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2010 U.S. Olympian Johnny Weir Skates to 'Poker Face'

Johnny_weir_poker_face  This exhibition skate by Johnny Weir makes me so proud he's representing the U.S. in the Winter Olympics next month:

What would Brian Boitano do? Who cares. I want Johnny Weir's triple-toe-looping ass to do 'Bad Romance' in the long program.

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Has anyone watched his reality show? I hope it's filled with flaming awesomeness.



Snarky Amber

I wish I got The Sundance Channel so I could watch, but I only have basic cable.


this is sooooo great i can't even find the right words.

Suzy Q

I love this guy. So glad he made the Olympic team.


When did Adam Lambert start staking?

That is TOTALLY what Brian Boitano should be doing!! That made ice skating (dancing?) WAY more interesting.


Yay! Love a guy shimmying across the ice to Lady Gaga!


I watched this Sunday and was totally blown away!! I'd love to see him do something similar at the Olympics and blow those stuffy assed judges out of their socks!


And here I was ignoring the championships. I live in the Spokane area where this happened, and I've just been lamenting the traffic situation downtown. That'll teach me.


I agree exactly with Sweetney. This is why I love MamaPop, if not for you I would NEVER have witnessed this awesomeness.


Somebody must read Go Fug Yourself! :)


More importantly: Why are they shining pokeballs on the ice?

Katie Kat

OH MY, Somebody's FABULOUS!!!!!

Love it.


OK, that is the best thing I have ever seen related to figure skating. He can move better than any of the men OR the ladies.

Washington "Poke "This!" Cube

I see them swapping duct tape tips backstage after La' Ga's show sipping acacia tea.


Also, the level of shrieking in this clip coming from all the Korean girls in the audience is absolutely *EPIC.*


Uhhhh... I mean, you should totally YouTube the clip of him skating this same routine in Korea... the intense fangirl screaming is crazy.

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