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MamaPop Losers Want You To Join Them In Their Quest For Pride

The_biggest_loserThe MamaPop staff is just like you. Fat. But enough is enough. If 12 Step groups have taught us anything, it's that we need each other. So that's why the MamaPop staff started their own Biggest Loser competition. If we can't motivate ourselves, then we need to resort to clashing egos in search of bragging rights. AND YOU'RE INVITED. Unless you're scared.

Before I tell you anymore, let's get our Eye of the Tiger on.

Hell yeah.

The Biggest Loser season is usually around 13 weeks. Everybody at MamaPop decided how much we want to drop in 13 weeks and added it up to get what's been dubbed The MamaPop Blubber Number.


That's right. MamaPop needs to drop 310 pounds. And, of course, that's what we're going to emphasize in the coming weeks. Teamwork, support, health, achieving our goals together. The #310 is our collective enemy. We hate it. Despise it. We want to kill it. We lust for 0.

But we're also individuals and what fun is to act like a team when there's also great potential to make fun of one another and egg each other on with peer pressure and humiliation? That, my friends, is the recipe for change. So let's take a look at our individual goals and our plans for achieving them. 

In order of goal size:

KELLY. 30 pounds. Kelly's going to drink tons of water, use a modified approach to Weight Watchers, and Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred. A lot of MamaPoppers are using The Shred. But the competition is way longer than 30 days. Will they Shred the whole time? I don't get it. Time will tell.

TWOBUSY. 30 pounds. TwoBusy is going to combine The South Beach Diet with treadmill abuse and a complete disappearance for the capacity for joy.

BHJ. 30 pounds. I've only got a couple rules. No sugar. No crap. And I must run at least a mile a day. This is a psychological trick because, once I start running, I generally keep running. Some days I'll punk out and run 1. Other days I'll run 10. But I WILL run every day, egging myself on with the threat of self loathing and being a pussy. NOTE: It is generally recommended to take at least 2 days a week off running, but I don't care.

KAREN. 28 pounds. Karen's going to use The South Beach Diet, running, and the 30 Day Shred.

JENNIE. 22 pounds. Jennnie's doing a 9 week Couch to 5K program, 30 Day Shred 3-4 times per week, Wii Fit 3-4 times per week, and keeping caloric intake to 1200-1500 per day.

GOON SQUAD SARAH. 20 pounds. Sarah's going to do the 30 Day Shred, Tae Kwon Do, and drink less.

MISS BANSHEE. 20 pounds. Ms. B's eliminating white sugar and white flour and only snacking on fruit and vegetables. She's only drinking water, doing the 30 Day Shred every day, and fortifying her motivation with viewings of The Biggest Loser. 

SNARKY AMBER. 20 pounds. Amber's using Weight Watchers, 30 Day Shred, and using green tea to eliminate coffee and espresso drinks. 

SWEATPANTSMOM. 20 pounds. SPM is relying on good old fashioned diet and exercise.

KURT. 15 pounds. Kurt is focusing on diet because everything else hurts.

SWEETNEY. 13 pounds. Sweetney's going to just work out like a motherfucker.

OUTNUMBERED. 12 pounds. Jason is going to eat 3 healthy meals a day, controlling his portions. He's going to exercise 5 times per week, eat no sweets, and eliminate alcohol or limit it to once per week. He plans to use a combination of iron, sweat, and blood to create the perfect killing machine. Plus he's going to shave his body completely.

JODI. 10 pounds. Jodi's going to work out every day for 30 minutes while eliminating processed foods, white flour, and sugar. She insists on maintaining her voracious wine consumption. I think she's a drunk.

AMALAH. 10 pounds. Amy's going to do the 30 Day Shred, cut back on soda and wine, and dump the remaining halloween candy.

PALINODE. 10 pounds. Palinode's going to add exercise subtly and carefully while eating with greater care.

SCHMUTZIE. 10 pounds. Schmutzie's going to walk across the frigid Canadian prairie every day and drink less excellent Canadian beer.

MOTHERBUMPER. 10 pounds. Katie's going to eat healthy snacks, use her Wii Fit, and increase her daily walks.

So, what about you? I'm serious. The more the merrier. How much would you like to trim off in the next 13 weeks? How will you do it? Tell us in the comments. Then check back here every Friday to hear about our progress and to fill us in about yours. 

Here's me and my kid for some inspiration:

If you ever find your motivation dwindling, simply return here, replay this video, enjoy, and feel your heart explode with pride.

