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MamaPop Video Roundtable: MamaPop vs Shakira Edition

Shakira Fruitful agon!  Since time immemorial, Shakira has sought to undo the good work of MamaPop.  Now the time has come for MamaPop to confront our ancient, twisty little enemy and launch a pre-emptive strike against her soon-to-be-released album.  Join us as we attempt to figure out just what the hell Shakira is talking about in that She-Wolf video.

The MamaPop video roundtable is our weekly attempt to answer en masse your sundry questions about pop culture and anything else that piques your curiosity.  Send your questions to palinode@mamapop.com. And don't be afraid to share your thoughts in the comments. Especially if you're that one person who makes fun of us because we're not Shakira fans.  Because really? This video is dedicated to you.


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Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

The unitard line makes the who video.

elfini (Dawn B)

Yum Yum. That was a tasty and refreshing snack.


It's probably a good thing I was working from home when I watched this. Absolutely DYING.


i think i just peed my pants.

Miss A

Hahahahaha! "I watched that damn thing twice."


Jen Wilson

Okay, so this is the first roundtable that I've watched - OH MY WORD - I LOVE IT. This one kind of reminds me of Video On Trial, but since THIS includes Schmutzie's boobs, it's SO MUCH BETTER. And I'm definitely going to be watching every single episode of Roundtable to come. You'd better believe it.


That was totally rad!


Awesome! "And I think Shakira... likes to piss me off... so she makes music like this." THAT'S a riot. Nice job, MamaPop!


I frigging love you people.


Mamapop has mentioned this song so many times I'm starting to actually like it. This is not the life I intended to live. Thanks a fucking lot.


Well you know, sometimes you do that thing to the coffee filter first thing in the morning, when no one's looking? Yeah. Harsh.

"Miss Shakira's bitin' my style..." And I died.


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