I fast forwarded through the performances on SNL) so I don't know anything about her as a musician but I think she's really funny (that rap video) and can act (CSI appearance) which is pretty surprising since I was all set to dismiss her as another manufactured teen "star".

I had her monologue song stuck in my head all day Sunday. And everytime I've been driving since I thought of her Teens Against Bad Parent Driving (or whatever) PSA and laughed.

But this didn't make me a fan of her music, since, as I stated, I've never actually heard her music. So now I can smugly continue saying I don't know anything about her music.


Actually, she very well could have written it. I may not enjoy her music, but I'm not a teenager (and don't like most country music). And that is exactly the same reason I admire her - she isn't trying to be an adult. Or a slutty adult for that matter. Plus, she can actually play an instrument and writes her own music.

And for what it's worth... I live in Nashville with several friends in music industry-related jobs and she and her family have a great reputation for being kind, genuine people with good heads on their shoulders.


Swift is genuinely talented. She writes her own songs, plays her own guitar, and sings with her pure and natural voice. She has a sense of humor about herself and is modest, which makes me appreciate her as a person, and not just as a performer.

There's a show called Crossroads, where country and rock performers do a show together. She did one with Def Leppard a while back.

*Let it be known that she is one of the few exceptions I make for country music. Otherwise - Alternative, please!


i couldn't agree with you (and your 13 yr old with the Samberg crush, but watch out, he's MIIIIIINE) more because I thoroughly enjoyed SNL last weekend. i really had no idea who Taylor Swift was prior to the VMA debacle but i think she's proven herself a very talented, cute and genuinely sweet person. we need more like her out there, dammit! to hell with you Miley, where you belong!

i kid. not really.

i am a fan of SNL in general tho. i think Andy Samberg, Bill Hader and Fred Armisen are some of the funniest people on tv. oh, and how HILARIOUS was the sketch with Taylor and Keenan giving the "Scared Straight" speech? i don't know how anyone there kept their shit together while Keenan was going off like that!

i think SNL deserves more credit than it tends to get. it's been better but it's also been worse. the crop of talent they have on there now is something special. and although i ,love LOVE loooove Kristen Wiig, that Penelope sketch has got. to. go.


I watched. She's a much better actor than singer. She was great as Kate Gosselin.


yeah, I liked what I saw of it off the TiVo. The monologue song and the Kate Gosselin things were both well delivered. For 19, I think she has a nice sense of humor and cleverness. The thing I like least about Taylor is her voice. Her songs are cute and catchy and she is poised and classy. Her voice live is a drone to me, though.


I think she's cute and surprisingly self aware for someone her age. I hope she goes on to have a long career, she seems like a decent, normal person.


I just got around to watching this yesterday and I have to say I belly laughed quite a few times during last week's SNL. But the thing that had me laughing the hardest was the digital short "FireLight". OMG. The franks!

Chace Crawford

Chace Crawford is great, but best actor ever? Really?


i totally agree. i couldn't believe how good she was, and it has totally ruined my street cred. it's bad enough that miley cyrus "party in the usa" song was so catchy i had to actually go and download it, but now i have to start liking a teen country star? what's next? are the jonas brothers going to write the next great american novel?


Haha I love Taylor Swift! I think she's sweet and talented and grounded!

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