MamaPop isn't merely limited to in depth, pop culture analysis. We're here for your health. We care about your soul. We want you to have pleasant dreams. So join us. Together we can rule the galaxy. Join MamaPop's battle against extra pounds and low self-esteem. Put your goal in the comments and check in with us on Friday.

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30 minutes?????Ha!!!!I worked out for 2 hours today! Watch out team mamapop! IT IS ON!

Mrs. Flinger

This is awesome because I just started the P90x program and plan to drop 12-15 pounds by May - July. We're gonna be some hot motherfuckers at BlogHer aren't we?

I'm so in with you bechez. SO IN.


How conveeeeeenient! I just started Body for Life and some evil relative got me the Shred for Christmas. My goal? 25 baby. I'm gonna be a hot mamma when this is over. (Or a bitch. Only time will tell.)


Go Team MamaPop! I'll follow your progress. I need to lose 7.3 pounds after the holidays [a digital scale is torture for a perfectionist]. I'm running too [not 7 days a week. that's no good. you'll get hurt!] and cutting back on the crap and the wine.

Karen Sugarpants

*kisses macaroni and cheese goodbye and sobs into her hands*

fuck. why did i agree to this? now I'm all accountable and shit, yo.


25 pounds, baby! It is ON! Love my Wii EA Sports Active, so I'm going to set it for the 30-day challenge, then repeat as needed. Will alter thy diet in both quality and quantity. And walk. Often. When we actually have a little money, I'll also be buying the Wii More Workouts.

Consider joining the Pound for Pound Challenge, also. I plan to! For every pound you lose, a pound of food will be donated (though I have no idea how they can say a pound of food costs 14 cents. Where do they shop? Sam Costco for Less?) Anyway... www.pfpchallenge.com .

Look forward to sweating and hurting and skinnifying with all you betches!

Amy H

I want to lose 25 pounds. I have already lost 50 since July 27th but I have 25 to go and I was on the lookout for something to motivate me to get there. This is PERRRRFECT!!

I plan to do the 30 day shred and hit the gym 5 days a week (currently only going 3 days).


What Karen said. Like, I'm supposed to lose weight THIS week? I just finished off the Pasta Carbonara for lunch!

Grumble. Alright fine. Have it your way. But I won't like it! :)


Twenty pounds. But that is just the beginning, kittens. Your ol' Miss B is shooting for an ultimate goal of FORTY POUNDS. But that's too much to ask of 13 weeks. I don't have Jillian Michaels tied up in my basement or anything.

cindy w

I'm in for 15 pounds. (I probably need to lose 25, but that number seems too big & daunting. 15 feels manageable.) I'm going to start the couch-to-5K exercise program and a sort of mash-up hybrid of South Beach and the Fat Flush Diet. It's on, y'all!


Is that a Jillian Michaels banner I see at the bottom of the comments? Oh, yes it is. And her eyes are burning a hole through the screen as she stares at us.

I think she's angry.


my thighs are screaming in pain today b/c of Jillian. I need to lose 20lbs to get to pre (last) baby weight and another 10-15 on top of that.

it's on like Donkey Kong


This is great. I'd already set myself of losing 10 pounds by next Wednesday (3 more pounds!!!) earlier this year with the reward of bodacious new heels for a presentation I'm giving at a state-wide conference next week. When I asked my hubs to give me motivation to keep going with being healthier, he bought me Super Mario Bros. for Wii, and set the goal of 1 straight week of Shred, and down 6 more pounds by the end of February. If I don't meet that goal, I have to return (or give away) the shoes and the game.

I'm only trying to lose small amounts of weight because I'm not overweight, but am more trying to gain much more muscle, as my job is going to require 40+ hours of physical outdoors work for the next 6-8 months.

I just want my pants to fit better!


Um, hi, PERFECT TIMING, because I just started a 180 in 180 project. I turn 30 in 180 days. While weight loss isn't the sole focus, I'd like to drop 20 over those 180 days. I'm doing the Shred plus playing Wii and walking my dog more and longer, as well as more bike riding once it ain't so frigid out. Diet-wise, I'm increasing my water, decreasing my beer, eating a healthy breakfast every day, and generally just watching what I eat.

Glad to have others focusing on getting healthy at the same time.


Losing weight through a pop culture blog support group? I've certainly done weirder.

Count me in for 20. Gotta buy the shred today.


Put me down for 20 lbs. I'm getting a personal trainer tonight, so the plan is to actually follow her advice. And to use my Gazelle in front of the TV for 30 minutes a night.


Welcome to the fray, Mamapoppers.

I'm sure Jillian will be delighted to kick your ass.


