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There's No Hospital For The Wounds Inflicted By Our Fathers

JamesPickensJr_DrWebber Dads. Don't you just hate them? When you were little, he was a God. But then he cheated on your Mom or got drunk or left. We hate Dads for their humanity. This week's episode was a kaleidoscope of Dad visions. Most of them sucked. Because most of them do. How could they ever live up to our childish visions?


First of all, I just want to say I miss George. At first, I was snarky about George leaving. But that was just a defensive mechanism I use to shield myself against the pain of loss. I'm ready to let that pain in now, to let it swirl around my pool of emotions, to bathe in it. I miss you, George. I'm sorry your face got mangled by a bus.


This is pensive George before his face got mangled by a bus.


Shocker of the week! Sloan has an 18-year-old daughter who shows up out of nowhere. Back when the girl's Mom got pregnant, Sloan floated her $200, bolted, and hoped for an abortion. This sent an unspoken shock wave through my house because that's exactly what my adopted son's biological Dad did to my wife. We've never heard a word from him and he didn't even show up to contest the adoption. We did hear through the grapevine, however, that he had my son's name tattooed on his neck.

Tattoos hurt. That's pretty much exactly like not sleeping for a couple years and changing hundreds of diapers. I'm sorry. Am I letting my scathing resentment color my balanced review of Grey's Anatomy?

Here's what freaked me out, though. I like Sloan. Sloan's a prick but he has heart. And he's a rich, accomplished surgeon. When my kid is 18 and gets all angsty and needs to meet his Dad, I sure as hell hope he's bitter and mopping Denny's. 


And then there was Bailey's Dad. What a prick that guy was. After he watches Bailey perform a surgery, he tells her about the depth of his pride for her. Until today. Now, he's totally ashamed of her for being divorced and doing a fat guy's hernia operation. For being divorced. Really? Your daughter's awesome and she's a surgeon and you're ashamed of her for splitting up with Tucker's lame ass? You're the fucking principal on Boston Public, a boring show that got canned what? 6 years ago? Like you have room to talk about pride and shame.

Anybody who feels so strongly about marriage that they'd allow someone's divorce to taint their opinion of them is a repressed swinger waiting to happen.


And then how about the way Meredith BITCH SLAPPED her Dad? I totally liked Meredith for a couple seconds. He was trying to school her about alcoholism and how The Chief is in trouble. So she goes something like "Didn't you abandon me and start a happy new family because you were drinking?" YOWCH! He looked like she kicked him in the balls AND stuck a knife in his back. It was pretty awesome. Meredith's Dad gives me the heebs.


But, really, the chief is in trouble. He's a drunk stumbling buffoon and this, of course, is where the notion of Fatherhood cracks open and extends past its literal definition in the context of families. The Chief is, you know, THE CHIEF. He's the hospital's Dad. And just like your Dad, he's fucking it all up. Because that's what Dads do. Our roles have failure built right in. It's where the culture's at. It's bigger than us. 

We are collectively sick of our Fathers, of the patriarchy, of where men have led the world, and of the Christian God, the Big Daddy who let us all down. Say what you want about people being the problem - not Christianity - but, hey, we gave it 2000 years and it's time to forget all that and ask Mom what's up.

You know how they had that patient without the heart, waiting for the New Year, for a drunk driving accident, and a new heart? That was us, you know? Waiting for our hearts. Waiting for Mom.


I'm just reporting on the themes that reverberate through my favorite television drama. There's no need to get all huffy and defensive, Jesus People.


And, yes yes yes, for that hot kissing between Owen and Yang. I'm done with the father theme, by the way. Owen is not Yang's Dad. Hopefully, the love tension between Owen and Teddy is behind us and the show can achieve some semblance of focus on the complexity of Owen and Yang's love. I'm aching for the marriage of Yang's icy analytical nature and Owen's crazy flame. Aren't we all? Aren't we all just messy collisions of the rational and the crazy?

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Umm, dude, Bailey's dad was totally not the principal on Boston Public. That was Chi McBride. I'm thinking you're going to want to edit that stat, since not being able to tell black people apart kind of carries a stigma.


I was just going to point that same factoid out, Kiki. I mean, not the stigma part, but the "not the principal on Boston Public" part.


That was a wicked good episode. Really enjoyed it. Especially the Yang/Owen story. At first when she walked out I thought she saw the mercy wester and was going to get it on with him and I was beeeeeegging my laptop screen not to let that happen.

I wonder why Meredith isn't doing anything about the chiefs alcoholism? She's known about it for like two episodes now right? Which in Grey time is like 2 months? Do something already!


Glad to see that others know that Bailey's dad was not the principal on Boston Public, but heeelllloooo??? He was Police Commissioner Ervin H. Burrell on THE WIRE! A show that is the polar opposite of Grey's! Oh Ervin, how you have fallen.


Agreed that Meredith's bitch-slap to her dad was thoroughly enjoyable, but you kinda missed the jist: her point was that he WASN'T drinking when he left her, therefore (to paraphrase her) you can't blame all the world's evil on alcohol. (And hence, give the chief a break.)

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