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Tyra Banks Show To End

6a0105349ca980970c0120a5b2ef6f970c-320wi[1]So it seems that Tyra Banks is pulling the plug on her own show. After five years the show's last episode is scheduled for the spring of 2010. That's it folks. You won't have Tyra Banks to kick around anymore! On her own show! Only in other places like ANTM, which she won't be leaving.

“This will be the last season of The Tyra Show,” Banks tells PEOPLE exclusively. “I’ve been loving having fun, coming into your living rooms, bedrooms, hair salons for the past 5 years.” She told People magazine, uhm, exclusively, if you didn't get that from where they boast about it. (source)

Now, keep in mind, she did this herself to focus on her production company, so we might be in for some interesting movies and TV being made that promote her agenda. That could be fun, it will be interesting at the very least.

So what does this mean? Frankly not much. I mean everyone talking about this will mention the fat suit, or homeless episode or the wacky, almost Sam Kinison inspired, flailing she does. Can we all agree that isn't the root of this story? No the root of it is simply this:

Tyra might have nothing to do in the afternoons now. Which means she could end up roaming the street looking for people to "help." I'd like to declare this a Level One Pop Emergency! Hide your children and pets. Do not go into hair salons. Refrain from discussing your shoes when you walk your dog.

Be on alert! A free roaming Tyra is nothing to laugh at. I heard, and I can't prove this I admit, but I heard she once styled a helpless, innocent man at twenty paces. Just because she had some spare gel and a dream. She has the skill, the drive and the sheer Tyra-ness to stop you on the street and improve your runway walk. She might demand to know your dreams and then insist they are fine dreams, while crying at you. Do not be lulled by this!

A free roaming Tyra is a slightly possibly dangerous Tyra. Be alert. Be aware.

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Good gravy, she's going to be out there teaching people to smile with their eyes on a daily basis. God helps us all.


tonya--is the word you are looking for...SMIZING?! (or however the hell you spell it)

haaaaa. roaming the streets! hide your children and your weaves! i particularly like "spare gel and a dream." snort.

yea, this nutcase is going to have all her free time to devote to her worship and mimicking of oprah and also to teach the world to be bald and fierce. someone hold me.


OMG I hate that stupid word... It's like really? Smizing? NO- stop trying to make it work- it's NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

*runs away screaming*


So glad I live in the world's smallest town. I don't think she'd set foot here even to tell me that my tennis shoes don't go with dress pants.

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