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@shitmydadsays - The Fine Art of (Perhaps) Destroying Something Beautiful

Screen-capture2 "The baby will talk when he talks, relax.  It ain't like he knows the cure for Cancer and he just ain't spittin' it out." -shitmydadsays

Justin Halpern, creator of the wildly popular (see: over 700,000 followers) twitter feed has been given the nod by CBS.  Halpern, 29 and living, as of August of aught nine, with his parents, will co-write the pilot script with CBS.  This follows in the wake of a book deal with Harper Collins. Damn.  The fam and I lived with my mother and her husband for over a year after the sale of our second home.  I should have been writing some shit down.  Live and Learn, I reckon.


At any rate.  I'm happy as a celebrity with bad boots for Justin.  But there is one thing that puzzles me.



I mean, from Twitter to prime-time is great and all, but, don't you think the show is going to lose a little sumpin'-sumpin' coming to fruition.  I know the Blue Laws, or whatever the FCC has, is pretty slack now.  Shit.  Used to be, when I was but a Little Shaver, I'd have to wait until the summer, when I was shipped off to my grandparents, who had cable television, to get a taste of some profanity and much, much needed nudity.  I can recall, with great fondness, Cat People making a Man out of the Boy.  But now, hell, now you can get a pretty descent Side-Boob on a Dove body wash commercial.   So, yea.  The times they are 'a changin'.

But, have they- FCC regs - changed THAT much?  Enough to allow a true-blue shitmydadsays type dialog?  I think not.  But then again, what the fuck do I know.

Let's dissect this, shall we?

Before: "Son, people will always try and fuck you.  Don't waste your life planning on a fucking, just be alert when your pants are down."

Funny, huh?  And, good advice.  My great grandmother told me once, "Don't worry about getting all your ducks in a row, they just make easier targets that-a way."  My great grandmother hardly ever said fuck.

Now let us take a look at the "After CBS/FCC and double breasted/chalk pin stripe Lawyers get done with it" effect:  'Son, people will always try and hassle you.  Just take it one day at a time.  And, DRAT!  Your mother burned the casserole.  Again.'  Cue Robotic Laugh-track

It probably won't be as bad as all that.  But it's damn sure not going to be the same.  I see this going a very Everybody Loves Raymond route.  And that scares me because I know damn good and well that "everybody" did NOT love Raymond.  I despised Raymond.  Thank Fonzie for Peter Boyle (RIP), the bright spot in the butt hole of that particular show.

Why you ask?  Why do you rail against these things, Charlie?  Because I'm an opinionated  dick with a keyboard and Internet access.  That's why.  Because I loathe seeing a good thing compromised.  Because I believe some things deserve better than they receive.  Because I'm fresh out of hope.  Because 'Stuff My Dad Says' loses everything.

But, mostly because I'm a dick.

So, Justin, if your out there reading this, Congratulations.  Showtime and HBO, if you're out there, reading this, do an angry, misguided writer a favor and make room for one more Gem in your current lineup of win.

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i agree!


::Cat People fist bump::


loose: opposite of tight
lose: to fail to keep


Word. I was feeling good about the book, because that stuff is filthy hilarious but I don't see it translating into a TV show, exactly.


I still say I'm totally responsible for this dude blowing up. YOU WILL ALL BOW DOWN BEFORE ME!!!! snort.

And Team Fuller/'anonymous': linking to yourself in your own comment doesn't make it anonymous. Also, leaving anonymous comments is kind of sucky.

Tita B

Why do they always have to ruin a good thing? I say this completely from a selfish (and jealous) standpoint though. Network tv will destroy shitmydadsays! But good for you, bro, on cashing in on a goldmine.


I am cracking up over the envy this is engendering on Twitter.

But don't people get it? This is the quintessence of the American strike it rich dream. So we should look on it with pleasure, as it is that leetle bit of hope that we have that is not lottery-based.

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