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Stuff I Dug in 2009

Coraline Though 2009 is ending on a moderately high note for me (finished grad school yippee!), it was sort of a jerk most of the time. However, there were some bright moments, pop culturally speaking.

Coraline Best Movie in a Year of Absolute Duds: I saw so many disappointing movies this year. Extract. Inglorious Basterds. Funny People. And I wasn't as blown away by Precious as I had hoped I would be. Interestingly, the best movie that I saw all year wasn't for grown ups. It was Coraline. I was completely blown away by the visuals of the movie, especially in 3D. But the story was perhaps one of the best I'd seen in a really long time. Overcoming your fears and learning how to accept the support of the people around you while gaining confidence and independence is an amazing message for kids, especially girls, of all ages.

Jeff_Goldblum Best Celebrity Death: Michael Jackson? Farrah Fawcett? Billy Mays? Brittany Murphy? Psssh! My favorite celebrity death, or "death" as the case may be, was Jeff Goldblum. The day that Michael Jackson died, some internet prankster started a rumor that Goldblum had fallen to his death while on location. Because I am the biggest sucker in the world, and perhaps because the shocking death of MJ had made everyone a little hypersensitive, I believed it and wailed to the MamaPop crew. If I remember correctly, we posted an announcement and then had to take it down when we realized that I am stupid. Internet: 1. kdiddy: 0.

Big_love Best TV Obsessions: These should be fairly obvious. Big Love, True Blood, and Mad Men. As you might be able to tell from my recaps, I do a lot of thinking about all of these shows. I'm continually impressed at the level of thought and detail put into them and how they function as social commentary on religion, relationships, politics, and how we have and haven't changed as a society.

Lady-gaga Best Sign that I Don't Understand These Kids These Days: Even though many people my age and older absolutely adore her, I can't get on the Lady Gaga bandwagon. Seriously. I don't get it.

Keyboard_cat Best Goofy Thing on the Internet: Keyboard Cat. As I stated at BlogHer, "Keyboard Cat is my spirit animal."

Best New Thing on MamaPop: The video roundtables. Am I right?

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Thank g-d you said that about lady gaga, b/c I thought it was just me. I'm all huh?

Andrea from Big Blue Momma

I don't get Lady Gaga either. She gives me the creeps.


I'm on YOUR bandwagon, re: Gaga.


Just wanted to chime in that I also don't get the Lady Gaga. I'm relieved to see that I'm not the only one.


What's not to get? She can sing and she's NUTS! Just look at her! Wheee!! I love her!

Mrs Chaos

I love that Coraline is on your list.

And also that Lady Gaga isn't. (Well, kinda.)

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