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Talking Heads: Star Trek, Old And New, And Chuck

Star-trek-final-theatrical-one-sheet-revealed-337x500.0.0.0x0.337x500 Welcome to the inaugural edition of Talking Heads. No, not the band. Talking Heads is an ongoing discussion between Corey Feldman and William Shatner about pop culture, life and whatever else happens to be affecting them that week. It's just them, via their disembodied floating heads, having a bit of a talk show. There will be guest stars, on occasion, and things we could only call antics according to various international treaties involving Guam. This time out there's a certain movie recently released on DVD, there are introductions to do and things to discuss!

Mister Shatner.

Mister Feldman.

What's up, Billy-bob?

Not much, Feldawg. do you want to introduce the nice people to the show?

Sure thing, Bill. Hey folks! I'm Corey Feldman.

And I'm William Shatner.

And we're here to talk to each other, illuminating you on the complex issues of the day. The really hard stuff. Those things that confuse, intrigue and inspire you.

He means things like Stephenie Meyer on Oprah.

I do. But really, Bill, I have to ask you...


Well Star Trek just came out on DVD. How's that make you feel? I mean you've had some time to get used to Chris Pine doing a version of Kirk and...

You know, I went and saw the film. I don't know what it was but, have you been on the internet?

Uhm... Bill, we do this show on the internet...

I dictate to a secretary. But whatever. The movie was like one of those fandom fictional stories.


Sure. And that kid. Oh that kid! Do you realize he lost every fight he was in? I mean it! Every fist fight this kid got into he managed to lose. That's not Kirk! That's not Kirk at all!

But Bill, come on, he was playing a younger Kirk. Kirk couldn't win every fight right out of the womb. So it made sense that he lost a lot and learned a lot. It was a movie about growing and learning to care.

What the fuck? Star Trek: The Care Bear Generation? No! He lost every single fight!

Relax, Bill. He was doing what he was told, and frankly I think he had a bit of that old Kirk in him. Besides, it isn't the worst thing Star Trek ever did.

Oh? Well I suppose Enterprise...

Star Trek V, Billy-boy. Star Trek V. I need to, I'm sorry, I need to call you out on that one.

That was a perfectly fine movie.

It was like you saw Nimoy do IV and thought to yourself "How can I suck all of the fun out of the concept and yet still be as nonsensical, plot wise, as Nimoy was?"

That's just not the case, Feldawg!

Spock has a secret brother? As the Star Trek Turns? These Are The Days of Our Trek? Come on!

I was under a lot of pressure.

And you failed spectacularly. It's all right. I did Lost Boys 2, right? We all step in the dog crap some days.

I, you know Corey, my feelings are really... I mean I liked Star Trek V. I think it was... that really hurt.

Awww I'm sorry, Bill. Let's change the subject.

Let's. Did you hear Chuck was upped to nineteen episodes on order and will be starting way earlier than expected?

Yeah! That's awesome. I love me some Chuck! I feel bad for Trauma, but not really.

The only trauma that show pulled off was the feeling I had watching it.

Oh snap! It wasn't that bad.

It wasn't Chuck. That Adam Baldwin. He should have been in Star Trek. Not as Kirk, of course, but maybe as Spock. A big muscle-y Spock. Since, it turns out, Kirk needs a bodyguard to protect his fight-losing young kid butt.

I'm going to ignore you on the Trek front, Bill and... hey I should guest star on Chuck! Hey, Bill, let's wrap up so I can call my agent. I could play a sexy agent who falls in love with Sarah.

Or Casey.

If they pay? I mean I do like the show. Sure, all right, either one.

Do it, Feldawg!

Well folks, thanks for tuning in. I'm Corey Feldman and thi... EEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

And I'm William Shatner. The guy who just tasered Corey Feldman.

B-bill... you...

How you like Star Trek V now?


Wanna buy the special edition on blu-ray?

Yes. Dear lord yes! Yes please!

Anyway. You've been watching Talking Heads. We'll see you next week.

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el fro

TASERED! Looks like this relationship is already off to a rocky start.

And "Star Trek V" was WAY better than all the good bits of "Enterprise" combined.

Just sayin'.


Adam P. Knave

Little did you know that Shatner was packing heat.

I think we'll have to disagree on the whole Star Trek V/Enterprise thing though.


Beware of the Shat-Attack!

(That sounded so much better in my head...)

Off to a good start, Mr. Knave.

And thanks for introducing me to this site, seems like my kind of "place" =)


Holy crap that was funny.
I read it in my head using their voices. It was awesome. Especially the taser.

Adam P. Knave

Erik: Yeah the site is grand, isn't it?

Monstergirlglee: Thanks! And yes, reading it in their voices is highly recommended.


This is kind of the best thing ever. YAY ADAM!!! BOOYAH!

Adam P. Knave

Dare I say it ... just getting warmed up...


I don't think the world is ready for Feldman as the voice of reason.

Dear God.

Adam P. Knave

Oh I don't know, it's a matter of perspective.


Absolutely Perfect! I can't wait to see what next time's topic of discussion will be. I love it.

Adam P. Knave



this is pretty great.

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