Wait - I'm supposed to LOSE 20 pounds? I thought I was trying to pack 20 pounds onto my ass!

Guess the Denny's Grand Slam was a mistake for breakfast, then.


Cool. I did my first Wii Fit workout today. I'm not so bothered by my weight, but I definitely want more endurance and strength, and losing some inches so that more pants fit would be awesome. I set my goal there as about 10 pounds over 3 months, for a BMI of 24.9, so...
we shall see. I don't care if I lose weight as long as I can walk or climb stairs more without being out of breath. :P


Shit. I hate you people.

FINE. I need to lose 15 pounds. I'm going to stop eating like I live in a Kobayachi competition and do the 30 Day Shred.

I've had the 30 Day Shred on my desk for 2 months now. It's still wrapped in cellophane. I except as soon as I open the wrapper, the shredding will begin. Shredded asseth begineth. I’ll weigh in tomorrow morning.


Super ultra cool. I can't wait to cheer loudly and obnoxiously on the sidelines. Go team MamaPop!


What a great idea! I'm taking small steps to make my life better (better sleep, less TV, more water, more exercise) so this will fit right in. I'm going to try for 25 lbs which is around the 2 lbs/week pace. I'm going to continue with my balance ball exercises to strengthen my core (helps combat sciatica), throw in some 30 Day Shred, have all-protein breakfasts and drink more water. Thanks for the motivation! I'm visiting my cousin in South Korea in a few months and I don't want to feel like a gigantic American when I'm there.


I plan on losing 30-40 pounds in the next 3 weeks (anytime now, baby!). Then I'm hoping for the breastfeeding effect. But once I'm cleared to exercise, I'm popping in Wii Fit Plus and getting on the treadmill as much as I can. So I'm hoping for pre-baby weight in about 10 weeks and would love to lose another 5 in the last 3 of this challenge.


Count me in for 25 pounds. I will be doing Meal Patterning/Nutritional counting for diet, and for exercise I will do Zumba (I teach 5 classes a week) plus 4 hours of personal training and one hour of yoga a week.
I'm going to visit my lil sis in Vegas in the beginning of March, and I want to look like I'm on my way to healthy.



I've been seeing Miss Banshee's twitter stream light up with #shredheads and I've managed to ignore it with out feeling guilty about my fat ass. Not any more though, y'all have broken all my carefully built up self image denial. Thanks for that, BTW. I'm in for 15.

OMG, Jillian's gonna kill me... *groan*


26 pounds - I'm going to use my Wii Fit at LEAST 3 times per week and cut out the excessive consumption of baked goods not made in my own home. Since hubby and I aren't cooks or bakers and we don't stock baking ingredients in the cupboard, that should actually work. I'll save money too. I'm also going to drink a TON of water, snack on fruits and veggies, watch my salt intake and not eat anything after 7 pm. I'm depressed just thinking about it. :)


Oh I am so totally there. I need SOMETHING to motivate me. I choose 30 lbs, although I really want to lose 45, I just don't think I can do that in 13 weeks.I'm going to use Weight Watchers, drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, maybe more, and play my Biggest Loser game on the Wii. As well as more walking.


I ate 3 tootsie rolls today but I also cut off my big toe. Whatever it takes. I must break you.


first of all, how do you make pasta carbonara without bacon or prosciutto, sweetney? huh? huh?

i could go in for 10 lbs & will continue running & tracking what i eat so as not to stuff my maw with cookie dough all day long. did you know that each cookie is about 250 calories? 250!!!!


I could certainly stand to lose 10 to 15 lbs, will accomplish this by getting back in to my beloved walking, even though the scary icy sidewalks this time of year scare the shit out of me.

And, like Shmutzie, I will reduce my intake of magically delicious Canadian beer. (Seriously, all you American betches have NO IDEA....)

deb roby

I need to lose 15 pounds, which is challenging since I can't do upper body work.

How? I will basically eat the Precision Nutrition way (fiberous carbs every time I eat and starchy carbs only after I workout).

I am doing the c25K training program -and will run in a 5K in March.

I will make sure that my workouts have more sweat in them. Starting agility training while I'm healing.

And if anyone has specific fitness questions, feel free to ask me: I am a certified personal trainer.

Miss Lis

Mark me down for 20. My plan? returning to the gym after a 3 month absence, replacing my holiday chocolate and whiskey diet with vegetables and water, at leat 30 mins 5 times a week speedwalking on treadmill, and weights.

As an added twist of the knife - stopping smoking!!!

hold me.


As luck would have it, I've been putting on some weight lately. I knew there was a good reason.

