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Flashback Friday - Super Mario Brothers 2

SMB2  Yes, the second Mario game that no one likes. Except for me.

In fact? I love Super Mario Brothers 2. I actually am currently re-playing it on my Wii, because even though I own several Nintendo games made in the last decade as well as a PS3, I sometimes long for the simplicity of an 8-bit game where the only buttons are A, B and a d-pad. 

And you can make fun of me all you want for loving this game, but while everyone else was jizzing in their pants over the amazing graphics quality of Super Mario 3 (oh, it is to laugh now) and the awesome tanuki and frog suits, I was at home on my NES (no SNES for me!) happily playing Princess Peach, hurling turnips and carrots at weird enemies that in no way resembled the Goombas and Koopa Troopas of the original.

SMB2 is weird, but that's because it's not actually a Super Mario Brothers game. The SMB2 we know in North America is actually a redesign of a Japanese game called  Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic, because the Japanese version of Super Mario Brothers 2 was too hard and frustrating for wee puny Americans, apparently. It's painfully obvious that it's a redesign, too, because the game play and enemies are so drastically different from every other Mario game. 

And you may tell yourself, this is not my beautiful Mushroom Kingdom! 

One thing that was totally awesome about SMB2, though, and the reason I was obsessed with it as a kid, is because you could play as Peach! And when I was in my one-digit ages, it was really rare to get to play a girl in a video game. It's rare enough now, but back then, it was a wasteland. Sure, Samus of Metroid is a girl, but you have to get to the very end to find that out, and I, uh, never got there, because that game is fucking hard. I was a grown-up before I found out Samus was a girl, and I certainly didn't find out from beating that game. I found it out the way many girls learn video game trivia: from a boy I was sexing.

Having just picked it up again this week, I feel even though it's not really a Mario game, SMB2 stands the test of time just as well as the other Mario titles. It's fun and challenging enough to make you hurl your controller a few times, but endearing enough to make you come back. And all you haters that disagree can just go right on ahead and hate the player and the game. Just watch out for flying turnips.

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Adam P. Knave

Oh, man! HIGH-FIVE! SMB2 is my all time fave of the series! I loved it, so so much. And yes playing as floaty Peach was always a blast. MAn, I miss this game! Thanks for the memories!


Oh, honey, I still play this game. On my SNES (because my original NES was stolen). And yes, it was all because of Peach. I also refuse to use any of the warp worlds, as I've gotten so practiced at it that I win too easily.


I love this game. Probably my all time favorite. It was such a strange one too. I haven't played it since my Super Nintendo broke back in 98, but hopefully my kids will ask for a video game system in the near future so I can start playing again!

Snarky Amber


If you get a Wii, you can download it for I think $3 at the most. 

Gordon Withers

I loved this game too!!! Still do.


SMB2 was my favorite too, because it was the only one I could successfully beat! Loved it! Thanks so much for writing about it and the walk down memory lane.


Awesome! I loved this game and was the first person in my house to finish it -- I was NEVER the first person to finish a game.

Thanks for the flashback. Now I'm going to have to try and find the old Nintendo again!


I loved this one too. :) Many many hours playing. The ice world was damned frustrating what with all the slipping and sliding! And the water world, you had to be careful to land on the whales! SNORT!

Peach was truly the only character to even consider playing. It was all about the float, babee.


I was always more of a King's Quest kind of girl, but just wanted to allocate two points to Amber for the Talking Heads reference!


I was just playing Super Mario Brothers with my 8 year old. I was lost after everything became 3-D. Much prefer the old school stuff.

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