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Anna Kournikova's Mom Arrested For Child Neglect

547px-Anna_Kournikova_DF-SD-04-04709 Alla Kournikova, mother of Anna Kournikova, was arrested and put in jail Tuesday on charges of child neglect after leaving her 5-year-old son, Allen, home alone in her $2 million Palm Beach home for more than 50 minutes while she went to run errands.  And while he was alone, HE JUMPED OUT A SECOND STORY WINDOW.  Why did she leave him alone?  He didn't want to go with her.  Makes sense.  I let my almost 5 year old make decisions like that ALL THE TIME.

According to the Palm Beach police's probable-cause affidavit, a neighbor called authorities to report that a little boy named Allen was "soaking wet and walking in front of his house, acting very upset." The caller told police that the child said he "had jumped out of a window."  5 year old Allen said that after he "jumped out of the second story window" he entered the family swimming pool because his "feet hurt."  "I hung by my hands before letting go," Allen told the police. He then walked through a black fence and entered the pool. His feet hurt because he was barefoot when falling onto the stones.

The window was about 15 feet high and between a pair of air conditioning units.  This kid is damn lucky he only had bruising on his feet and lower back.  He was admitted to a local hospital and then the police WERE UNABLE TO REACH HIS MOTHER.  She didn't know about any of this until she came home and the police told her.  Her excuse, her son was just watching TV when she left and she gave him a cell phone.  Oh, and she locked the door.  Mother of the year she is.


She is out of jail on a $3,000 bond, charged with third degree felony child neglect. 

People, this is why we don't leave 5 year old's alone.  They don't exactly have the best judgment.


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Fawn Amber

This just makes me want to cry. I cannot fathom leaving my five year old alone. Poor baby...


Wow. I am a loss for words.


Are you freakin' kidding me? So glad she is procreating.


uh, why the HELL does she have a 5 year old? anna is how old? uh, if you weren't interested in being a mother to a small child (again) then why did you do that?

chatty cricket

ZOMG, I saw this story yesterday and it made me SICK to my stomach. I agree with Fawn Amber, my heart breaks for that little boy. Can you imagine? Being home alone? Falling out of a SECOND STORY WINDOW?


From what I understand the little boy is still in the hospital. They can't possibly release him back to her, can they?

My kids don't want to come run errands with me either. I either don't go, or tell them to suck it up and they come with me.


samantha jo campen

She can't get the kid back can she? Holy Hell that poor little boy. He's lucky he didn't break anything or drown in that pool.



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