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Brangelina Pic! Whither Your Hot Couple Now, America?

Brangelinathumb  Normally I'm as hot and bothered by both Brad and Angelina as the next pop culture writer, but there's something to be said for clothes (and facial hair) making the woman or man.

And here we have both bad clothes on Angie and terrible headwear and facial hair on Brad.

photo credit: Bauer Griffin

Angelina's outfit is definitely not the worst I've seen, but satin pants are almost always a bad idea, and an all-satin combo is just too much. Cute ballet flats, though. The big problem here is Brad's stoner cap, which looks like it was taken from a "free" box outside a college dorm. And then there's the gray, scraggly goatee. Please tell me he's preparing to star in a biopic about Colonel Sanders or something. Seriously, maybe I'm being picky, but if this were the first picture I saw of Brad and Angelina, I'd have no idea what you people (i.e., everyone in the English speaking world) have been going on about.

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The last couple years haven't been kind to either of them... They are looking old and tired.
Maybe it's the effect of having 6 kids... Two kids did me in so I guess they are still better than me :)


Those pants are bordering on Mom Jeans in styling. Yikes.


Also, WTF re: the college stoner knit beanie? Did he really think that was a good look, or just not want to wash his hair that day?


They both look exhausted. Angelina looks like she might have been crying, too. I don't think any couple with that many kids should be expected to make good fashion choices! (and clearly on this night, neither of them did)


Wow, his pants are really bad too.

I wonder if you look that good it's like a game to see how bad you can look? A sad, sad game.


I think it may just be the facial hair and hat, but Brad is looking a little Jeff Bridges à la The Dude.


"free box"--love it! so TRUE.


Alas - Brad's still not looking as unkempt, and to be blunt: homeless...as he did back in his Juliette Lewis days. Even after marrying Jen, he had some horrifically worse face-and-head-hair stylings.


This picture is by far the outlier.

They have gotten oogier and weirder. They are in a backwords-sucking-vortex of strange and it's taking them down off of their Hollywood worship pedestal.

Sandi Kirk

Clearly I am not in the "in" if I saw them at my grocery store I would point them towards the razors and bubble bath, and probably offer her something to eat along with a garanimals map. I am beyond over their do gooder, blahdy blah drama crap, he cheated, she's nutcase. The round up kids like stray dogs. Granted I am sure my kids would love to be in that group. They can afford a day at the spa and someone to pick out nicer clothes and even a shave and a shampoo. 2 words to them STOP IT.


i think the best thing they could do for themselves right now is GO AWAY! as in, you want to be parents to a bakers dozen of kids? then go home and be with them because being beautiful and famous does NOT make one any more equipped to attempt to juggle all that they do and remain sane. i think they both might be figuring out the error of their ways long after the public did.

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