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Twilight Crime Wave Sweeps The Nation

Twilight_Pattinson_113x170 Burger King is reporting that multiple restaurants had life size posters of Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson stolen.  Right out of the window.  In broad daylight.  It is a wonder the vampire didn't melt, or something.

Thefts have occurred in Maine, Delaware and Montana.  One Burger King representative said "The girls just walk up in the middle of the day ... rip off the posters and run ... we've had to replace them over and over."

As a mom, my kid would be sooo grounded if she was caught stealing Twilight posters from a fast food joint.  And she would have to return them.  And apologize. 

And then I would go into my room and laugh for a very long time.


I don't really get the the whole Twilight thing.  I've never read the books.  I've never seen the movies.  I don't actually think Edward is that hot.  At least not hot enough to commit a felony for.  Or even a misdemeanor.

I'm not on team Edward or Team that other guy.  I don't even know that other guy's name.

I am totally getting fired.


. . . . .

Jodi doesn't understand vampire porn.

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Your new assignment should be to read the books. The hardest part for me was getting thru the first few chapters of the first book. But once thru that, it got really good, really fast.

Come over to the dark side, unleash your inner cougar. You know you wanna. ;)


Yeah, I don't really get it either, although the werewolf boy is cuteish in that he looks like my high school boyfriend.

cindy w

I refuse to read Twilight for the same reason I refuse to read Harry Potter: the books are meant for kids. Ok, Twilight is "young adult" fiction, but STILL. I'm 33. The YA section of the bookstore isn't for me. Also? I have no interest whatsoever in either vampires or boy wizards. Call me crazy, but there you have it.

Joke's on me, though, because I have a kid & I'm sure she'll want to read both series in a few years, which means I'll probably end up reading them too. I dread the day.

Suzy Q

Hmm...I suspect the same "Anonymous" rascal who stole your Sparklecorn Edward is behind these shenanigans.


I don't get it, either, Jodi. For that matter, I don't want to get all hot and turned on by people playing teen anythings. I have no problem with the whole older-woman-younger-man thing...but please, let them be MEN!

I, for one, am totally trying to revive The Lost Boys. THOSE (younger, hotter Keifer Sutherland and Jason Patric!) were MEN! ;~p

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