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Big Love Recap: Free At Last

Big_love_season4_episode1_bill_roman_1Confession: we still have our Christmas tree up. We're taking it down tonight, but I've been really bummed the last few days thinking about how it won't be around anymore. Last night, I was all sad-pants...but then I remembered that Big Love was starting again!

Big_love_season4_episode1_bill_roman_1 Gah. I decided last night to try to not take notes and now I'm really regretting it. So, this recap may be a little sparse and out of order. Next week, I'll be all over-detailed. Fear not.

Also, the "previously on" clip made me wish that I had read some recaps from last season because I was like, "What daughter? What church? What is Joey doing?" I am qualified for this job, yeah?

Big_love_season4_episode1_henricksons1  Anyway, we open on the Henricksons and Don's family celebrating what appears to be the first service in their own church. They've set up in a non-descript retail (?) space in very quiet part of town. It looks to be like a semi-abandoned business district. The storefront church and the episode title is a pretty heavy nod to similar churches that were opened by African-American Christians after slavery ended. The Henricksons feel that they were slaves, in a sense, under Roman, LDS, and other oppressors and now they are free and striking out on their own in religion, in family, and in business.

Bill, Don, and Ben are the main...dudes (pastors? bishops?) and encourage everyone to give their testimonies. Barb glances at Sarah and thanks God for their church that serves as a home for people who aren't sure where they belong yet. Margene praises their new business. Ben praises Margene's short skirts (not really). Afterward, Barb and Sarah have a gentle but awkward conversation about Sarah's upcoming wedding to Scott.

The FBI busts into the big house, disrupting Adaleen and the sister wives as they embroider. They're looking for Roman, but Adaleen insists that she has no idea where he is. Oh, Adaleen. Why is my Full-o-Shit Meter spiking? Also, at this point, I still wasn't entirely convinced that Joey was successful in offing Roman. That dude has almost died six times.

Big_love_season4_episode1_nikki_carolyn1  The FBI also pays Nicki a visit because someone has been signing checks as Roman and depositing them into an account in Nicki's name. Nicki insists that she doesn't know anything about it and I'm not sure what to think. Bill has perfected his smooth dealings with FBI agents, explaining the nature of his relationship with Nicki without admitting to polygamy. Go Bill! The other Henricksons are not sure what to make of Nicki's secret bank account either. I think we all want to trust Nicki, but she's always up to something. She's got, like, middle child syndrome times 800.

Ben has other endeavors, besides the new church. He and his band are auditioning for some bishop. Ugh. Christian rock. How you pain me. Plus, Ben gets really into it and his mouth gets really wide and he's all, "IT'S NOT IN WHAT YOU SAY BUT WHAT YOU DOOOOOOO! EV-UH-REE-DAY! JAY-ZUS! YOW!" The bishop and his assistant (?) offer him "the gig." Does anyone know what they're talking about?

Ben is also aiding Lois with her bird smuggling business, though she tells him that she gets the birds at swap meets. This serves to remind me that people in Mexico are total badasses. I would never cross Lois, lest she tie me up and suffocate and/or shoot and/or get Wanda to poison me. However, the people in Mexico that supply her with the birds told her that they're called "clitorises." And Ben's like, "I think that might be something else...not sure what...but it might be Spanish for 'bird.'"

I know I'm jumping forward a few scenes here but like I said I didn't take notes. Lois meets Frank on the street and she is, of course, strapped because Frank tries to choke her and has two guys with ropes pull up next to them in a dirty pick up truck. Frank waves them off and later, after yet another physical altercation, Lois seems to convince Frank to leave her alone if she gives him a percentage of her bird smuggling profits.

Big_love_season4_episode1_margene_barb1 Nicki receives a panicked call from Adaleen. The feds shut off their electricity and their food reserves are melting. She convinces Nicki to bring her a generator. When Nicki arrives, Adaleen frantically tries to get Nicki to agree to having a BLT before she leaves. "I NEED BACON! PLEASE GO GET ME SOME BACON!" she screams. Now, I've been in dire need of bacon before and I would do a lot of things to get it, but I'll be goddamned if I'm going to head down into a walk-in freezer in a basement at crazy-ass Adaleen's urging. However, Nicki is not me and after allowing a second of worry cross her face, bacon gets the better of her and next thing you know she's tiptoeing among pig carcasses. And...wait...what is that? Why, it's a frozen Roman Grant! A Roman-cicle! We're gonna grab him by the legs, split him in half, and share him! No, that's gross. Sorry. Adaleen swears that she found him dead and she hid to protect his image, since he was supposed to live until the age of 126 and best-laid plans and all of that.

