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Who Will Win Dancing With The Stars? And Why Do I Care?

Kelly-osbourne-dancing-with-the-stars Do y'all watch Dancing with the Stars? I...don't. And yet, for the first time I have a personal investment in who wins.

It's not because I've actually seen any of the final three contestants actually dance, save for fleeting glimpses in clips while I'm half-watching E! in between commercials. It's because, well, an unlikely dark horse has up and stolen my heart, and her name is Kelly Osbourne.

First off, I like an underdog. Mya is already a pretty accomplished dancer without a partner, having danced in Chicago and Moulin Rouge, as well as countless videos. And third finalist Donny Osmond also comes from a variety show and Broadway career, so he's not exactly new to dancing either. The underdog factor is one reason I want Kelly to win it all. But that's not entirely it.

It's because a once sullen, scowling and generally unpleasant seeming goth has found happiness and health through ballroom dancing. That right there is like a movie script waiting to be written. (Psst—Hollywood!—call me!) Have you seen her talk about her transformation in interviews? It's not the physical transformation I'm talking about, while that is significant (she's slimmed from a size 10 to almost a size 2 since beginning her DWTS journey). What I'm talking about is how gosh-darn happy she seems! And she says she owes it all to dancing.

"I feel unbelievable. I feel so healthy and so energetic and really happy," she said in an interview which aired on Good Morning America, I think, but that was before my coffee so I may have that wrong. It's a little surreal hearing such positive, upbeat talk from someone who used to commonly be photographed thusly:

Could ballroom dancing be the answer for depressed goths and emos the world over? Is Morrissey but one Baz Luhrmann movie away from true happiness? I don't know, but this former goth certainly gets giddy over a good musical number, so there may be something to it. In any event, while she is the long shot, I would love to see Kelly Osbourne win. 

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I'm totally rooting for Kelly, mostly for the reasons you've outlined. I was talking with my mom (who has surprised herself with how much of a Kelly O supporter she has become) about how earnest she is about doing well in this competition. I love to watch her interviews and she is just so giddy when she does well, it kinda chokes me up. When she gets a good score, and she breaks out in that huge smile, it just warms my dark little heart.



I have been watching the show, and her personality is just so amazing. She flubbed last night. First with a "wardrobe malfunction," and then with an Oops that she described as looking like her partner "was pooping her out." But she laughed hysterically about it, and said she was having fun. Good for her! :) The judges seem to genuinely adore her and always compliment her outlook. I really hope she wins.


Oh, she was just ADORABLE last night. That huge smile on her face during the freestyle was so genuine and sweet.

But I was hooked from the get-go, when the cameras panned to a teary-eyed Sharon in the audience while she watched Kelly dance her first dance of the season. ADORABLE, I tell you.

Marmite Breath

So is now a good time to admit that I have One Word by Kelly Osbourne on my exercise playlist? Or will I still be roasted for having one of her songs. And I can't believe we're calling her adorable, but my God, she is!!

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