Snarky Amber

I can't speak for all the other shredders, but here is my proposed plan:

I will do four weeks at Level 1, possibly using heavier weights as the month wears on to increase the intensity as needed. The next month I'll start Level 2, and the final month will be Level 3, again upping the weight as needed.

However, I feel now like I'll never graduate from level 1. I'm still struggling to do all the pushups, and I'm doing the girly ones. I suck.


re: the shred and its 30-dayness

I'm going to see how I feel after doing level 1 for 10 days and if I'm still kind of shaky, I may just do level 1 for a month, then level 2 for a month, then level 3 for a month.

Daughter of Personal Trainer

Don't forget to ADD to your diet. When you add healthy foods, you'll have available options to crap and will push out some of the less healthy foods you usually turn to. I make a huge (unsalted) trailmix (make it fun...choc or yogurt chips for sure) and keep light chocolate Silk, gingersnaps (too spicy to eat too many at once, a delightful treat), tons of fruit, and Greek yogurt in my kitchen and at work. Super firm crispy grapes are better in every way than the super buttery but still crappy cookies leftover from a meeting down the hall. And weird ppl didn't put their paws on your grapes (well, you washed them).


Um, yeah... I'm pregnant? So, maybe I'd hope to limit my weight GAIN to, say, 5 pounds over the next 13 weeks? Yup, sounds good!


I'm in.

I need to lose 35 total, but in 13 weeks I'll aim for 15. Cause that's how I roll.

I bought a load of Nutrisystem food, so I guess I'll eat it. I also will be skiing more, doing yoga, getting on my coat rack/exercise bike, and a throw in a bit of Wii Fit for good measure.

My roommate owns 30 Day Shred. Maybe I'll try it if I feel suicidal.


We are going to Hawaii in April, and as I live in Alaska and it is a physical fact of life that when it is constantly -30 your body packs on fat for insulation. The thought of putting on a bathing suit makes me want to go fetal. I just learned through working with youth that hula hooping for 10 minutes is the equivalent of burning the same calories of running one mile. I have a hula hoop here at work, it's work related...booyah!


Perfect timing!
I'm drinking more water, taking my fiber, eating more rice and vegetables, and doing yoga.
I haven't made it to daily yoga yet, but that is my goal.
Oh, and to cut out sugar treats, except for my BFF Ouiser's birthday! There's a Paula Deen recipe I'm salivating to try.


Put me in for 15 pounds. I lost 24 pounds this summer by just walking in the mornings and cutting out snacks and sweets, and it looks like i have to go back to that since 5 pounds have snuck back on since Thanksgiving (CURSE YOU HOLIDAY FEASTS!).

So no more candy or desserts, no in between meal snacks, and *gulp* some kind of exercise. What, I have no friggin' idea. It's too cold to walk outside and I hate workout DVDs.


In 13 weeks I want to drop 20 lbs. I will do it by exercising 3x/day and cutting down on junk food, and drink more tea and water instead of..booze.


I need to lose 35 - don't know if I can do it in 13 weeks, but I'm with you -


I'm trying to lose 40. Jesus, 40 seems bigger when you type it.


I think I've gained 2 pounds since starting my 'diet'. Holy Hell I suck.


yeah. I need to lose about 50. But not in 13 weeks. In 13 weeks? I'll say 25-30. And I will be shredding and hating every second.


Okay. I should lose 135 lbs. "They" all say no more than 2 lbs. per week (26 lbs. for 13 weeks) or 1% (39 lbs. for 13 weeks). I'll shoot for the 39 lbs. because, once again "They" say if you're really big a lot comes off at first. I'll be cutting the calories, portion control, and munching on veggies often. Exercise will be walking, bicycle, and please tell me sex counts as cardo! Do I want to do this? Yes. Do I think I can? No. Will I try? Okay....I'll try. I've never tried this with so many people. Hurry someone try that peer pressure thing.


I need to lose 65. I'm down 7.5 since November and just started a BL challenge at my community rec center. I half-heartedly do Weight Watchers (bad at tracking) but have resolved to be better. My goal is a nice even 12 lbs in 12 weeks.


21 yrs old. 30lbs. Using the South Beach diet and loads of dancing about and cardio.

Does sex count as cardio? Please say yes.


I just found out about it today but I want to join you guys! I started my own biggest loser journey on 1/5/10 when the show premiered. I'm eating 1500-1800 calories per day, doing 4 days of cardio and 3 days of strength, and cutting coca cola out altogether. I don't know if I can live without coke but so far so good. I will enter my weight loss next week since today is my first day.

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