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Jodifur's Top Stuff of 2009

Logo So 2009, I hardly knew ya, and I'm really not going to miss you so much.  But here is the stuff I really loved in 2009.  Starting with....

Technology-The Mac.  In early 2009 my work laptop caught a virus and I decided it was time to pony up for my own computer and I walked into the apple store and said, "I need a Mac to go with my iphone.  iphone is the Gateway drug to Mac."  And how true that was.  Best computer ever.  Once you go Mac you can never go back.  I hate, hate, hate my office PC and G-d damn that thing keeps getting viruses.

TV-I, like all the other mamapopers, love Glee, I really, really do.  But I also love The Good Wife.  I never really watched ER, so I had no love coming into it for Julianna Margulies.  But she nails the whole scorned wife smart ass lawyer thing really well.  And yes, the legal story lines are a little far fetched, but it sucks me in every week.  And who hasn't wanted to slap the politician during those I cheated on my wife press conferences.

Movie-Like Amy, I loved Where the Wild Things Are.  And also like Amy, I wasn't sure, at first.  But this is the kind of movie that you cannot stop thinking about.  It is beautiful, and sad, and haunting.  My 4 year old has gone through a very hard time this year.  And Max reminded me so much of Michael, and I think he was supposed to, I think he was cast to be the "every boy."  But it was his complete and utter sadness that reminded me of Michael.  How hopeless he seemed.  It is the kind of movie you want to see again and again and you can't stop talking about and finding new meaning in.  And that is a good movie.  And even the trailer can make me cry.

Gaming System-Ok, so everyone on the planet already has one and it is not new in 2009.  But it is new to me, having just got mine for Hanukkah this year.  And man do I love this thing.  My whole family loves this thing.  My 4 year old wakes up every morning screaming TIME TO WIIIIIII!!!!!  My husband and I actually hang out at night wiiing, as opposed to each being on different computers.  Wii brought my family together.  Feel free to stop laughing now.

Legal Story-I know we all got sick of it, but the Gosselin divorce was THE LEGAL STORY of 2009.  I don't think I wrote about anything as much as that this year.  So hey, Gosselins, thanks for keeping me in a job.  Now, GO AWAY!

Mamapop posts-this post by Amber and this post by, ahem, me, reminded me that Mamapop is at it's best when we take pop culture commentary seriously.  Yes our writers are funny and snarky and witty, but pop culture commentary can be serious stuff as well.  And I was personally proud of the fact that when I was writing about the Rihanna/Chris Brown assault I was receiving emails from domestic violence survivors telling me how much my sensitive handling of the subject matter touched them.  And that meant the world to me.

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Your summary of WTWTA just makes me that much more desperate to see it. C'mon, DVD release...


I loved Where the Wild Things Are too. And, of course, the movie also reminded me of my son. Being a kid can be unbelievably frustrating and hard- something us adults often like to forget about. Oh, and I also cried *every* single time I saw the trailer.


Girl, I'm with you on the late-to-the-party Wii fun. We got one for this Christmas and are all "We live in the future with this newfangled game...that everyone else was raving about three years ago." I don't care if it means I get to fake hit my father-in-law with a sword.

Snarky Amber

If you do not already have the new Super Mario Brothers for Wii, you gotta get it. Playing the multiplayer mode has made me giggle uncontrollably with glee on more than one occasion during the last week.


Seriously! A friend brought that game out at a Christmas party... then, seven hours later...

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