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Death Match: Lee Majors VS. Patrick Dempsey

Dynamite Patrick-Dempsey-Clean Two of TV's all-time sexiest hunks square off, in what could prove to be a Mantastic Battle Royale. Will Dr. McDreamy write Steve Austin his final prescription? Or will the Fall Guy make this Lover Boy, do his own stunts? It's time to find out. So, hold on to your hot pants. LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE...

Here's the Tale of the Tape:

Patrick Dempsey - Born: Patrick Galen Dempsey



D.O.B. - January 13th, 1966                                        

Height - 5'10"                             

Chest Hair - Soft and Silky  

TV and Film Roles - On Golden Pond, Lover boy and Grey's Anatomy

Romance and Personal Life - Rocky Parker and Jillian Fink      

Special Skills and Talents - Once tied for 2nd place in a National Juggling competition.

Greatest Accomplishment - Almost did it with Kirstie Alley in Lover boy.

HunkOmeter - 6.7

Lee Majors - Born: Harvey Lee Yeary

Bigfoot Lee Majors

D.O.B. - Technically, he was sent from heaven, as a gift from GOD, on April 23rd, 1939.

Height - 6'1"

Chest Hair - Woolly and Dangerous

TV and Film Roles - Six Million Dollar Man and The Fall Guy

Romance and Personal Life - Kathy Robinson, Farrah Fawsett, Karen Velez, Faith Noelle and countless other starlets not listed on public record.

Special Skills and Talents - It was rumored that the producers of The Six Million Dollar Man, actually developed the "Slow Motion" effect because Majors was too fast for the camera.

Greatest Accomplishment - Fought a Sasquatch and won.

HunkOmeter - Off the fucking charts Bee-aatch!

In a nutshell, Majors was a bad-ass son of a bitch, that ate guys like Dempsey for breakfast. Back in the 70's, men were measured by two things: Thickness of chest hair and the color of their Cowboy Hats. Dempsey is a fine actor but he's got an inadequate amount of torso carpet. That alone, would have gotten him blacklisted in Hollywood, back in the day. On TV, Dempsey plays a sensitive Doctor nicknamed McDreamy and he toys with the hearts of all the women on the show. Majors portrayed a friggin Astronaut that was turned into a Robot. He fought a God Damn Sasquatch!

I'm afraid that this bare knuckle brawl was anything but a fair fight.

The winner by Technical Knockout...

Snarlin' Steve Austin - Lee Majors

Sorry Patrick. Second prize... A fist full of chest hair, 70's style.

. . . . .
Jason never thought he'd have daughters and now he will always be Out-Numbered.

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katie ~ motherbumper

I had that issue of Dynamite and I agree 100%, Dempsey would have been Majors' poptart.


Love it dude, I am a hairy chested, big, beefy man type of girl. Give me bruce Willis, michael landon, or Burt Reynolds anyday! Thanks for giving me good dreams for the evening!

Oscar "luke Roth" Goldman

Don't know why you wanted to match these two up really...it's a one sided event from the word "Bionic man" foward. However here's a match that has been keeping up at night... for years....Lindsay Wagner Vs. Linda Carter...in their alter egos. Carter had the power of mount olympus or some shit....but Wagner had the street smarts and good old US steel in her


Absolute Drivel. FIRST of all Austin did not WIN the fight against the Sasquatch. They stopped fighting and became friends. Secondly, BY YOUR OWN STANDARD, Sasquatch is the baddest ass of them all because he has chest hair up to his forehead and so therefore could of kicked $6M worth of ass. And thirdliest Sasquatch was played by none other than acting god and OBEY icon, Andre the Giant... What were we talking about again?


Luke, C'mon really? Do you guys not have your heads on today? Let's forget that even in civi's Diana Prince had a smokin body... She was always wearing thos sexy skirts and blouse combos, and those glasses? forget it! http://www.dogpoet.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2007/06/dianaprincedynamite.jpg And Jamie Summers wore sweat pants, or like a dashiki and jeans at best http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_EQXPQvxgn9A/SBazCzNrNFI/AAAAAAAAC80/WWs_Kiht8TM/s320/BionicWomanAdventuresOfLPFront1.jpg

And even if Linda Carter was a dog next to Lindsey Wagner (which couldn't be farther from the truth)... Diana Prince's clothes magically DISAPPEARED when she became WW. when did we ever see the bionic woman in her underwear?!! huh? HUH?!!! Case closed.


This death match needs a co-star undercard putting Heather Thomas (in the bikini she wore in the opening credits of The Fall Guy) up against Grey's Anatomy's Katherine Heigl (in the Princess Leia gold metal bikini - because I said so). I'd pay a dollar to see that.


And yeah, sure, Majors would have won in a 70's era death match when he was in $6 Million Man fighting shape... and because Dempsey was only a 10 year old kid at the time... but in a 2009 match up, McDreamy would have to call in the Grey's Anatomy ER team just to fix the hip Steve Austin broke climbing into the ring.


OK. Let me rethink this whole thing...


is this a joke?

because dempsey = delicious

and majors = gross

(but if we're talking about who could kick whose ass, i 2nd andre the giant)

Jason's Left Nut

Dude, did you just write "TV's all-time sexiest hunks"

Jason's Right Nut

I've heard enough. I know when I'm not needed anymore.

I'm outta here!

LisaB (LadyWanderlust)

What IF, the two of them began to wrestle and really bad porn 70's music began to play and they "fell in love" with one another. Who would lose? We all would. I think it best we leave this battle in the past. I'm just saying. For the sake of our happy childhood's and current fantasy lives. ;-) Lisa

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