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I'm a Call of Duty Widow

Modern-Warfare-2 My husband, who could not tell you who just won the World Series (or who has EVER won the World Series for that matter) and who could not tell you who Harry Potter was even written by or who has ever owned a game console before stood in line for hours last night with a packed backpack full of Red Bull in anticipation of the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. He got home this morning at 8 a.m. after playing it ALL NIGHT LONG with a friend of his. That's ... weird, right?

Apparently it's not that weird.

When I tweeted about it last night, that my husband had actually requested today off work months ago (with way more advanced planning and thought than I've ever seen him give a vacation day in the past), I was met with quite a few sympathetic responses from people who had also lost their husbands/boyfriends/partners to the lure of this first-person shooter game. And, it's somewhat of a phenomenon, as it seems to get gamers and non-gamers alike to open their wallets and fork over roughly $60. Because of the fervor from so many, it's predicted that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will be the biggest entertainment launch in history, bypassing the 2008 release of "The Dark Knight," which took in 155 million over the weekend. That's ... kind of ridiculous in a holy-shit-what-am-I-missing-and-why-did-I-want-a-son-again? way. Bigger than Heath Ledger's last movie? A video game?

I was obviously not the only wife home alone last night, or will be the only wife huffing and puffing over that damn game, and MY GOD WHY CAN'T YOU BECOME OBSESSED WITH THE LAUNDRY OR SOMETHING USEFUL TO ME, HUH?

But, hey, it's kind of interesting that this video game of all things (offered on a variety                         of consoles and on the PC) is creating such hype and, what's more, living up to it. The review in USA Today claims, "[I]t is also packed with the same exciting, unpredictable action as the first.... a perfectly crafted video game."

I'm fascinated to hear what it is about this particular game that has sucked non-gamers into the world of Call of Duty (this is the sixth installment of the game). My husband has never been a gamer and, arguably, has never been THIS obsessed with anything (movie, book, TV show, game) before. And he's obviously not alone. Ridiculous or not, that's pretty damn impressive.

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lol...i was a World of Warcraft widow for 4 years. There is this documentary, Gamer, that is the Story of my Life. Eventualy, we set times he could play, and I would indulge my reading/crafting/reality tv hobbies. He gave it up earlier this year, and frankly, I miss my alone time.


I will be this person when Diablo III comes out. I will totally take days off work without hesitation.


My husband started playing an online game, Pirate of the Carribbean, this summer. He wanted to play it with our son, so that our son wouldn't run into any creepy people out there.

The irony is it's my husband who plays it more than either my son or me combined. And he's run into at least two very, very creepy people on there. For a Disney site, it attracts a lot of weirdos who are looking for an online (and offline) fling. Gross.

I've been a Pirates widow for a few months now. He says when he gets his pirate maxed out, he'll stop...I don't know. For a while there he was extremely addicted. I mean playing until 3 am addicted, when he had to go to work the next day. Or getting up at 4 am to play.


Sadly, it was me who reminded my husband that the game was releasing at midnight last night, and then he got mad that I ordered it for him on Amazon and didn't go down to the Game Stop to reserve it for the midnight release. It's a good thing he got things done on his list last weekend, because that's not going to happen this time. What stinks for me about this game is that I can't even go online while he's playing because our internet can't handle that level of usage and we only have one tv, so I get kind of bored.

Michelle McKee

HAHAHA! I follow your blog all the time and oh my goodness I almost peed my pants when I read this. I am sitting here as we speak with my hubby while he is playing that dreadful game. I have been suffering since the original Modern Warfare...ugh...I usually spout off things I read through Google Reader to my husband and when I read this upon hearing "Call of Duty" like a good little druggie actually heard me read your post! And he even laughed!


Michelle, Call of Duty widows unite!

Annoyed with COD

I am dreading my husband getting this game!! He played the first one obsessively, to the point that he ignored me and our son while he was playing. It was like everytime I came home, that damn game was on the t.v.!! Nothing got done in our house unless I did it and now, thanks to Infinity Ward, this is going to happen all over again. I may as well say goodbye to any time I want to spend with him for the next 6-8 months. I may as well go ahead and divorce him so he can marry the damn game!!!


Has anybody else been disturbed by the recent Air Force commercials?

They had one on during a football game Sunday, and another on during V last night. The first was guys sitting in their simulator or whatever piloting unmanned aircraft as if it were a video game, and the second is what look like CGI guys rushing in to a hot zone with their infrared goggles to rescue a teammate as the helicopter swoops in, also very video gamish, and the tag line is something like, It's not science fiction, it's what we do every day.

I find them highly disturbing, turning war into a cool video game.

Here's the unmanned aircraft one:


That game disturbs me so much, that I can't even be in the room while my husband plays it. He took all day yesterday off to play before he went out of town on a business trip... and I'm sure he'll be playing for days on end when he gets back!


UGH!! Hate this game...taken over my household too...If you have Facebook join the Widows of COD Modern Warfare 2 game in groups..funny stuff!

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