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Hey Peter, Man! Try Ignoring the Haters and Being Secure in Your Sexuality!

Ron_livingston Ron Livingston, perhaps best known for playing Peter Gibbons in the 1999 cult classic Office Space, is suing Wikipedia for libel, invasion of privacy, and using his name and likeness without his permission.

Action shot of Livingston viewing his Wikipedia page in frustration and utterly heterosexual rage

The lawsuit is the result of Livingston being fed up with someone editing his Wikipedia page and stating that he is in a homosexual relationship. Apparently, Livingston's publicity rep and the 12-year-old responsible for the false claims are engaged in a ping-pong battle of editing. The jackass posts, "Ron is gay." And Livingston responds, "Yeeeaaahhh, I'm gonna have to go ahead and disagree with you on that."

Frankly, this whole thing seems very silly. I can understand being frustrated with false information being on such a widely used source, but the whole thing kind of reeks of junior high. I imagine that if Livingston and his rep just ignored the whole matter for a few months, the editor would move on. Filing a lawsuit just stokes the fires, draws attention to the matter, and puts the situation out of their control. And, really, who cares? Some idiot says you're gay. Is that really so offensive? It's not like he or she asserted that you blow goats. Now THAT'S a reputation killer

Personally, any time someone has pulled the "you're gay!" card in an argument with me, it's usually been either followed or preceded by a round of "nuh-uh! yes-huh!" and perhaps some attempts at a slap fight, but then the bell rang and lunch was over and I couldn't be late to World History again. I never thought of getting lawyer. Perhaps Livingston is on to something. 

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Wut Teh Eff.

That disappoints me greatly.


Didn't he just get married?

Snarky Amber

AMG, who cares if it even says you blow goats, dude! It's Wikipedia. It's THE INTERNET. On the Internet, we all blow goats according to some dude. The important thing is that you're a *rich* goat-blower, Ron. In a fight with a 12-year-old. Ridic.


Wikipedia is, sadly, a widely-used source by journalists who rarely think to double-check their facts elsewhere. Inaccurate information - whether it's about his sexuality or not - can easily end up being repeated in newspapers, magazines, television and radio broadcasts, on other websites, etc......and the whole thing ends up being a giant pain in the ass that follows him for years and MAY potentially affect his reputation. It's the job of a publicist to make sure his/her clients are accurately represented in the press, and to sue anyone who knowingly and repeatedly tries to misrepresent said clients. Hence the lawsuit. Seems reasonable to me.

Marmite Breath

Uh, it's not like they said he was a serial killer or a rapist or something.

Suzy Q

What Amy said.

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