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Robin Gibb, How Deep is Your Love? Should I ask the Druid Priestess or the Housekeeper?

Robin_gibb_bee_gee This story in itself doesn't seem that unique: Robin Gibb, the beardless one from the Bee Gees, was having an affair with the hired help and his wife kicked the mistress out. We've all seen that before *cough* Ethan Hawke and the nanny *cough* and this story had kind of the same results. Well not really but kinda.

In this story Robin Gibb got the housekeeper pregnant and when his wife heard about the baby, she kicked the housekeeper out. Unlike Ethan Hawke, Robin remained with his wife and the housekeeper lives somewhere else with their baby.

What makes this affair different are some of the details.


First of all maybe I've lead a shelter life but I did a double take when I read that Robin Gibb's second wife Dwina was a bisexual former Druid priestess. Seriously? I mean, whatever about the bisexual part but Druid priestess? You don't see that every day. Obviously Druids can't predict the future because she would have totally seen that baby coming. Druid fail.

Then to twist this story a bit more into the soap opera realm, it turns out that Dwina knew about the affair for the entire eight years Robin got it on with the housekeeper. In fact, it appears that Dwina preferred to sleep with women and let Robin do whatever (whoever) he pleased. Dwina only freaked when the housekeeper Claire became pregnant. That was her apparent line that shall not be crossed. She threw Claire and her baby daughter Snow Robin (I kid you not: Snow Robin) out.

BUT (oh yes, but) Claire and Snow Robin just live five miles down the road in a 1.5 million pound (rented) home in Oxfordshire. They have a BMW, a nanny, and it sounds like they want for nothing. Except for maybe something to counteract a pissed off Druid Priestess. Not sure how I'd play that one in D&D.

BUT BUT (yes, more but) there is word that Dwina may take Claire and Snow Robin back just in time for Christmas. Why she would take them back? No one is sure but maybe because Robin Gibb's 60th birthday is December 22nd. "Um happy birthday beloved husband, here's your other family?" At this point, I don't think anything these folks do would be a surprise. Because no offence to the Gibbs but you just all sound a wee bit "different".

And by "different", I mean "batshit crazy".

. . . . .
katie (aka motherbumper) sometimes appears on her own blog but not as often as she should.

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Fawn Amber

Excellent....hilarious post. Druid fail. BWAHAHAHA...


This may be my favorite celebrity post ever.


I just laughed until tears, seriously tears, were streaming down my face. I will never listen to Stayin Alive with a straight face again.


So Druid Fail. Some priestess. Whatever.


I think this is awesome...it I hope she comes to her senses and takes them back in...snow robin...snow white, evil step mother a "witch"



clearly i have some kind of brain damage, because when i read this my train of thought went "druids can't see the future or they would never let the entire raid die" and then "and you can either be a druid or a priest but not both" and then "hmm, i wonder what realm she plays on."

and i STILL think that all of that nonsense makes more sense than the whole rest of the story. british people are weird sometimes.

ps "snow robin" = stevie nicks cover band?


Okay, I'm going to be the one to ask it, aren't I?

WTF is a Druid?


As far as I know, they are sort of Celtic slash Gaul religion that has ties to Stonehenge and who back in the day liked to sacrifice people -- you know, back when it was publicly acceptable instead of just having a modern day verbal lynchings via Twitter. Also, based on my findings, druids lack second sight. Buh-dum-buh.

Suzy Q

If they all got married, we could have "Gibb Love" on our TVs.


Druids don't the golf club to the face thing then? Wait, druids are pacifists, except for the old days of human sacrifice - which I am betting ole Robin is glad druids don't do anymore.

So, it's okay for husband's of primarily girl leaning bi-sexual ex-druid priestesses to dip wick with household help as long as there is no physical evidence? Good for men who are leaning towards that lifestyle to know.


Who else isn't a little bit surprised that the housekeeper Robin was romping with isn't a male?

and Snow Robin = Stevie Nicks cover band? Awesome!


I hate to say it but this whole 'let your husband sleep with whoever he wants' could save a lot of marriages.


so it's like she's a druish priestess...snort.

katie | motherbumper

@tifRN - Spaceballs. Nicely done.

@ozma - But in my completely not researched opinion, if an open marriage is going to work the "line in the sand" should be defined up front. You know, like "no babies please".


And the whole time I'm reading this, I'm thinking, "But didn't he DIE?"

It was Maurice who died. Sad.

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