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Your Daily Gaga

Ladygagabadromance So, in case you missed the AMAs last night...

...well, you didn't miss much, actually, except another verse of Whitney's perpetual swan song, J Lo falling on her ass, and Adam Lambert simulating oral sex with a half dozen bondage-clad men and women. Yawn.

But then there was Gaga, y'all:

And not a single drop of blood! Holy shit. We bow to thee, Gaga.

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Mary Beth (Cats, Books, Life is Good)

Um, was the goal to look like a human ace bandage? If so, SUCCESS!


Boringggg. I thought the flaming piano was going to turn into something awesome. Not so much.
Amanda Palmer would have made that AMAZING. Sorry, Gaga.


She kicks all kinds of crazy ass, that woman.


Crap. I just fast-forwarded through JLo's performance. Had I known she'd fall on her ass, I'd have totally watched it.

I tried to watch Whitney Houston, but she also needed to be fast-forwarded (Did catch her little acceptance speech though. Holy hell - does she think she's still a size 3? Looked fine from the front, but from the side? Uh....not a good look. And, NO, I do not think everyone should be a size 3 - I am far from it. I do, however, think people should love and embrace whatever body they happen to be in, and dress it accordingly.)

Truly did give my best attempt to Gaga, and try to get it. Sorry. Still don't get it. *And still ducking*


and then there was gaga.


I confess to not always "getting" Lady Gaga, but you can't deny that she knows how to put on a show. And she's probably one of the few people actually NOT lip syncing up there. She knows what her shtick is, and she's COMMITTED.


The piano part reminds me of Tori Amos. On meth.

Fawn Amber

I heart her...Oh, how I heart her.

Taylor Swift is Artist of the Year? Come on, America....


She reminds me of a young Madonna... talented, provocative, pushing the limits. And the girl really can sing. I'd rather watch/listen to her than Brittney anyday.


umm... is that a fake penis on her costume? cuz there is something there, and the up and down hand motion... was she imagining getting blown on her pretend penis?

She so confuses Me.


This segment of the AMA is brought to you by Spanx....


ok, but we do know she's gotta be lip synching, right? or do we just not care? I'm not fully getting the GaGa.


@AmyC65, Gaga actually prides herself on not lip-synching. I'm not saying she didn't get a little help from auto-tune, but she was singing live. Pink is the same way re: lip-synching.


she's not lip-syncing. there's no way with that type of performance that she could. so much emotion & dynamics given that you couldn't keep up with all of the nuances. an amazing performance by an amazing artist.

anne nahm

I second the penis/ace bandage appendage in the groin area. A retort to those earlier groin bulge comments? or just mean ween fashion mishap?


Love her freakflagflying self!!She is what makes my day a wee bit brighter.


Sigh video has been removed before I can watch it. Story of my life.

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