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Win one of two copies of Microsoft Office from MamaPop!

Microsoft_office_logo *UPDATE: WE HAVE WINNERS! Find out who won after the jump!*

Psst! Hey you! want a free copy of Microsoft Office?

Find out how to get yours after the jump!

Thanks to MamaPop sponsor Microsoft, we have TWO (count em'!) copies of Office to give away to two lucky MamaPop readers. Wanna know how to throw your hat into the ring and win? Read on!

1. Head on over to the Microsoft Office Parent Toolbox, and check out the blog posts from Parent Toolbox contributors and their Office project documents and presentations.

2. Come back and post a comment here about which of the projects you liked best, letting us know how you might use the project content, and why it would be helpful to parents.

Finally, let us know what you would use your free copy of Office to create (Calendars? Lists? Labels? Stationary? Other documents?) that be useful to *you* and/or *your family*!

The two commenters with the most creative, interesting, and fun ideas for what they'd create using Office will win a free copy of Office Home and Student (2007 Windows or 2007 Mac), valued at $150 each!

Winners will be chosen by the MamaPop braintrust next Friday, 11/13, after 5pm ET. Good luck everybody!

**CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WINNERS REBECCA AND JACKEE! Each of you will get a brand spankin' new copy of Office Home and Student to use in good health. Thanks to everyone else for playing along!**

. . . . . .

All comments will be re-posted in the MamaPop community on the Slideshare Parent Toolbox sponsored by Microsoft.  MamaPop will re-post comments on your behalf, unless notified otherwise.

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I am not a parent yet, but my niece lives with me and organizing our days is the most helpful tool ever.

I really like the organizing carpool tool! It would help with every trips to her school, ballet etc. And honestly, can you get better than the house rules template?

Even though we are past it, the potty training tool would have been incomparable during that time and I wish we had it when she was training!

All in all, I would use a few of these for my everyday routines and definitely have my sister use some as well.


The packing list would be so helpful for camping in the summer, but I think the mailing list would be most helpful since I can never find anyone's address.
Thanks for the chance to win!


I love the printable thank you cards!!! I just had my second baby and with two in diapers, a yappy dog, and a husband who works crazy overtime I don't have the time to make fancy cards. This would be so nice for all the thank yous we will need to send for the bazillion toys the kids will be getting for Christmas.
The house rules template would be killer as well. I feel like I am missing my brain most days and I need a better way to organize things.


I love love love the packing list! I am always scrambling at the last minute to pack and inevitably forget some essential item. This list would be so helpful to parents who are sometimes too busy to even think about what needs to be packed.

I would use my copy of Office to make my holiday labels this year - I would make them extra cute and fun! I also keep track of my household budget and cash flows in Excel, and would love a copy of Office 2007 to be able to do this at home!


I love the cookbook. My step-granddaughter is 7 yrs old. Her parents are not in the picture. My husband & I share parenting with some other relatives. We are starting to bake together - simple things like peanut butter cookies, caramel apples. I would like to create a cookbook for her & add recipes to it as we make them and photos of how each turned out. Think this would be a great memory keeper.
The calendar of team games would be great b/c her basketball schedule isn't set b/f the season. They play tournaments and we don't know all of the dates in advance. So I need a calendar that could be regularly updated.


I adore the Underachiever's To Do List...being able to put pretty check marks beside things makes me feel super-productive.
I would melt into a puddle of appreciative and thankful and grateful and fabulous goo to have Microsoft Office...when I previously had it, I made my wedding invites, address labels, programs, and favors using the various components. I also made charades cards for my hubby’s 30th, and used Excel and Word to organize 3 toy drives. One Note would be Teh AWSEM because online, as well as in life, all of my belongings scatter and take up space everywhere. I spent 2 hours the other night looking for an email I had sent to my husband that would prove me right. I needs the MS Office to bes right, yo!
Now, I tutor extremely rich and extremely educated middle school students 6 days a week. As they are dropped off in their Beemers and Hummers (heh...beemers and hummers), they put away their iPhones into their Coach bags, get ready for their lessons on Latin or The Epic of Gilgamesh...on Notepad. With Office, I could set up timelines and schedules, use excel to break English words into Latin derivatives, write reports without formatting from the early 90's.
Help me upgrade, please!

