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Hot Diggetty, It's Miss Banshee's Top Nine List!

Wayne  Gather your loved ones, it's time for Miss Banshee's Top 9 Reality TV Moments of 2009!!!!!

9. Speidi: These two ass clowns literally had me gaping as they foolio-ed their way through I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here, but the best/worst part is that they're TOTALLY in on the joke. They even wrote a BOOK about it. That's dedication, man. Stellar work, which I respect, other than the fact that I want to kick both of them in the crotch.  

8. The Biggest Loser: Congrats, NBC, for spotlighting people who are obese and then wrecking their self esteem with the amazing Jillian Michaels for yet another season. The sobbing, the wailing, the pushups and the treadmill made eating Haagen-Dazs as I watched the show all the more delicious. Wait, that's NOT what we're supposed to do?

7. Tim Gunn In Flip Flops: AH MAH GAH Project Runway SUCKED this season. But what struck me more than anything was poor Tim Gunn out in the California sun on the beach IN FLIP FLOPS. The producers must have paid him triple. To see him scowling away from the sun as his alabaster skin blistered was torment. Vive Le Tim!!!

6. Eli Makes A Disparaging Cancer Comment: Who makes a callous cancer comment? Well that would be our Eli on Top Chef who snarked about Robin's cancer as being an excuse for winning. WHAT? Eli then was called out on it at the reunion and staggered his way through an apology, but if you believe that crap, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I'd love to sell you. 

5.  Russell Doesn't Win Survivor: The biggest asshole who ever lied a lie made it to the top 2, but DIDN'T WIN. The entire season was rife with Russell patting himself on the back, congratulating himself on being a lying liar who lies about everything from a dead dog to surviving Hurricane Katrina. He was a douche of the first order, and it thrills me to no end that he didn't win. Bastard.

4. Adam Lambert Kisses Another Man at the AMAs: Big honking deal, right? But apparently a WICKED big deal for ABC, who cancelled all of Lambert's appearances after the Kiss From Hades. Leave it to the freaking "View" to welcome him back, even though they carefully taped his interview and performance ahead of time. WHAT WOULD THE NEIGHBORS THINK????

3. Kanye Ruins Taylor Swift's Moment at the VMAs Ima let you finish, but Kanye's insanity at the VMAs awards was fantastic. Little Taylor was shocked to death, with her pretty dress and her tiny brain, and it was so fantastic I have not the words. 

2. Whitney Describing Her Drug Abuse On Oprah DUDE. Whitney Houston patiently describing her cocaine/pot addiction (she sprinkled coke on the joint) as Opie was all "Duh?" was the most hilarious thing EVER. You'd think that Opes had never heard of this wild new thing called "drugs."

1. Lady GaGa's Performance on SNL:  When she came out in a functioning gyroscope and Dwayne Wayne glasses I knew it would be fantastic. But it was when she had to scootch the gyroscope out of the way and waved to the camera as she sat at the piano to do a FIERCE medley of her songs that I fell in love with her all over again. 

There you have it! 2009 sucked like an Electrolux, but at least there were fun moments on the teevee. Viva La GaGa!!!!!

. . . . .
Miss Banshee worked very hard on this list and is now going to take a nap.

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I'm with you on the Survivor thing. If Russell had won, I would not have watched again. He is such a prick. Also, I think he had a bet placed on himself that he would be named Sole Survivor, and that is why he tried to get Natalie to let him be named that, even offered her $100,000. I hope the females in his family gives him hell for the rest of his life over the comments he made. Way to show your daughters how to be respected, dickwad.


when the season started i would have totally agreed with the Russell hate. now im completely pissed that he DIDN'T win. i know he was ruthless and lied A LOT but he is (arguably) one of the best/smartest/most cunning Surivor contestants. he wasn't playing around, he was playing the game. DAMN WELL. he's kind of my evil hero...


is it wrong to hope Adam Lambert kisses Kanye at the Grammy's? Because that would be AWESOME


I need mooar Gaga.

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