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I'm on the Island of Misfit Toys

Island_of_misfit_toys_doll My family and I were taking in our annual viewing of the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer TV special the other night. We are total sheep in that our holiday season is not complete without watching that claymation awesomeness.

I was surveying the residents of the Island of Misfit Toys: Charlie-in-the-Box, a spotted elephant, Bird Fish, the square-wheeled train, an ostrich-riding cowboy...and "A Dolly for Sue."


Island_of_misfit_toys_doll  What's wrong with Dolly? She seems perfectly functional. And though, as a bleeding heart liberal, I take offense at notions like an elephant being a misfit simply because he's spotted and not grey, I can kind of understand that the general theme is that the misfit toys are all outside of the normal expectations of toys. But I could not figure out why Dolly found herself in exile.

Then suddenly, it occurred to me: she has red hair. I am fortunate that I live somewhere that doesn't experience discrimination against redheads, and really no one has even made as much as a joke about it since I was little. But I'm still defensive about red hair, for me and my fellow gingers.

I grew indignant, furious that because Dolly wasn't a perfect blonde that she would be rejected. My husband turned to Wikipedia and found that on NPR's show Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me, it was revealed that the show's producer, Arthur Rankin Jr., explained that "Dolly's problem was psychological caused from being abandoned by her mistress and suffering depression from feeling unloved."

So, Dolly's a redhead with depression. Guess who else has depression? ME!!!!! Fine. Just fine. So, basically, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer took my high school lunch group and plopped it on a snowy island with a lion to look after us. I SEE HOW IT IS, WORLD.

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OK, I lol'd.

And, um, I always thought Dolly was missing her button eyes, you know, like the christmas puppy chewed them off. Guess I was just projecting.

Eww, Coraline vibe. Sorry! *shivers*


You mean Dolly had a mistress?? She was a misfit because she doesn't like boys? That's what's wrong with our generation who grew up on that yearly dose of propaganda!! There never would have been a Prop 8 disaster if she wasn't one of the misfit toys!


now THIS is quality blog-worthy material. kdiddy, you nailed it. genius.


So okay, but isn't Dolly's diagnosis closer to situational depression, which, sure, it's nothing to scoff at, but holiday blues, especially at the remembrance of a loved one lost.... it kind of makes sense and isn't the least bit misfitty. If she was happy, despite these things, I'd for sure look THAT up in the DSM IV. Right??

Armchair Psychology 101, people. It takes you places.

The Beautiful Kind

I love redheads, and I love misfit toys. I often have those moments throughout the year, where I'm hanging out at some weird convention and I look around and realize I'm on the Island of Misfit Toys.

And like the show, I think there is someone for everyone - instead of fixing the train with square wheels, they found a little boy or girl who is into a train with square wheels.

And Dolly will find a new mistress who isn't such a cold bitch. Haven't we all been dumped at one point and felt depressed and rejected? But hey things turn around, you just have to be patient.


Thanks for posting this because I was wondering the same thing. I get all of my news from Mamapop and Wait Wait Dont Tell Me.

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