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Creepy Sculpture Dude Molds "Brangelina Forever"

Brangelina-sculpture Daniel Edwards, the artist behind the sculptures of Suri Cruise's turds and Britney Spears' squat-birthing a baby, has just released his latest creation: "Brangelina Forever."


At first glance, the sculpture doesn't really even look much like power couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. (For the record, I HATE nicknames like Brangelina. *gag*) 

Second and thirty-third looks raised the following questions:

- Did he use an ice cream scoop on her neck?  You could park an SUV in that hole.

- What's with the bird?

- Is that a pigeon?

- Are Brad Pitt's bangs really that long that he can comb them over in such a swoop that Nike is jealous?

- Angelina doesn't have nipples?  Weird.

- Brad also doesn't have nipples?  OMG he is her brother from another mother.

- How does Angelina get her hair to all fall exactly the same length like that?

- What's with that bird?  I can't stop staring at it.

- Where are Brad's eyes?  Are they shut?  Were they pecked out?

- Why does Angelina have a giant man hand on the right and a normal hand on the left?

- Is that bird gonna peck her in the neck?

- Does Brad have two cheekbones?  Two cheeks?  He looks like he needs a nap.  Possibly.  If that is luggage under his eyes, then the dude should totally nap.

- Seriously.  The fucking bird.  Why?

Who buys these things?  I want to buy it so I can ninja-kick that bird off her shoulder.  Also possibly to fix Brad's face.  It's lumpy.

I am confused.  I hope Brangelina are Forever saving for therapy for their children. 

. . . . .
Karen Sugarpants does not approve of Pecker Bird.

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dudes, that is super weird.


because nipples would make it crude and nasty. oh, wait....

cindy w

Um, looks nothing like either of them. In fact, it's not a good sculpture AT ALL. If he hadn't named the sculpture after Brangelina, I doubt anyone would pay attention to it at all.

P.S. I don't get the bird either.


LOLing...often and loudly! This post, FTW!

Ummmm....why is Brad so cold? She just wants a little nookie, damnitall. She's all rubbing up on him...and he doesn't even put his arm around her. Cold, heartless, Brad. Angie doesn't fawn over men like this everyday...and yet his eyes are just so hollow when he looks at her. Perhaps it's because she punched his cheekbone?

Also - the role-playing...Snow White just doesn't work for her. Get rid of the bird.

The hand...on top of Brad's uncaressing arm; is it hers? Or his? If his...why is it so dainty? Perhaps the "artist" is messing with us, by giving Bra- her hand, and -ngelina his hand?

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

Is he doing her from behind?

And yeah! What is up with the bird?


I am mostly disturbed by the starvation ribs that are showing on them both! What the HELL?!

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