Meanwhile, Alby is cruising guys at a park. In his khaki shorts and binoculars, he's not at all creepy. A businessman who's out jogging gives him a knowing look and Alby follows him into the woods so that they can check out the guy's Special Bush.

Big_love_season4_episode1_alby_lura1 When Alby gets back to the compound, Lura asks him where he was. "I went for some cock. I MEAN! A WALK! I WENT FOR A WALK!" Nicki bursts in and informs them that Roman is dead and tells Alby to deal with it. Apparently, on Juniper Creek, the death of one's father/prophet means that it's time for some Coors, and Lura busts one out from the safe. I was previously creeped out by Lura, but now I think she's my new favorite wacko on the show. If for no other reason than that the way that she was quickly and carefully wrapping Alby's glass paperweights in bubble wrap when the feds showed up was so fantastic.

Uhhh...sooo...what else? Oh yeah. Nicki's creepy ex-husband, JJ, shows up and wants to take Cara Lynn home, but Nicki has enrolled her in school and discovered that she's a little math whiz and she insists that JJ just wants to put her in the Joy Book. Bill steps in and they agree that JJ will have Cara Lynn on weekends. After Bill and Nicki walk away for some reason (why would they leave him alone with her?), Cara Lynn tells JJ that she'll go with him when he moves to Kansas and she doesn't really like it there with Nicki anyway. Quoi? Of course, Cara Lynn is the product of a Nicki/JJ union. She was born up to something.

There's a hearing about the UEB trusteeship and as it turns out, the attorney who will be the trustee of the UEB is Alby's afternoon delight from the park. What could go wrong?

Big_love_season4_episode1_casino1 The grand opening of the casino is upon the Henricksons, but on their way out there, they're called by a construction worker who tells them that the Roman-cicle has been plopped in the middle of the desert. Margene and Barb have to handle the opening on their own, which has the added excitement of Kenny Rogers' plane being diverted. Ben and his band fill in, and luckily they all had matching cowboy shirts and knew how to play "The Gambler." Magic of TV!

Nicki and Bill take Roman-cicle back to his house, but my husband suggested that they start toting him around, Weekend at Bernie's style.

Big_love_season4_episode1_bill_jerry1 The opening goes well. Like, stacks and stacks of money well. Until Jerry and his son show up with Roman's hat and talking some stuff about the FBI.

Hey! If you haven't already, be sure to enter our Big Love Giveaway to win a vinyl copy of A Juniper Creek Christmas, autographed by Roman-cicle himself!

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Yay! Big Love is back, and with it, recaps.

You're not the only one who pretty much forgot half of what happened last season. I forgot Roman even died. Had to look up your last recap from last season to really remember where everyone was and should be.

I love Cruisin' Gay Alby and his beard sidekick, Lura. Spinoff!


Woot for Big Love recap Mondays!

Frank and Lois were kind of cracking me up – what with their trying to kill each other bit. Those crazy kids. I’m smelling romance in the air.

For the love of bacon. Seriously? THAT’S how Adaleene had to tell Nicki that her dad was dead? She makes me look like mother of the year, and believe me, I kind of suck.

I needed a last season update too. It was a decent opener – but not great. They always have such long hiatus’s that I always kind of lose interest in the characters; only to become obsessed again after a few episodes. I don’t like the new black hole intro. I just stared at the screen thinking, ‘WTF’ the whole time. I miss the happy ice skating and Beach Boys.

cindy w

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thought of "Weekend at Bernie's" with all the hauling of Roman's dead body back & forth across the desert. I loved how both in Adaleen's freezer AND at the casino site, they had him propped up sitting in his chair, like it was a totally natural pose.

So, did Adaleen faint from distress at the thought of admitting Roman's death? Or is she dead? It seemed like Nicki was kind of unphased by her mother's collapse.

Oh: and WTF is going on with Barb? Is she losing her mind? I did NOT get what was up with her & the crab legs.

Suzy Q

Ack! This was on last night? I missed it!

Will read your recap after I've seen it.


Big Love FTW!!!

It always gives me such warm fuzzies to realize that the characters are just as bat-shit crazy as they've always been :)


Haven't read the recap yet, want to watch the show first, but can anyone refresh my memory as to where to watch episodes online? Does iTunes post new episodes fairly quickly, or does one have to wait for awhile, and does anyone know how much new episodes cost? Or am I really going to have to break down and subscribe to HBO? Thanks!


Yay! Big Love and your recaps are back. I thought it started next weekend. But then I saw your recap. It gave me an excuse not to clean the house this morning.

Hate! Ben's new band. ugh. As a matter of fact, I'm beginning to think that I won't be so crazy about Ben at all this season.

And, for some reason, when Adaleen was freaking out about the bacon, I thought for sure she was going to trap Nikki in the cellar.

Honestly, this all made my day.

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