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Best of 2009: Next Year Better Kick Way More Ass

Bd1c5ff767ef4345_a426099b3178abc4_o So, 2009. It was OK. Not the worst year ever, no, but definitely not as awesome as 2010 will be (I have a feeling). My best of the year list, which has no cohesive theme except it's 1) a list, whoo! and 2) each item has best in the title.

1. Best Show That's Not Exactly From 2009, But I Came to Love it in 2009 So, Yeah. Friday Night Lights.


This show constantly gives me goosebumps, and not like the kind I get from watching most of the shock shows on A&E or the kind I get from seeing Tom Collichio on Top Chef, but the "damn this show is awesome" kind. The "how can ANYONE not love this show?" kind. I think it has some of the best acting on television, I've said it before, and I think Connie Britton (Tami Taylor) is just as good as any actor on True Blood or Mad Men or whatever award-heavy drama is out there.

2. Best Song of 2009 That I Like to Think I Heard Before It Became Popular. The Avett Brothers' "I and Love and You." A co-worker of mine came to work months ago saying she had a song I'd like, and she played it on repeat for two weeks. Then One Tree Hill caught wind of it. Then it seemed the rest of the world did too. But, man it still kicks ass.

3. Best Pop Culture Phenomenon That Even my Clueless Husband Thinks is Rad. Lady Gaga.

My husband, Mike, and I watched the VMAs together and he kept saying, "Who's that crazy lady? She's kinda hot." Then he saw her on Leno and the rest is history. He and I both have crushes. Who doesn't, though? She's crush-worthy.

4. Best Time Waster. People of Walmart. This could be cross-categorized as The Best Site to Make You Feel Better About Yourself.

5. Best Movie I Swore I Was Going to Hate. Star Trek. We saw this one night when we wanted to go the movies and had a free babysitter but the pickings were slim and the times were all problematic, except for Star Trek's showing. I decided I'd just nap. Except, well, I kind of liked it. Uh, kind of a lot, even. I even asked my husband at least a dozen Star-Trek-related questions on the way home because (CONFESSION) I've never seen an episode of the show.

6. Best Fail. Oh, it could go to the Balloon Boy Hoax or to the Gosselins (who are both way worse than Kanye West, am I right?), but I think (in my opinion, humble as it may be), the biggest fail of 2009 goes not to Tiger Woods the husband/man/golfer but Tiger Woods the driver because now that a dozen women have gone on record to say they slept with the gajillionaire, it's a little hard to remember that this whole media frenzy/fiasco started because Tiger Woods ran his car into a tree. You know he has to say to himself on a daily basis, IF I HAD JUST KEPT THE MOTHER FUCKING CAR ON THE ROAD....

7. Best Awkward Tweet. When Jessica Simpson took to Twitter to rally her troops behind the search for her dog Daisy, who was snatched by a coyote. You could almost hear the silence around the Twitterverse while everyone scratched their heads and thought, Should I tell her? Should someone else? Uh, Jessica, this is tragic and so sad and we're all really, really sorry, but you can probably stop searching now. Or whenever you started searching, you probably could have stopped then, too.

8. Best TV Episode That's Still on My DVR and There It Will Stay Forever. Pam and Jim get married on The Office. It's hard for a show to keep its momentum through six years of shows, so it's no real surprise that it's tough for The Office to be as consistently funny as it was the first couple seasons, but the wedding of Pam and Jim was just pure television gold. And it's officially the only TV show wedding I've ever bought champagne in honor of.

9. Best MamaPop post. "Green Day Adopted my Son." Yeah, I'm not crying AGAIN after re-reading it. It's just dusty in here or something.

What are some of your favorites of the year. Share away!

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I am just falling in love with 'I and Love and You'.

I do not get the Ga-Ga. Sorry.

Star Trek rocked ALOT!

Last week, People of Walmart made my computer hang-up but I will give it another try.


Love the Avett Brothers, love the Gaga, actually cried when Jim and Pam got married. This may be one of the Best Posts, in my opinion. Although, it could have more Denis Leary, which was the best reference in a Friday Eye Candy


I love the office and my DVR fucked up the wedding episode. I'm still angry. I have to say though, nothing irritates me the way Lady GaGa does. I think she's a complete joke. Hot? God no... Not even after 10 beers...


-You hit the nail on the head: People of Walmart is the best way to waste time AND feel better about my clothing choices.
-I cried during the Office Wedding (OMG it was so amazing)
-Best sentence written about Tiger ever: "You know he has to say to himself on a daily basis, IF I HAD JUST KEPT THE MOTHER FUCKING CAR ON THE ROAD...."

Mrs. D

I totally cried at the Office Wedding. It was magical.

Also, I love FNL! Connie Britton rules. And I think Kyle Chandler is pretty amazing, too. Some of the other actors, not so great... But that show is fantastic and addictive.


#8 and #9, yes and yes. I don't think I can delete the Office wedding ever either. I had also seen my first Green Day live show a week before BHJ's post went live and I remember being so amazed that I could relate so much to his take on it when or experiences were so fundamentally different.

I loved Mamapop this year. My daily reads have dwindled significantly but you stayed on the list. Thanks to all of you - great work all around.

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