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The Recession Is Worse Than We Feared

Ashley_olsen_thumbnail  It appears even multimillionaire media mogul (say that three times fast) Ashley Olsen has been affected by the economic downturn. It's bad, kids...


Yepper: Ashley Olsen is now the crazy homeless lady at your local mall.


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What the hell is going on below her midsection there? Is she shoplifting?

Fairly Odd Mother

I'm with Jonniker. I think she's smuggling something under that skirt. Perhaps she's pulling a Winona.

Although she also looks like she's escape the hospital and maybe her IV bag is tied around her waist so you can't see it.


I think they try to "blend" in. They should just get over the fact that looking homeless doesn't make you blend in, it makes you stand out like a sore thumb. Who sees homeless people walking around Needless Markup?


What kills me is that the whole outfit costs more than my car yet she looks like the crazy lady outside Madison Square Garden I gave my spare change to that one time. Money can't buy style, I suppose.


Actually, it looks more like a leg bag for a urinary catheter... ewww.

Suzy Q

I love her handbag.

Is she giving birth?


Is she the new Winona Ryder? I mean my god...we all know pregnancy doesn't occur next to your shins. I'm guessing there's a new handbag under that mess or at least another ho-bo dress.

Karina in T.O

The recession is worse than we feared....why are the Olsen twins dressing like the homeless again? Oh never mind, they've been doing that since the onset.

You know if there's one thing that pisses me off about being a big girl and trying to find nice fitting clothes (and not being able to in say name brand stores that don't cater to anything bigger than a size 6), it's when these stick skinny wankjobs dress like slobs. I mean for crying out loud, a 220 lb, 58 year old Greek aunt wouldn't be caught dead in this shapless moo-moo, but there is an Olson twin. GAH!


Why does this remind me of that Far Side cartoon where a guy is leaving the store with the baby grand piano under his trenchcoat?

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