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Kevin Federline Gets a Job With Ed Hardy

Kevin+Federline+girlfriend+Victoria+Prince+lqhYgIWCNnyl Look, I'm just trying to stop myself from eating more leftover pie, okay?

So Ed Hardy is the Official Brand of D-List Sperm Donor Douchebags, apparently, as Kevin Federline is now making "in-store appearances" in Australia, where he's (I guess) trying to make a few bucks of his own while accompanying Britney and their sons. You know, in addition to the $5,000 a week he's reportedly being paid to schlub along with the tour. He's also brought along his new girlfriend (Victoria Prince), and they already get photographed out shopping a lot. Way to combine your passions, dude!


She definitely doesn't look pregnant, which was a rumor going around a few weeks ago. So. There is that.


Unfortunately, there are also manpris. Still. Always.


This is all so casual and spontaneous and not-staged and GAAAAH I want to punch that one hoodie in the zipper.

The pair shopped, chatted with "fans" and signed autographs, posed for a photo with the Ed Hardy logo and URL clearly visible, collected their paycheck and presumably blew it all on hats.

KFed will appear on this season of Celebrity Fit Club Biggest Rock of Tour Bus Losers Or Something Sort Of Like That, where he will likely destroy any goodwill he earned from not being a complete useless Gosselin dickweed during Britney's darker days by attempting to talk on camera and otherwise continue to remind us that he is Kevin Federline. Popozao, suckers!

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Is ed hardy trying to brand themselves as douche bag's poster brand? If they are, they are going to have to lower the price they charge for one t-shirt. Douche bags are cheap.


Too! Many! Jokes! It makes my brain all hurty!

And I cannot WAIT for this season of Celeb Fat Club, dude.


Ed Hardy is a tragedy of fashion and too much money, much like how K-Fed and John Gosselin (JoGo?) are tragedies of fertility and wang. But now that Ed Hardy has pinpointed EXACTLY who their target demographic is, it kind of makes it easier to avoid this particular kind of douchebag altogether. I saw a guy in an Ed Hardy tshirt the other night and after I got my gag reflex under control, I managed to avoid even the remotest possibility of talking or bumping into him.


I moved to New Jersey last year (who wouldn't jump at that oppurtunity?) and the Ed Hardy d-bags are ripe and abundant up in here. I think you can buy Ed Hardy at Ross now. Sometimes I have to stop myself from slapping people.

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