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Friday Combo Platter: Can I Do Flash Gordon? Edition

Friday_combo_platter It's a slightly special version of the Friday Combo Platter, because hopefully most of you are, by now, in some sort of stupor. IT'S CHRISTMAS, BETCHES!!!!

Subject: video roundtable question (because we agonize about it a lot)

BHJ: I didn't do this one because I couldn't think of one, but then GSS mentioned Flash Gordon, and that movie is awesome. So, first, is that a bad movie? And, second, if it is, is anyone using it? Can I do Flash Gordon? How can a movie with that much Queen be bad? This question ruined me because I like awesome movies.

Sweetney: It's AWESOMELY bad.

Palinode: Feel free to wax enthusiastic over Flash Gordon. Overlap is fine.

kdiddy: Ooh, wait, I got one. Eddie Murphy does any movie ever, in which he plays every character in a fat suit and most of the script is farting.

Palinode: Hey guys, I went out to the desert and forgot my name. Why was there no one for to give me no thing?

Sweetney: Man, don't bring America into this fight. That there's some quality, fucked-up and disturbing 70s folk right there. And if you start on "The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald" we are THROUGH.

Her Bad Mother: Oh no you DINNIT JUST DISS GORDON LIGHTFOOT. Canadians will cut a bitch for that.

Sweetney: dude, i am *A DEFENDER.* go yell at Aidan! Fellas, it's been good ta know yaaaa!

Miss Banshee: Okay, video redone. I look like I'm on meth, but at least I'm wearing lipstick, for chrissakes.

Karen Sugarpants: Wasn't Jason in Pulp Fiction?  Dude's picture is rad.  (btw J, welcome to the jungle..of unicorns.) zomg Christopher Walken does Pulp Fiction.  Actually CW doing anything. Youse guys are funny this morning, Mish Moneypenny.

Goon Squad Sarah: Kubrick doing The Breakfast Club. It is a very different film. Espeilcially the part in the air ducts.


Claire: There is one thing we have to do as soon as we get in the closet though.
Bender: What's that?
Claire: Fuck.
Bender: WHAT - ABOUT - YOU, MAN?
I don't know where I was going with that one.

kdiddy: *weird piano tones as Allison munches on her sandwich*


Goon Squad Sarah (referring to Jason): Is he a cop? Because if he is I was just kidding about all of that stuff about weed.

Karen Sugarpants: which is why y'all need to move up here where pot is so much okay it's practically legal.

Duly noted, Karen.


Our comment of the week is from Laurie, because it was so sweet and made me happy:

I am supposed to be wrapping my fingers off right now but of course I'm on the Internet. And at first I was just going to stop and tell somebody I'ma let them finish but this was one of the best headlines of all time. And then I actually read the whole thing and now I have some Big Love-holiday style tunes to stream while I WRAP. God I love this show, and this idea just wins in so many weird, wonderful ways. Rock. See THIS is why I love you all collectively and individually. ;)

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Karen Sugarpants

Y'all are gonna git me in trouble, eh?

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