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You Know Who's Thanking Tiger Woods Right Now? Every Other Celebrity.

Rob-Kristen-and-Taylor Especially those crazy, privacy-loving Twilight kids. It's been a couple weeks since the smash-hit release of New Moon and it looked like the buzz surrounding the actors was becoming such a constant in the press, we'd greet 2010 with a booming TEAMEDWARDJACOBBBBBBB but then Tiger went and ran his car and public image straight into a tree and all other paparazzi-hounded stars exhaled.

I think I can feel Kristen Stewart smiling somewhere or hell freezing over. Whichever.

But, the Twilight stars haven't fallen off the radar completely. There's some rumors swirling that Breaking Dawn negotiations are underway, which is a good sign for anyone who wants to see Stephenie Meyer's fourth and final Twilight book adapted for the big screen. There's been speculation the last movie (or movies; some say it should be broken into two films) may not happen because batshit crazy is hard to translate, but after the success of these movies, NOT attempting it would be stupid.

Also seems like the three major players of the movie -- vampire, werewolf and annoying klutz -- are going into negotiations together, all Friends-like, and they're holding out for the biggest, fattest paycheck imaginable.

No word on when the movie(s?) could start shooting, if contracts are decided on without too much issue, but hopefully soon. Eclipse comes out June 2010 and a tentative release date would be nice for all those Twilight-obsessed Tweens (and twenty-something mothers, ahem).

And if golf stars keep sleeping with every cocktail waitress they stumble upon, we won't even have juicy, redundant headlines of KRISTEN AND ROB: ARE THEY OR AREN'T THEY, OMG?? to inhale until the movies are released.

So, negotiate quickly, kids.

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So funny - I was just thinking last night how grateful I was to Tiger for nearly killing himself. Don't get me wrong, I love Twilight (Go Team Edward!) but we are definitely approaching overload.

And yes. Batshit crazy IS hard to translate. Stephenie Meyer has even mentioned doing a CG Renesmee. Count me the heck OUT.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

Batshit crazy really IS hard to translate into film, but they did a pretty good job in "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas".

Maybe they could get Johnny Depp to play Renesmee.


He IS The Sexiest Man Alive. I guess that would help the whole imprinting thing be a little more believable.

Honestly I'd be happy if they just did the opened with the pillow biting/headboard thrashing (is that backwards?) scenes and skipped the whole middle and then ended with the Wonder Vamp Powers, ACTIVATE! scene. And then call it a day.

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