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Sneak Peeks of Tonight's Episode of Teen Mom

Teen_mom Catelynn, Maci, Farrah, and Amber are still navigating the bumpy roads of the first year of parenthood, which are amplified by their complicated situations. Catelynn's mom and stepfather (who also happens to be her boyfriend's father) still refuse to come to terms with her decision to place her daughter with an adoptive family.

When Catelynn's parents get ready to move to a new place, they decide that Catelynn should not come with them, due to their increasingly tumultuous relationship. When Catelynn arrives with Tyler and his mother to collect her belongings, she is surprised and saddened to find that her mother has already packed everything into garbage bags.

Though they part with hugs and "I love yous," Catelynn can't help but feel shut out from her mother's life and doesn't understand why their relationship has to be so bad. Luckily, Tyler's mom is extremely understanding and helps Catelynn talk through some of her feelings. And Tyler? Well...the world needs more Tylers, that's for sure.

Farrah is still struggling to maintain some semblance of a social life despite harsh judgment from her mother and sister, who accuse her of being selfish and not making any time for her daughter, Sophia.

While I think making a new relationship a priority, albeit a very small priority, is perhaps stretching herself thin, I can understand Farrah needing to have SOMETHING for herself. New motherhood can be pretty disorienting and sometimes we need to hack out something on our own, even if it seems selfish. I really can't endorse her mother and sister's treatment of her. They try too hard to make her feel bad about herself in the name of tough love.

In any case, birth control = Good. I'm also a big fan of the Nuva Ring and I think it was particularly smart for Farrah to take this step in making a decision for her life. I know her mom means well, and I know that she worries about Farrah especially since she is now such a young mom, but Farrah is an adult and she does need to make these decisions for herself.

Amber and Gary just can't get along. They're going through what, unfortunately, a lot of new parents go through. They can't figure out how to equitably divide the duties of life and neither can understand what the other is going through. Ultimately, they have a blowout that seems to result in the couple splitting.

I wish I could say that my husband and I have never fought in front of our child, but we have. Seeing someone else do it makes me feel really sad for them and us.

Maci and Ryan had split up due to Ryan once again drifting far away from Maci and Bentley, emotionally. It's a tough situation. I don't doubt that Ryan loves his fiance and son, but I feel like he REALLY has to try to be part of a family. It's not all coming naturally to him and something in him bucks when he starts to feel pressure (note: "pressure" = suggestions/demands that he not go out all night all the time. *rolls eyes*).

They reunite, with Maci being very cautious and pretty explicit about what she expects out of a relationship with him. This is key. No one is a mind reader and Ryan isn't the most emotionally intelligent person around. He obviously has the capacity to be an awesome dad and husband. He just needs a lot of guidance.

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I heart Tyler...

I'll be watching - even hubs is into this show now.

Karen Sugarpants

I love this show - thanks for the recap cuz I missed it. :)

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