Sheila Christensen

I would love to create a cookbook. So far I have won six national recipe contests, and I've been a finalist in two other national contests. In fact, tomorrow I pick up a check for $250 -- my prize for a cheeseball recipe I created years ago. Since 2001 I have been disabled due to a plethora of medical problems, and these little cash and product prizes help me stretch out my social security. Now friends are begging me to put together a cookbook featuring my prize recipes coupled with anecdotes from my life, and with the help of this software, I think it might become a reality. Perhaps the cookbook could be a legacy that I leave to my children, and then my children's children, my nieces and nephews, and so on and so on. Would love to win!


I like the mailing list idea; I'm always trying to find addresses on separate lists of paper.

Diane Baum

Wow -Very helpful especially the packing and mailing list concepts. I need more orgnization in my life.


I am the worlds worst at keeping address list, so I love the mailing list that they have, it would be great to have one for family, and one for neighbors and one for business.

James Scheminant Sr

I like the mailing address list. My wife always writes the addresses of our customers on little post it notes that seem to always disappear after a day or so. I'm sure one day I will find all of them in the dryer with all the lost socks!

Michelle Carter

I love the the potty training tool, This would really help me out right now with my 2 year old.
I would use this for tons of thing around the home. My little guy goes to daycare so labels would be fun. Notes to tuck in a lunch box, Newsletters to keep the family from away up on details. But the most exciting thing I could use this for it to help with the Secret Santa Progam our family does. Our mailing to local businesses would look so much more profesonal. Imagine how excited the kids we help out would be to show their friends the cool letter they received from Santa.


Address Books are my enemies !!
thanks for the great prize


Address Books are my enemies !!
thanks for the great prize


My favorite project was the "The Underachiever's To Do List by Amalah.

If I won a copy of Microsoft Office I would use to organize my crazy life. Between the kids, my job, the dog, the cat and my husband, I can get a little unorganized at times. I would use it to make schedules for myself, to do and chore lists for the kids and shopping lists. I would love to organize my grandmothers address book by making a chart for her with all of her contact's (doctors, kids, grandkids, etc.) information that is easy for her to read and that I can also print labels from for her to help her with her holiday cards. The things I can do with this software would be endless, PLEASE HELP me find some sanity!


The alarm rings at 5:45 and we're up, with a little dog to walk, a husband in a hurry to get off to his job 25 minutes away, and with a million tasks for me to get through in my daily life as a realtor and writer. I make our lunches, walk little Romeo, plan for dinner, start my marketing campaign, send reminders and mailers and make calls lists, pick up drycleaning and plan shopping, balance our budget and schedule in time for girlfriends and family and a little downtime for me. Our schedule is packed from dawn til nighttime, and this is without even having kids in the picture yet! But this is going to change soon, and with little ones on the scene I know life will hectic itself up by a factor of about a million. I'd love to have the new Microsoft Office for scheduling, spreadsheets of lists with to-dos and scheduled call-backs and other items, to help manage our ever-more-chaotic lives!

Sharon Seneker

We have been collecting recipes for years so the Create a Cookbook feature is just what our family needs to wrap this project up! Thanks! senekers@comcast.net

Susan Chester

FOODS OF DOOOOOOOM! (A food diary for new eaters is my favorite. I would use it to create charts of my grandchildren's foods of doom. If I was lucky enough to win, I would use this cool prize for essays for school.
smchester at gmail dot com


The packing list would be most helpful, we always forget things when we travel!

I would use this to make a Calendar, as well as a variety of lists!

michelle robbins

The cookbook program would be a great way to organize the best recipes of several generations of the women of my family


I am a grad. student without office-student home on my laptop and I would soooooooooo love to win this!!


