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Brittany Murphy's Death Still A Mystery

Brittanymurphy  The tragic story of Brittany Murphy's death just gets weirder and weirder. And of course, terribly sad. 

Latest update is after the jump.

According to TMZ, Murphy was "suffering from flu-like symptoms" and there were, according to a source, "a lot, a lot of prescriptions in the house." Her mother reports that she also had diabetes, which could be a factor. Also, it is not up to her husband, Simon Monjack, who does NOT want an autopsy, to say whether or not an autopsy will be performed, but rather up to the coroner. Results could take weeks. 


I was talking to Snarky Amber last night about Brittany Murphy, and I mentioned that I really enjoyed her work. "Really?" Amber said, "You really enjoyed 'Just Married?'" and I realized I had to clarify myself. I enjoyed Murphy's DRAMATIC work. Because for years, it seemed that if Hollywood needed a crazy person, they got Brittany Murphy on the blower. And she was excellent.

Brittany Murphy (19)

I've mentioned before her work in "Girl, Interrupted." As Daisy Randone, the deeply mentally ill girl (arguments could be made that if she wasn't a victim of incest, she wouldn't be as troubled,) Murphy took a role that could be made obnoxiously over the top and performed it solemnly and touchingly. 

As I look at her resume, similar roles are rampant. The practically catatonic Lisa in the remake of "David and Lisa." The meth addict in "Spun." The lead in "Don't Say A Word," wherein she played a horribly traumatized girl who holds the information about a terrible crime in her tortured mind. Murphy knew how to play crazy, and she was damn good at it.

Then there's the question of if she was mentally ill in reality. As the "ugly duckling" in "Clueless," Murphy was dowdy and (only by Hollywood standards, obviously) overweight. In reality, Murphy got thinner and thinner, reaching positively emaciated states at some times during her career. There are reports of her being so insecure that she married Simon Monjack, who is known to owe a LOT of people a LOT of money, and so on.

But none of this makes her untimely death any less tragic. Brittany Murphy was a talented actress, despite recent choices to make goofy comedies instead of dramas, and her death is still a mystery we could "CSI" all day long. We'll eventually know the real story, but the result is still the same.

Rest in peace, Brittany. 


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this is so effing sad. i don't care. i'm pointing my finger. it's her husband. it's a Howard K. Stern/Anna Nicole Smith situation. i hope she finds the peace she never could in this life.


Thank you for reminding me of her dramatic work because up until this moment I could only think of the "comedies" which were sometimes regretable.

This is very sad indeed.


it's not all that surprising that people suspected the news of her death to be a hoax, it's already happened so many times this year with other celebs


Everything I've read about this tragedy, and no one mentions how awesome she was in Sin City! I watched it yesterday and today. She was so rad in that movie. Girl, Interrupted was great work, too, obviously. I'll miss her work. :(


I do wonder if her going into cardiac arrest had anything to with how very very thin she was (it can happen to anorexics).

But still, either way, over-medication, or eating disorder, it's still extremely sad.

She was one of my favorites.

Suzy Q

She was also awesome in "The Dead Girl." Absolutely no pun intended.

This is sad.


To say I am saddened by her passing is an understatement. I actually cried when I heard. I love Brittany Murphy! I love her work (even the craptacular comedies)! There is one adorable movie I cannot recommend enough: Love and Other Disasters. It's adorable, just like her.
Also: now that her mother mentions the diabetes I can understand why she had so much weight fluctuation. It can really do a number on you.
I hope she can rest in peace, maybe she's hangin' with Heath laughing at all of us and our insatiable hunger for her death to have been another tragic Hollywood drug overdose or eating disorder or something. I really hope in 2010 some suck people die instead of people I like. There I said it.

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