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And Starring WHO??? As Audrey Hepburn

AUDREY_HEPBURN  I have a serious soft spot for Audrey Hepburn. I consider her one of the most lovely people ever to live, so when I heard rumors of a remake of My Fair Lady, I quite literally tipped off the couch in horror.

And that was before I heard "Keira Knightley is rumored to play Eliza Doolittle." I don't quite understand my reaction (since it was insane), but I can tell you that anyone, ANYONE attempting to recreate Audrey is in for a world of trouble, as there are some icons who cannot be reproduced.

Think, for a moment, of someone re-cast as a character made famous by Marilyn Monroe. Or Humphrey Bogart. Sure there are actors who have represented them, Poppy Montgomery was exquisite as Marilyn in the biopic Blonde. But there are iconic roles made famous by iconic actors, and they simply shouldn't be messed with.

Which brings me to Jennifer Love Hewitt. OH, JLoHew. I understand that your agent came to you and said 'You. As Audrey Hepburn." Who wouldn't freak right the hell out? I know I would. But you, my dear girl, have big Disney eyes like Audrey, and chestnut locks, but that is IT, and you had NO business playing her in a biopic. I've watched said biopic and there are moments wherein your very expressive face is SCREAMING "what am I DOING here, I am so in over my head!" We know, dear. We know.

Audrey Hepburn was Hollywood royalty. She can't be re-imagined by a producer wanting to use the chick of the moment in the biz. Why, I wonder aloud, do we need to remake My Fair Lady anyway? I still watch the original at least once a year, it stands the test of time! No need to mess with it! And if anyone, I mean ANYONE says word ONE about remaking Breakfast At Tiffanys, well, let's just say I will drive to Los Angeles to voice my complaint. WITH A BAZOOKA.

Ahem. Anyway. Do yourself a favor and rent Roman Holiday. Or Breakfast at Tiffanys. Or My Fair Lady. And see how Hollywood used to be. See Audrey Hepburn. And smile, knowing that the celluloid will preserve her regality forever. As it should. 

. . . . .
Miss Banshee will make popcorn for an Audrey-fest over at Inverse Candlelight

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If Jennifer Love Hewitt is the "chick of the moment" I will scream. She is on my lamenated "celebrities I would punch, no questions asked" list.


Ok, I can understand the desire to remake old scifi movies and such now that we have CGI and can make them supercool looking. I get that. BUT wtf is up with remaking everything? Can they not think of anything original anymore? Everything is either a remake or based on a book these days.

I still love My Fair Lady! It's a staple in our house. How could they even hope to make it better? Hell, how could they even hope to make it equal? All they can do is ruin it or create a paltry shadow of it. Why bother?

Adam P. Knave

To be fair everything has always been based on a book or a play. That really isn't new.


I hope they cast Lindsay Lohan. Then we could just hurry up and get this world over with, and start our new one, where people fly.


Except for Mickey Rooney's horrid "Asian landlord" character, Breakfast at Tiffany's is one of the best movies ever made, ever. I was thinking Anne Hathaway for a remake of My Fair Lady, she has that same dancer's build and can also sing.


Anne Hathaway would be SUCH a better choice, but I agree: we don't need no stinkin' remake.


Funny Face. 'Swonderful, 'smarvelous!


How I love thee, Audrey Hepburn...sighs. One of the best of all time - in acting and humanity.

Miss Banshee: everything you say is true. And I already live in L.A., so I'll be sure to help you out with the bazooka, should it come to that.

Elizabeth - that actually isn't Audrey Hepburn singing in My Fair Lady. She took voice lessons, but the producer just didn't feel like she was good enough. It devastated her. :_( She did sing in Breakfast at Tiffanys, however.


While I agree not everything needs to be re-made this doesn't kill me in the soul too bad and I even like the idea of KK since I have seen her scrappy and it works and i have seen her all dressed up dolled up and it works

and if it sucks it will quickly die and be forgotten, much like the JLH biopic of Ms Hepburn that I completely forgot about until you just mentioned it


It's just because she's skinny. Super lame.

I'd like to see Audrey Tautou playing the lead. And not just because they are name twins, although that is a nice coincidence.

Also, I shall join you with the bazooka if one word is said about Breakfast at Tiffany's.


I will join in with Whitney - Audrey Tautou reminds me of Audrey Hepburn. If anyone is going to play Hepburn it should be her. But no one should.

I keep fearing that at some point they'll remake The Sound of Music and I'll end up in the fetal position, weeping for days on end.


Eek. I haven't like Keira Knightly all that much in anything since "Bend it Like Beckham," so this just strikes me as exceedingly bad. I may find myself cringing at the male casting as well, I think, since Rex Harrison is the only Professor Higgins in my mind (he had the role on Broadway, with Julie Andrews as Eliza. I listed to that soundtrack so much as a kid I think the vinyl deteriorated).

I was very upset when "Sabrina" got remade. I love Harrison Ford, but he's no Bogart, and Julia Ormond will never, ever, ever be Audrey Hepburn.

Certain things just need to be left alone.


I really think Keira could take it either way. It could be great or really rough.


when that biopic came out, i felt the same way and wondered why natalie portman didn't do it.


Who could possibly do a better job than Rex Harrison as well?

So wrong.


I once saw JLoHew taping something at a resort where I worked. Between tapings she kept dancing and shaking her butt for no apparent reason. In a bathing suit and 8 o'clock in the morning in the winter. As annoying in real life as she seems on camera.

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