I like the family budgeting spreadsheet by wisebread.

I know that I need to be more aware of how I budget my money, and I feel like it would be a lot easier with a template like this. I'd know where to start (rather than staring at the empty cells of an empty excel sheet while scratching my head).

Erica C.

I love the video I saw about the daughter who has to make a chart about the shoes she wants her dad to buy her. There are columns for which shoes are necessary, how expensive they are, and which are definitely not needed! It's a cute video. I'd use it for somewhat the same thing, but involve all the items I need/want, and be able to prioritize purchasing them.

lonne lee sotkovski

trying to understand the computer world....its so interesting,thanks a bunch


I love love love the packing list! I am always scrambling at the last minute to pack and always forget something.


The mailing list for keeping track of addresses.

Miranda Allen

The Packing List Would help me the most simply because I am always on the go with 2 small kids I always forget somthing

Ashley B

omg, the things i want to do! cookbooks! budgets! address books! labels! Organization! But I'm not gonna lie... It's more likely that I'll sit there playing with fonts and borders all good intentions of updating my resume while feeding my newborn. seriously. But i'll have the best of intentions!

susan smoaks

the packing list is awesome. i always forget something and if i used a packing list and checked the stuff off as i packed it that would really help.

i would use my copy of office to get my home organized. i would create an inventory of my stockpile and keep track of expiration dates in the office program.

hazel hunt


Donna K

I like the printable Thank You cards. They would be great for Christmas Thank Yous.
I would use it to create documents.


I liked the printable kids' thank you card template project. I would use Microsoft home office for creating documents since I'm returning to school myself! Thanks!

Pamela Scott

Heck, I would use that simple spreadsheet to keep my OWN spending/saving under control!


I think the Christmas gift list is a good idea. It would help people keep up with who they have to buy for, what gift they want to purchase, and where they need to go to get it. Very beneficial for those with limited time and even more limited memories LOL


The notecards, thank you cards, are readily made with Microsoft office toolbox.
I am a student with scholarships so I am most thankful to those people helping me.
memetu AT go DOT com

Daniel Bates

2.I LOVE Lego's, so once i saw the The Dream Lego Spreadsheet I knew it was for me (http://www.slideshare.net/Finslippy/blog/the-dream-leo-spreadsheet). The project is good for lots of different things, not just legos. It is good to teach kids how to save money for what they want. I know i can use it if i want to buy a lego set, or a new computer. It is nice how your able to track how much you get in and how much you saved for the item and how much time is left until you have egnuff saved to buy it. I would use it to track all of my big buys. I am looking to buy a laptop or a new desktop, i have not decided on what to buy yet, but with this I can track everything. By having the goal at the end is really helpful because I like to see what I am working for.
What would I use it for? What would I not use it for. Right now i only have Microsoft works on my computer and it is a pain to take my files to school to print them off(free printing ^_^).
I would use Word to write my papers in English and History class. I would also use Word to make tables and graphs.
I would use Power Point to make... can you guess? Slide shows!!! I know that's the normal use of them, but it would be really nice to make those fancy slide show for class and if I have to make a presentation at my job, I can use it.
I would use OneNote to keep my note in order. I like typing my notes after class to help me remember them, and it would be nice to store them all in one place. I have over 3-mails that I have to check everyday, so I have to keep track of who i talk to on what account. It would help me to have that were i can search the email and find out what one to use.
Excel.. I know its bad that I do not have anything that i would use it for, but I bet some day ill need to use it so it would be nice to have!
It would also be nice to have when my cousins come over I can help them with there homework. I do not know how to make lots of the fancy stuff like labels and stationary, but I would love to learn how to make them and this would help me.
Thank you for the chance to win a copy, I know that i would put it to good


I love the kids savings chart! My oldest is very interested in money these days, and this could be a great tool for him.

Also? As a struggling small biz owner and WHAM, I could sure use a copy of Office myself.

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